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Chapter one- Bad break ups

"Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings."

School sucked, really it did.

The first day of school was even worse, especially when you are sixteen and going into grade eleven. Yeah, sounds like fun right? Well, to top it off, all of my friends are going into grade ten this year; something I didn't need to go through because of my unnaturally high I.Q.

Well, that's a cheery first impression of me you now have. Yeah, a lot of people have gotten a bad first impression of me...maybe it is because I complain a lot. It might also be that I was a control freak, maybe it was even because I was short. I've noticed, people always pick on the shorties-especially the smart ones, I could never figure out why. Why not pick on the big dumb jock who doesn't understand if you insult them?

Oh yeah, because if they punch you...ouch. While if I punch you...well, people usually just laugh and say that it is cute that I tried to be tough. Hey, trust me, I am tough. I did beat up a guy once.

I made that little six year old run home crying.

Oh yeah, don't worry, I was five at the time.

The downer in that was, the guy grew up to be the coolest, big buff football player in my school. Yeah, that was another reason why I wasn't exactly the most popular guy ever. Matt Thompson made sure of that. He never let go of the grudge he had against me since then.

The really bad thing about that was; our parents have been best friends since they were young. I wasn't sure but...I think our moms dated before... (I never got actually proof but they hung out a lot in private and my dad was a bit of an asshole and made a lot of odd comments that seem to piss my mom off...a lot). So the point is, Matt has a lot of chances to 'bother' me and trust me, the Bastard uses all of them.

Personally, I think he is just trying to assert dominance because I used to be taller than him until I was fourteen and I just...stopped growing while he was fifteen so he sped up and grew to 6'4.

I remained at the astonishing height of 5'9.

Lucky huh?

I know.

Matt Thompson made it his goal in life to tell me (and the whole student body) how lucky I was to be that height.

Also to make my life a living hell, that was his favourite pastime.

As you may be thinking; all of this just because of a black eye when he was six?

Yeah, I think it is stupid, too. I didn't even mean to hurt the kid, anyone would have gotten mad if you were a guy and another guy kissed you.

Oh yeah, I didn't tell you that yet.

The reason why I beat the kid (well, he is a year older than me, I don't think I can call him a kid) up was because he kissed me. Right in the middle of my back lawn, he grabbed me by the face and kissed me right on the lips and called me his husband. I think any guy would be pissed at that. I tried to explain that to him but he got mad at me and cried to our parents. Yeah, I was in shit.

After that, Matt Thompson took every chance to ruin my life.

Would you like to know the best news of all? I have to be in his grade now! Yippee! I used to be safe during class because he wasn't there, I even made a few friends but now...that's all going to end. I was stuck with him for the next two years, unless he fails a grade...

I laughed to myself, Matt was a straight B student, I doubted he would fail. I used to be a straight A+ but I wasn't so sure now that they moved me up a grade.

I sighed to myself. I really hope I do well, if I didn't I would be in trouble.

It was the evening before the first day of school and I was taking my dog, Espresso, a golden lab that was just too big for his own good. Literally, I was the only one home to walk it (my mother worked a lot and my father was the principal of a boarding school far away, so he could only visit every weekend), so I had to get drug around because it was probably twenty-five times stronger than me. I was pretty weak, yeah, so what?

Oh yeah, as you may be thinking. A gold Labrador named Espresso? I love Espresso Coffee and I love my dog that's why I have him that name.

I lived right beside my school, well, right beside the football field, so that was where I usually took Espresso for walks. The field was empty, Of Course; school hadn't started yet so none of the sports teams had practice. Espresso loved going down the field, I was not sure why but I took him down every evening anyways.

The fading sun was throwing colors across the sky, it wouldn't be long before the day was absolutely gone and I had to agonize about school. Trust me; I was not looking forward to it. Trying to make new friends was not something I was proficient at, and neither was being sociable period. That and Matt Thompson making everyone treat me like I had warts all over my face did not help my popularity, but as I was saying before I used to have a few friends, hopefully I could make more.

I was unsociable, a loser, plain and simple. I never said that was an awful thing as most people would imagine. I was comfortable just staying home and cooking for cleaning or taking care or Espresso and Mocha (my cat).

I didn't need friends; I didn't really want them anyhow even though I had a few I did want.

I walked across the lengthy parking lot before I came to the gate, Espresso virtually drug me the way. I opened the gate and the golden blond freaked out as I led him in. I walked past the stands before and headed for the field ahead. That's when I heard the voices.

"I caught you! I caught you! I caught you! It is over Matt! Done! We are over! Just leave me alone!" A high voice shrieked from beyond the bleachers and in the field.

In surprise I stopped short and held Espresso back from going forward, his ears were pinned up as he heard the voice, too. I just stood there and listened, was someone getting dumped?

"Babe, you don't understand. C'mon, you cheated on me before, too!" A deeper, richer, hotter voice pleaded back.

