The Seduction

By Jaimie Crawford

He has mint eyes and charcoal hair.

He entrances her with his careless stare.

His lanky, thin arms are tight as steel,

The veins are plum against the pale.

His laugh is a melody of grating gravel,

One word from his lips and she unravels.

He leads her to a close and airless room,

To any protest, he utters a soft croon.

Darling, baby, everything's all right.

You and I will have a wonderful night.

The air is dark and her mouth is dry,

But his lovely words are a whispered sigh.

The loss of her innocence is unremarkable,

It is done now; his desire unstoppable.

He lies across the bed, his back to her face,

Tears intricate on her cheeks like crystal lace.

When she wakes, she's alone in murky light,

All alone with her memories from the indifferent night.