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It's me again...which means another update! I am pretty proud of myself for not taking like five months to update like last time. As I said last time, I have a new obsession with fanfiction. If any of you don't know what that is, it is a site like fictionpress but you write knock-off stories of already published books. I love reading Harry Potter and the Inheritance Cycle fanfiction personally. Of course, I only read slash.

Well, sorry to break it to a lot of you but this update is going to be a flashback.

I am sure a lot of you are sighing in disappointment now, but I feel that it is important for readers to know Matt and Jamie's background.

Flash back two- Even when I'm gone, I'll be with you

"If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you."-Whinnie the pooh

Friday, June 3rd, 2000

A five year old Matt Thompson slowly crept up the stairs of Jamie's house. Jamie's mommy had given him two chocolate kisses, one for him and the other for Jamie. Matt knew he had to be very, very quiet though, Jamie was asleep in his room and Matt didn't want to wake him up. Jamie always cried when he got woken up and Matt had to hold him until he stopped.

He didn't mind holding Jamie though, in fact, he liked it. He adored having his little Jamie resting in his arms. Holding the red haired boy was like holding air, air that usually spelt so nice. Matt loved to bury his face in Jamie's hair because of the strawberry smell that he usually had. He hoped that Jamie would cry when he woke him up, but he doubted that he would. Usually during his day naps he didn't cry, it was only after he had slept all night that he would cry. He had chocolate kisses if Jamie cried so Matt wasn't particularly nervous or worried.

Their parents were all drinking juice by Jamie's pool and Matt wanted to see Jamie. He hadn't seen Jamie all week because he had been at school and Jamie hadn't started school yet. Jamie turns five in two weeks but Matt had already turned six a few weeks ago. Matt was really excited for his friend to start to school, then he would be able to see Jamie all the time! He missed Jamie at school and was longing for the summer break to finally start. There was only three more weeks and he would be able to see Jamie every day.

He was a little nervous about Jamie starting school in the fall; sure it would be great having him there every day but what if he made other friends? What if Jamie met people better than him and never played with him again? Well, he was being silly; there was no one better than him but still. Matt bit his lip nervously, would he lose Jamie as a friend?

No. There was no way he would ever lose Jamie. No matter what, Matt was going to be Jamie's friend. Jamie belonged to him, Jamie wasn't allowed to just leave; Matt wouldn't let him. He would make sure that no one wanted to be Jamie's friend except for him, and then Jamie will have no one else.

It would be easy to keep everyone away from Jamie. Matt knew he was popular, kids lined up to be his friend. They all listened to everything he said; so if Matt said that no one should go around Jamie then no one would. He could never tell Jamie about this, not at all. Jamie didn't know what was good for him and would want to have more friends, but Matt knew what was best. He was going to be the only one Jamie would ever have as a friend.

When Matt arrived at Jamie's door, he opened it slowly and crept in. The whole room was green; the walls were green with pictures of Mickey mouse everywhere, the fuzzy carpet, and his Mickey Mouse bed sheets. Everything was so green; it was no surprise that the little boy lying in bed was wearing green pyjamas.

Matt personally hated green, especially on Jamie; it reminded Matt of Christmas. Matt liked yellow on Jamie, it made him look summery.

Matt smiled, relaxing at the sight of his Jamie.

The little boy's red mess of hair was sticking out everywhere as Jamie lay there, peacefully asleep. Matt smiled happily at the sight, he loved seeing Jamie.

The Italian boy crept over and slid under the covers next to Jamie and pulled the red haired boy against his chest possessively. Under him, Jamie shuddered and Matt looked down to see if he was awake; nope, the red haired boy was still asleep.

The young Italian boy smiled down at his Jamie, he boy was so pretty. Matt loved his red hair; it was one of his favourite things about Jamie. He hated brown hair; it was his least favourite color and would never like another person with it. His favourite hair color was definitely red-like Jamie's- then blond then black. In all his life, he had never seen anyone with prettier hair than his Jamie.

Matt ran his fingers through Jamie's hair and lent down to kiss his head tenderly. He didn't understand why Jamie thought he was ugly, Matt thought he was beautiful. He loved Jamie's skin, too. People always told Jamie that he had 'peaches and cream skin', neither he nor Jamie ever understood though; how could someone's skin be made of peaches? Well, if anyone's could, it would be Jamie's.

Matt smiled softly and started stroking Jamie's cheek, revelling in the fact that he was touching Jamie. He was the only one allowed to touch Jamie though, no one else. At the playground a few days ago, a girl tried to kiss his Jamie on the cheek!

Matt's eyes went alight with anger. No one but him touched Jamie! Didn't the world understand that? He had shoved the ugly girl to the ground and took Jamie away, not risking the chance that the girl might try to touch his Jamie again.

Under him, Jamie shuddered again and Matt saw bright blue eyes looking up at him, blinking in confusion. Jamie had woken up, thought Matt gleefully.

"Mattie?" Jamie asked softly, blinking as he awoke.

"You finally woke up," he smiled back.

"How long have you been here?" Jamie asked curiously, cuddling into Matt's embrace.

"Not very long, I just got home from school." Matt lied back on the pillow, "I have a super cool surprise for you."

