"There's a ghost in this room
I think I'll name it after all of you
And watch it hang over my bed like decorations celebrated
Memories, they came and went in light of all the time we spent
Listening to everything our parents told us not to take in" – Vegas – All Time Low


Here's the thing with being intrigued by intriguing people. You don't necessarily know how to approach your sudden interest in them. Back then, I just continued to watch from a distance. That was, until the night of Bridget's party happened.

Bridget Miller was the one who was throwing this house party. She was one of the Upper kids. Upper is the rich part of Eeva, and there are a handful of kids from there that go to our charter high school.

Though Bridget was popular, and had money, she wasn't your typical mean girl. She had strawberry blonde hair, and celery green and blue eyes. She was tan and tall, basically model-esque. Normally, girls like her didn't invite people like me to parties, but Bridget did. That's probably why I decided to go that night.

The rain nailed my skin in cool, splotches as I stared up at the cold, grey sky. My umbrella left forgotten on the porch behind me. In another hour or so, Jasmine would appear to torture me into party-wear.

Turning from the cool, late September night, I headed inside to grab a shower.


Stepping from the warm shower, and toweling off, I headed into my room throwing on some clothes to lounge in while I awaited Jazzi's arrival.

She arrived just as BONES was finishing, and rushed me up to my room to make me at least appear 'acceptable'…which was terrifying to say in the least.

After an hour in a half of arguing over outside-appropriate wear, makeup torture, and hair renewal; we headed out to her car.

"So, I hear that really cute Junior…Shane? I think that's his name, will be there, and oh! You know that girl in our Gym class? Gracie Elles? Yea, she'll be there too. Jackie's coming with Aaron and his sister, and –" I ignored the rest of her words, focusing on not flinching at her erratic way of driving.

We pulled into a ridiculously long driveway, squeezing into a tiny space among the other hundred cars there. Walking up to the house, Jazzi's chatter continued, and only halted (briefly) upon entering. She dragged me off into a big room that made my chest vibrate in pounds to the beat of music.

Her boy of the week caught her attention and a sentence that sounded suspiciously like, 'Don't do anything I wouldn't do!' was her parting gesture. I wandered around, spotting some faces I knew while I searched for Jackie and his boyfriend.

Finding Alicia instead, we chatted for a bit, and she forced me to dance a number of songs before I left to find the kitchen. The dark hallway I travelled down was littered with couples pressed against the walls and each other.

Muttering apologies (and trying not to stare), I made my way into a brightly lit kitchen where some were playing alcohol games, and others were talking in loud or hushed tones.

I shifted through one of the gigantic coolers, pulling out a bottle of water, and finding a space on the wall to lean against.

Watching people move about, I spotted Indigo's sister, Lacey. She had entered into the room and immediately moved to riffle through the cooler. Her long black hair seemed to curl around the white sundress she was wearing, her bright red flats glided across the kitchen tiles as she moved.

When she found a drink she wanted, she stood up and went to turn back to the hallway when she then spotted me.

Tilting her head in a way that her long wavy hair slid to the left side of her body, she moved toward me; her eyes a very dark blue-ish brown color. Her skin, though tan, was not as dark as her brothers, and her heart shaped, slightly aristocratic face seemed to be contemplative.

Stopping a few feet in front of me, she said in a very calm, melodiously soft voice, "Would you like to take a walk in the Gardens with me? I think they go out that door there…" Her eyes never left my own, as she pointed to a pair of French doors on the other side of the Kitchen. I nodded slowly, lifting myself from the wall I had been leaning on.

We walked silently out the French doors and down the small spiraling steps that led into the mini-maze that was the Miller's garden.

After about five minutes in the garden, I opened my mouth to break the somewhat comfortable silence, when Lacey beat me to it.

"You know…I have always admired the moon. It's just so beautiful, hanging there like one big, comforting night light. Don't you think?" Her soft voice murmured gently, like a soft melody that caressed my ears.

I stared up at the sky, taking a look at the object of her topic of choice.

"Yes…It's a calming scene." I agreed, nodding my head gently as we watched the moon, having stopped in our walk to stare at the star filled sky, the moon shinning impressively.

Lacey let out a gentle sigh and turned to face me; the tilt of her head to the left again, her eyes seeming to smile softly even when her lips didn't curve.

"You know Desiree…I think we meet certain people in our life because we need to meet them. Do you understand? Like, the universe pulled certain types of people to meet because they need the other one or they can't be complete. What do you think?" Her musical voice hummed out, and without letting me reply, Lacey drifted back the way we came. The garden fell quiet as I watched her leave.

Back then I never would have known the major significance her words would mean. I never would have thought that that was just the beginning of the events that would follow me and Indigo as the world slowly tied us closer together without either of us noticing. Nor, could I have ever thought that a world of love would be such a battlefield…and never (if I had only realized) had Pat Benatar sounded so wise.


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