That voice, I remembered it! I heard it vaguely in the halls from time to time. No, it couldn't be. That was the voice of Matt Thompson! It sounded like he was getting dumped. Matt Thompson was not getting dumped, he only dumped people. Oh this is rich; I was going to love having this over him.

I kept listening in disbelief, this was so weird. I wanted to look around the stands to see who it was but I might get caught. If Matt Thompson was there, I did not want to be caught spying.

"That was before we had sex and I only gave Jake a blow job! You told me I just wasn't one of those guys who you just date only to have sex! You told me I was special!" Man, I would hate to be Matt; his boyfriend seemed to be seriously upset. I felt really bad for his boyfriend though. I have never had a boyfriend before but I could only imagine how much it would hurt to have one cheat on you. I hope his kick's Matt's ass good.

Oh yeah, if I forgot to tell you; Matt is Bi. It is the one secret I have over him because he pretends to be straight at school. Not that anyone in his group would care, all of the guys and girls are horny enough to be Bi, which they all are so he would be considered normal.

So he just dated guys in secret.

"You are special, Babe, now please. Calm down!"

"I do not want to calm down!"

"Uh, please stop acting like a fucking girl! Yeah, I fucked another guy, he was fucking hot and I wasn't going to see him again because he was moving. I was drunk, you were flirting with other guys, we had just gotten in a huge fight and he convinced me! It isn't as bad as you think! Fuck!" Wow, Matt sounded pissed.

"Well, either way we're over. Have a good damn life Matt fucking Thompson!" With that I heard footsteps coming towards me, I dove under the stands with Espresso and stopped breathing. I heard the figure stop and turn around as if he forgot something, "Oh yeah, I may have aids. I hope our condom broke last time we did it so you have them, too."

A minute later, a guy stormed by, he had fake bleach blonde hair, a fake tan, blue eyes and a slim figure. I knew him; he was Callen Richard, president of the gay/straight alliance club and every gay man's dream. He apparently can make any guy Bi and turned a lot of guys gay. He was also a huge bitch, or so I've heard.

I heard that if you walk up to him and say "hey, want to hook up tonight?" when you don't know him and he'll say yes.

Right behind him went one of the hottest guys that Riverview high had ever seen. He had black hair that was shaggy and swept over his eyes to give him a mysterious look. He was extremely tanned due to the fact he was Italian. He had amazing muscles that you could see through his shirt and was just...hot. Matt Thompson was incarnation of perfection completely in most girls' words.

He was the ugliest fucking man-whore on this planet to me.

He stopped by the gate and watched his ex leave. His muscular back was to me and he was muttering obscenities to himself. He sounded pissed, seriously pissed. I bit my lip, I had to say something, it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I stepped out from under the stands and grinned at his back, "Wow, you lost a hot one there. Ouch, he sounded angry."

"Mathews," the Italian growled furiously and whirled around at the sound of my voice. He glared at me with a ferocity I hadn't seen in him in a while, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

I smiled pleasantly at him, "Not getting dumped for sure. May I ask you the same question?"

The expression If looks could Kill suddenly popped into my mind that moment, he certainly looked like he wanted me dead, "Of Course you aren't getting dumped, shithead, you haven't dated a chick in a year."

I shrugged, "Maybe I should just swing both ways, follow your example. More options, you know." I laughed. Yeah, it was cold but he being Bi was the one thing I had over him.

To most people, liking guys wasn't a big deal at all but to him for some reason, it was. Especially around me because I gave him so much shit for it. I really didn't care if he liked dudes, I know a few guys who are gay and I didn't care but I had to make fun of Matt for it just because he was Matt.

He rolled his eyes, still fuming, "It would do shit for your love life so don't bother. Nothing would want to fuck you."

I shrugged sighing, "I don't know. Your slutty ex has a pretty interesting reputation. I think he would want to get fucked by anything...except you now. I wonder how your parents are going to react when they hear that you cheated on another girl."

Matt grabbed me by the arms and growled right in my face, "They will never fucking know. If I ever hear that you told them..." He broke off with a smirk and pretended to slice his throat with a finger.

"Oh, dude, now I'm scared," I smirked confidently back at him.

Truth be told, I was scared. Scared shitless, actually, we both knew it. I would never actually show it, though. That's not my style.

He laughed sarcastically and nodded, "Well I don't want to waste my time talking to shit like you. So I have to go." He let go of me and without another word, turned and left.

See what I told you about Matt being a Bastard?

Espresso apparently couldn't wait to go for a run any longer and wrenched himself from my grasp and bolted out onto the field. I stared after Matt and barely noticed Espresso run away before I felt the huge tug on the leash and was suddenly being drug along after the golden retriever.

Fucking dog was going to kill me one day.

"Espresso, no, come back!" I yelled as I ran after him.

