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On my twenty-fourth birthday, like every year the kids, Juliet and I went to the cemetery to visit my parents.

All the other years were the same, but this year was different.

As I knelt down in front of my mother and father's graves, I had flashbacks of when I was a kid.

Playing baseball in the front yard with my old man, helping mom bake cookies, then I had a flashback of when mom and I were on the boat to the Island.

I remembered all the conversation we had.

Then I remember the general bringing me something, after it was reported my mother committed suicide.

What was it that they brought me?

The whole rest of the day, I was pre-occupied, thinking and trying to remember what it was they gave me.

Then that night as Juliet leaned over and kissed me goodnight, we both lay down with the lights off, and I lay there awake, then suddenly I pop up right.

"The letter!" I remember, hopping out of bed, as well as waking Juliet.

"Mm, what letter babe?" she mumbles sleepily.

"Nothing, love, go back to sleep." I smile, kissing her quickly.

As soon as I know she's fallen back asleep, I walk out into the hall, then pull down the latter to the attic, and climb up it.

After shuffling around all the boxes, I finally find the letter.

It's titled:


I loved her handwriting. It was so beautiful.

I walked over and sat on a huge trunk, then turned on a lamp beside me, and slowly opened the letter.

It was three pages long, not like I care.

My dearest son, by the time you read this, you'll hopefully be home, and safe.

Hopefully off this dreaded Island.

I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise to you Nicholas, but you must understand, It's better this way.

Remember this, I'll always love you, and I'll always be proud of you.

You're my son, and I love you with everything I have.

Your probably wondering why I killed myself.

Because, I couldn't stand the insanity, pain and suffering any longer.

I know you miss your father, but seeing him murdered, and not being able to do anything about it changes a person.

I tried my best to overcome my issues, but I Just couldn't.

The short while that we were at home after your father was killed, you took care of me, bringing me food, and keeping the neighbors away.

And all the time, managing to keep it together.

You're a strong boy, my son.

With that, you'll go far.

How I wish I could've seen you grow older, and see my grandchildren, and my daughter in law.

I wish there was a way to stay in contact through heaven, but I don't believe there is.

But know that I'm always looking down on you and your family, keeping you in my thoughts.

I'm with your father now, and I'm fully happy, though I miss you a lot.

It took me quite a while to calm down enough to write you this letter, but I knew I had to.

I couldn't just leave you wandering.

Baby boy, you always made me and your father happy, we're so proud of you.

One more thing, before I forget.

Since your father and I are both deceased, we've left you everything.

The house, the shop, and the money.

We saved up a whole bunch of money, so you should be good for a couple years.

You don't have to continue to run the store, you could sell it, if you please, or you could hire someone to co-own it, so you don't have to deal with it.

Do whatever you please.

I hope the General kept his promise to me, and kept you safe and healthy.

In order to get into the bank account, the password is your full name.

Dylan Nicholas Kale Alexander Kane.

Indeed I know it's a long name, but it's on your birth certificate, darling.

Kale Alexander was your fathers middle name, Dylan Nicholas was my brother's name.

We couldn't decide on a name, so we just decided to use them all.

Why we called you Nicholas?

Because it seemed like it fit you better.

Your father and I were so excited when we found out we were having a baby.

We waited until you were born, to see if you were a boy, or a girl.

Scarlett Alison Marie Kane, was what we were planning to name you if you were a girl, maybe if you have a babygirl you can name her that in memory of us.

Just remember, my baby boy, Your father and I will always love you.

I'm sorry, once again that I couldn't live for you, but just don't forget me and your father, okay?

Signed: Alexandria Rain Juliet Kane/ Your mother.

I sat there, tears streaming down my face as I folded up the letter three times and slid it back into the envelope.

"I didn't know her middle name was Rain Juliet." I thought to myself

Then breaking my thoughts, I heard my gorgeous little girls voice.

"Daddy..?" Allie said softly, popping her head up from the attics latter.

"Yes baby girl?" I said, opening my arms and letting her walk over and wrap her tiny arms around me.

"What are you doing, crying?" she asks, looking up at me.

"Daddy just read a letter that grandma wrote him a long time ago, sweetheart."

"Oh," she said, then lifting her tiny delicate hand up to my face, she wiped the tears from my eyes and smiled.


"Yes darling?"

"Tell me about grandma?"

"With pleasure." I smile, wrapping my arms around her, tucking the letter in my back pocket then carrying her down stairs and into the living room to sit in my lounge chair.