The Pirate's Legacy: An Author's Note

I've been receiving enough messages about this series that I'd thought I'd make a note:

For the new readers, welcome! I'm glad you're giving my first original story a shot! For the old readers, welcome again! We had some fun times when I was still writing this series, and I thank you all for your support over the years!

You may have noticed (or will notice) that there are missing chapters throughout my three books. The reason is that a few years ago, some idiot from Wisconsin, United States decided to plagiarize my first book. Thankfully, I caught him and went on a revenge spree of trying to purge his version of my story from the face of the internet.

However, as a result, I didn't feel it safe to keep my full story on FictionPress because it was just too vulnerable to plagiarism. I have since migrated The Pirate's Legacy to Wattpad under the username kdutton90. Whether or not Wattpad will prevent my series from being plagiarized again, we'll see, but that's where we are at now.

For those of you who want to read (or reread) my series, you're welcome to come over there! Unfortunately, I don't plan to make the series whole again on this site. I hope you understand!