The golden lab was running around and rolling in the center of the field, I ran over and knelt down beside him. Giggling, I scratched behind his ears and rubbed his belly. Then, he jumped up and knocked me over, licking my face like a Popsicle. I giggled and tried to push the dog off playfully, "No, espresso, stop."

As if he actually listened to me, he got up and started running giant circles around the whole field. Wow, that dog had just too much energy. I had to bring him out here more often.

I smiled and watched my dog. He was definitely the best dog I have ever owned. I have had him since I was ten and loved him to death. He was my best friend, I sound cool don't I? Seriously though, I loved that dog more than anything.

"Nice dog you've got there," said a quiet, rich voice behind me.

I jumped in surprise then turned around. There was an adult man standing there, though he looked very young, like twenty-one or twenty-two. He had golden blond hair like Espresso and a golden tan. He was tall, about 6'3 and so muscular it was almost scary. He was wearing a blue Tommy Hilfiger polo and dark wash Michael Kors jeans. He reminded me of Kellan Lutz but so much hotter. He was grinning down at me with this million dollar smile. He looked oddly familiar.

I stared at him in awe for a moment before I remembered I had to answer, "Uh, thank you." My voice was soft and weak and sounded like a girl's.

His grin widened as he said, "I used to have a lab before he died; now I have a white terrier. My old dog looked like yours, his name was Frodo."

I nodded and looked down, afraid to make eye contact, "Well, I am sorry about your dog. Mine is named Espresso."

He laughed and I saw a glimpse of his perfectly whitened teeth, "Espresso? Isn't that a type of coffee?"

I blushed and looked at the ground, a tiny smile tugging the corners of my mouth. "I guess I like coffee, I have a cat named Mocha."

He grinned and sat down beside me, so close I could feel his body heat. I shivered, I didn't even think about why he was here or that he was a stranger. I didn't really care, he seemed really nice. I didn't usually talk to strangers but he was friendly.

I was surprised that I didn't hear him walk over; he walked loudly and had a yippy white terrier trailing along behind him. The little white dog was trying to jump at me growling nastily. The man grabbed onto his dog and smiled apologetically at me.

"Don't only adults drink coffee? How old are you?"

"I am sixteen," I replied, embarrassed.

"That's a bit too young to drink coffee, but I started when I was nine so I shouldn't really be talking." He stated playfully. His eyes lightened when he smiled until they were crystal blue.

I nodded and said, "How old are you now?" I was really curious.

His perfect smile never faltered, "I am twenty-three."

I nodded feeling weird by the fact I was talking to a stranger that old, "I am Jamie Matthews."

He looked into my eyes and smiled even harder, "Jeff Parker." He held his hand out.

I took it and shook gently, his hands were a lot bigger than mine and warm and very soft. I smiled at him, and he held onto my hand, not letting go. He stared into my eyes with a warm look before he whispered, "It is very nice to meet you, Jamie."

Then, before I was ready, he let go of my hand and stood, "I better be going now, I just moved in around here and have to get back to unpacking. I just decided to go for a walk and look around when I saw this field and decided to come take a look...for old memories sake."

"You used to go here?" I asked, curious but sad he was leaving.

He nodded and replied, "Yeah, do you?"

I nodded, "Yeah. Well, I guess I'll see you again. I live in that house over there." I pointed to the big brick house I called my come.

Jeff grinned crookedly at me and whispered, "Well, I'll see you again then, Jamie. Bye." Then, he winked.

With that, he got up and walked away strutting as he strolled out of the field his blond hair shone in the sun and he seemed to strut with more confidence than the normal person.

"Bye," I muttered staring after him.

He was the most amazing person I had ever met. I didn't care how old he was, he was so cool I wish I could see him again. He was so nice; you really don't meet a lot of guys like that. He was so sweet and funny and talkative and good-looking! He struck me as gay...I know that it was stereotypical of me but still...

He wasn't hitting on me was he?

For some reason, the thought didn't bother me as much as it should.


"Fuck that little bitch," Matt Thompson growled and punched his pillow in fury. He screeched and threw his soccer trophy at the wall and it left a small dent. His bedroom now looked like a hurricane zone and he didn't care.

He had wasted two months of his life on that fake blond bitch! Two fucking months! Who the hell did he think he was? Callen was his. Matt glared and picked up his year book and tossed it on the ground, it opened to a picture of the ninth grade class next year.

Matt needed Callen back, no one broke up with him. He needed to break up with the fucking blond. And if he wanted to, he needed a plan. Callen only had two weaknesses, Clothes and Jealousy.

Jealousy...Matt laughed and picked up the year book.

In the grade nine classes was Jamie Mathews. He was sitting there with his perfect pale skin and his fiery locks of hair and his sweet big blue eyes...Matt shook his head. The ugly Bastard looked stupid.

Matt grinned at the picture. Jamie was exactly the guy I needed to talk to.

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