Six Billion Strangers

I sit alone,

Isolated from the crowd,

The crowd that floods past me

I am invisible,

Like air.

So unperceivable,

Like one ant out of six billion.

Six billion people...

And I am one.



I could be the only one to cry

To know the only reason to live

Is that we're born to die

But people try,

And people cry...

I am one of six billion people

To live,



Soon to die


If there's anyone out there,

One single soul among souls,
Who feels as I feel,


Don't hesitate to find me.

Together, we may build the world

Into a single group of non-believers,

Of invisible air,

Of unperceivable ants,

Because the little will become big!

A sea, rushing through the flooding crowd,

To wash them away into our sea, among us!

And then...

And then...



It'll be two.

Two to change the world,

Two among six billion




I sit alone,

Isolated from the crowd...

A/N: So this is pretty much about how everyone talks about how bad the world is getting, but when you think about it, however much the bad is growing, it's still really small, because the good is growing too. The bad things are isolated because the good things just naturally take over.

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