Story of a King

March 27, 2.3 M

"Once upon a time, in a continent named Eslangia, there was a family that lived around the border of Mirnas. It had a man, a wife and a child. One night, the mother told a child a story. It was about a King who had once led a country and has promised his people that he will provide everything they needed and in return, the people would pay the taxes. In the end, the King lied, and raised the payment to a higher price. The people were angry, and, after the King was betrayed by his loyal subordinates, he was slaughtered. After she told the story, the boy asked, "Mommy, why did they slaughter the King."

"Because he lied to his people, dear." The mother replied, "This might happen if you become greedy, boastful. My dear son, if one day you are rich, please promises mommy and daddy not to be greedy or to not give such lies to people. Or else, the dark red-eyed figure will come out of you and destroy other people's hearts."

"But mommy," the boy argued, "I'm a good boy. I wash the dishes, scrubbed the walls and the bathrooms, help you do the laundry, and help daddy in his hunting! See mommy, I'm a good boy!" the mother smiled genuinely at him. She took him into her arms.

"Of course you are, my dear son."

And years have passed and the boy grew smarter than he ever was. Soon, when he was around 35 years old, he governed the city where he always lived. He started out as a good man, giving service to the people, and giving tazes that are enough for the people to pay. It was going good until… he got caught up in the very system he was trying to use.

There were fewer jobs, people who grew more and more corrupt. Burglars secretly raided trough ever store they could in order to survive. The man, however, did nothing but to raise the taxes to a higher price and more people sank down to the depths of poverty.

One day, a dark figure with red eyes escaped from the very house the man was living in and in a matter of days, all the people were founddead. When the man found out about this, he was devastated. All this time he had forgotten his promise to his mother that hemust never tell so many lies or to be greedy… but… he has broken his promise…

The next day, the man was found on his bed, his eyes closed. He died in his sleep. His soul was taken by his own sins. And that is the end of this story." The professor said, "Do you like it, my students? This is the most classic of tales in Eslangia that you must never tell lies to people and you should never break your promise. Otherwise, you'll be known as hypocrites."

The class was left with awes in their faces as he closed his notebook and placed it on his desk.

"Sir, what is your full name again?" a student asked, "I forgot." It was rude to ask that now, for the professor has taught in that school for many years, but he wants to know because of this professor's good story.

"My name is Sir *Rutesontek Mesocheongsue." The professor said.


March 30, 3.0 M

"Let's fight."

"Right!" Tristesse jumped and gave a jab at the creature, but had no effect. She gave a kick, jab, kick, cross, jab, hooks, and an uppercut, but she could only slice through his body, for he doesn't have any organ system, only a pair of eyes and a dark body. It seemed like a ghost to everyone, but for Tristesse and Darton… they knew it was something else, something more… vicious. Tristesse landed on her feet. The dark creature spat out dark matter from its mouth. She dodged. It spat again. Darton dodged. He knew that this creature was, but he couldn't figure out how to defeat it.

"Damn it." He cursed. His guardian stepped back. She was a completely different person when it comes to the battlefield. Her eyes were completely focused on the creature. Her hair that was tied in a bun was completely white, only that her bangs were black. But those eyes… they seem familiar. Talking to her gives him a sense of familiarity…

"Master!" someone called him, and pushed him to the ground. His thoughts were washed away when he saw Tristesse's clothes had been torn. He widened his eyes and realized she was hurt. The next thing he knew was she lying on the ground, face down. She got up again.

"Master, get up now, before the creature attacks again." She warned him. He did as he was told. They need something. They need a plan.


Mirtashka sipped her tea. Today was… she doesn't know what day it is, or what time it is. She never takes note of time, nor doesn't she care about time itself, since there was nothing interesting in her life. She lives in the moment. She works as the librarian in the "Public Library of Laxias", but people rarely came to borrow books. And she grew less happy by the year when less people stop to come by at the library because they're busy, when they're just shopping for better things.

Mirtashka took another sip. Still, there is only one person who visits the abandoned library very of often. It was Raiga Matsugaramiha. He is a Xinthese that lives at the center of the city, where the so-called "Miracle Tree" stands. Raiga is her only friend in the library and e borrows more than four books. "I am a researcher." He says, "I am to write and jot down all the necessary happenings in Eslangia."

Hmm, when did he tell that to her? She shrugged and took another sip. She doesn't remember. She doesn't take track of time, only her memories. There was a knock on the door. She got up from her seat and looked into the peephole. It was her youngest sister, Eshnovian.

"Mirta-sis!" she called out in a warning tone, "Big brother-Darton and Tristesse are in trouble! You get your weapons while I get mine at home!"

"But, Eshnovian, why didn't you text me via cellphone or call from your office before you leave?" Mirtashka asked. Her sister scratched her head.

"I left my cellphone at h9ome and there was a strange brownout in our office." Eshnovian explained, "But you must hurry! I'll meet you there!"

"Where is he?"

"Near the entrance of Mine Tarushk." And Eshnovian ran off towards their house. Mirtashka had not time to think. She quickly went to her desk and took out two 9 mm Uzi Pistols, a grenade, and two dynamite. She hasn't used these in a long time, but she always has a huge amount of fighting spirit. Tiara was more capable with any sword, as well as Darton. Eshnovian was capable of hand-to-hand combat. Plus, she was pretty quick and brings a lantern with her whenever she fights in the dark. Mirtashka, on the contrary of all, is capable in both weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. No one could compete her except Tristesse… Tristesse was a different case, Mirtashka noticed. She knew something was up with that guardian, but she couldn't figure it out what it was.

"I heard that you have trouble at Mine Tarushk." Raiga voiced from behind.

"What do you want?" she asked rudely without looking back at him. She dislikes people who eavesdrop.

"Uzi Pistols shouldn't be needed." He advised, "Flash bombs should be."

"And why should I listen to you?"

"I know these things."

"And what do you know about these things?" she asked in a more rudely manner.

"Read the 'Story of a King', and you'll know, Mirta-san." He said. She rolled her eyes at the new nickname.

"Look, I don't have time for any reading selections. I must go." She said, and turned her back at him.

"But Mirta-san-"

She ran.

Meanwhile, Tiara waited. She is sitting inside the secret closet where Tristesse locked her in. She's impatient. She knows there's something else going on. She hates waiting needlessly. She kicked the closet open. The house was silent. Everything had gone silent. Tiara quickly changed her clothes, took her sword, and went to Mine Tarushk by horse.