Author's Note: This oneshot is shortly after the previous one I just put up, so again, it isn't too great. I just really want your guys' opinion. And yes, this is SUPER cheesy as well!

Kate was getting a glass of water when someone slapped a hand across her mouth and someone else blindfolded her.

"AAHHHH!" She screamed, but it was muffled. She could feel herself being lifted off the ground.

"Are you going to tell me, Max?" It was the voice of Sam Parner.

"Nope, don't think so, Parner," Max replied. Sam hit him in the side of the face with the back of a gun.

The doors at the front of the dungeon opened.

"Look what we got, boss," One of the guys who had just came in said.

"LET ME GO!" Kate yelled.

"Oh my god," Max whispered. Kate was kicking and screaming but the stupid henchman wouldn't let go of her.

"Let her go! She has nothing to do with you!"

"MAX! LET ME GO! LET ME GO! AAAAAHHHH!" Kate screamed at the top of her lungs. The two men were still holding her while Parner took off her blindfold.

"Max! Oh my god! LET ME GO!" Kate started kicking again.
"Parner, she has nothing to do with you. Let. Her. Go," Max said, seething.

"Now why would I do that? Lay her down for me," Parner said, "pull her shirt up."

"Let me go, you weirdos! AHHH!"

"So, Max. I guess we're just gonna have to do it my way." And then he slashed her across the back with a whip.

"AHHHH! STOP!" Kate screamed.

"DON'T PARNER!" But Parner did it again and again and again, until Kate's back was completely red with the whip marks.

"STOP! Please..." Kate said softly. Just as Parner lifted his hand to whip Kate again, the doors to the dungeon banged open once more. It was Sam and Dean, two of Max's friends.

"You guys wanna fight. Let's fight," Dean said. The two men holding Kate down let her go while Parner ran to Sam and Dean. Kate stood up and ran to Max.

"I'm so sorry, Katie," He whispered at her. She kissed him full on the mouth and then started opening his ropes.

"Oh god, these knots are so tight," Kate said while looking back at the fight that had started.

"Come on, hurry up! I'm gonna kill Parner."

"These aren't opening!" Kate pulled and pulled until it finally came loose. She took it off and then started working on the other rope.

"Kate, watch out!" Max yelled. Before she knew it, Parner had grabbed her hair and had pulled her into him.

"DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL HER?!" Parner yelled across the dungeon. Sam and Dean and the two goons stopped completely in mid-fight.

"Don't you dare hurt her, Parner!" Max almost screamed.

"Oh, but haven't you noticed Max? I already have! And I really don't care if I kill her." Kate was whimpering in his arms and trying to get his hands off. Parner turned back to the other guys.
"I'm going to count to five. If by the time I've reached five and those two aren't dead, I'm going to kill this stupid piece of crap!"

"Let me go, please, please," Kate whimpered.

"One," Parner said, tightening his grip, "two. Three. Four." His hand started pressing the gun.


Two shots rang through the air.

"Forgot about me, didn't you Parner?" Max said from behind. Parner fell to the ground, gun still in his hands.

"Sam, Dean. Would you two just finish those idiots off?"

"Our pleasure." Kate ran into Max's arms.

"Oh my god. I thought I was dead!" Kate said in to Max's chest.

"Baby, I would never let anything happen to you."