His words had sparked the red haired boy's interest and Jamie sat up, his blue eyes twinkling in excitement. "What is it, Mattie?"

Matt smiled and held up both of the chocolate kisses for Jamie to see, "look what I have for you."

Jamie took one look at them and a wide smile grew on his features he flung himself at Matt and embraced the Italian tightly. Matt squeezed Jamie back and nuzzled his cheek against the red haired boy's head, reluctant to let him go. Jamie always smelt so good, like strawberries and freshly cut grass. Plus, he was so cuddly; he fit perfectly into Matt's arms and always melted into his embrace.

After a moment, Matt remembered that he was still holding the chocolate kisses so he pulled away slightly to give them to Jamie. The red haired boy was looking up at him with shining eyes as he smiled happily; looking like Christmas had just came early.

Jamie lent up and took the kisses gratefully, smoothing down his green pyjamas and yawning. The midday sun poured into the room and reflected off of his hair nicely. Matt smiled at his Jamie lovingly and pulled the blanket around both of them, so then his Jamie was nice and warm.

Jamie ripped the wrapper off one of the chocolate kisses and took a bite, looking like he had just seen heaven. "Mattie, it's so good! Here, you can have the other one; didn't mommy get it for you?"

Matt absentmindedly played with the hem of his Jamie's shirt and nodded, "Yeah it was for me but I want you to have it."

Jamie raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure?"

"Of course, Jamie," he replied simply and Jamie popped the other chocolate into his mouth.

They sat there silently for a few minutes, it was an easy silence. Neither of them really needed to say anything, they both just liked each other's presence. Jamie was daydreaming with his head on Matt's shoulder and Matt was idly playing with Jamie's shirt, lost in his thoughts.

"How was school Mattie?" Jamie asked suddenly.

Matt shook his head, brought out of his trance and he replied roughly, "good as usual. I have so many friends, Jamie! Everyone seems to want to listen to me, and talk to me, and be around me!"

Jamie just nodded and frowned a little, "Are you're new friends nice?"

Matt nodded enthusiastically, "they are all so nice to me! I don't even have to be nice back! I can make them do whatever I want and they don't do anything!"

"...That isn't very nice, Mattie."Jamie murmured softly, "You shouldn't make someone do something they don't want to do."

"But, Jamie!" The Italian's eyes went wide in shock that his Jamie would say something like that, "they want to do it!"

Jamie just looked away sadly, "Are you going to play with your new friends?"

The red haired boy looked so sad and Matt didn't understand why. Was it something that he had said? He hadn't done anything at all that was mean or would hurt his Jamie's feelings. He never wanted to hurt Jamie, and if he did he felt horrible.

Slightly confused, Matt nodded, "yeah...I am going to Sam's house tomorrow with Jake, Nathan...and Kylie." A small smile appeared on his lips as he mentioned the last name.

"Who is Kylie?" Jamie frowned, looking nervous.

A dreamy look came across Matt's face for a moment before he replied, "Oh she is a girl who is in my class at school. She has pretty hair that I like."

Jamie looked down and nodded, suddenly feeling very sad. He didn't quite understand why he was feeling like this but his heart seemed to be tossing and turning as if it was having a bad dream. He just wanted to go sit on his mommy's lap and have her play with his hair; she was the only one who could make him happy again. Matt usually just made him nervous and scared in a good way. Right now, he wasn't happy and it had something to do with the Kylie girl.

Jamie sighed and began playing with Matt's hair absently, so Matt wouldn't have to see the tears in his eyes, he knew that he cried way too much. "I understand if you want to leave and make new friends-"

Matt's hand suddenly wrapped around Jamie's wrist and stopped him, "You think I want to leave you?"

"I'm too young and dumb and cowardly and weak, your new friends are better than me. I just don't want to be away from you." Jamie replied softly, casting his eyes down.

"Jamie...do you think like that?" The Italian boy asked in surprise, gazing down at his Jamie with such tenderness, an adult wouldn't believe he was only five.

The red haired boy just nodded, looking sad. His blue eyes were radiating sorrow that made its way into Matt's heart. He wanted to make his Jamie feel better so bad, he just wasn't quite sure how. He didn't understand why Jamie felt the way he did.

"You aren't like that though. You are smarter than you think, Jay, braver than you believe, and stronger than you look. If I ever did leave you then you would be fine. Just remember, Jamie; even if we're apart and you don't see me...I'll always be with you." Matt replied softly, stroking Jamie's hand lovingly.

Jamie just gave him a love filled look and jumped on him, hugging his best friend like Matt was all that matters. To Matt, Jamie was all that matter right then. Jamie was his world, his sun, his fire. It was Jamie that appeared before his eyes every time he closed them, it was Jamie's face in his mind's eye that he would wake up to. In a way, Jamie never really left him.

Matt knew, deep in his heart that he would never let Jamie leave him. No matter what, his heart belonged to the red haired boy. These were emotions that he didn't really know or comprehend at the time, but he knew he would when he grew older. He wasn't sure about much then, except for one thing: in the end, all there is is just him and Jamie and that's all there ever will be.

End of Flashback


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