Dawn shows its face yet again for another day,
another chance to say what I really should say.
Veins coursing with my blood, lacing with the lies,
ignorant to my screams, oblivious to my cries.
Dancing with this tradegy, we start a waltz.
I learn to enjoy agony when, finally, it haults.
Learning with time, beginning to grow.
Objecting to everything I used to know.
Vases still laying out, dead roses inside,
even when I watered it with tears I try to hide.
You were everything that I once knew,
over and over, rhymes I wrote for you.
Using my words to show what I felt.
Still unlistened to, so from then on I dealt.
This time, when you call through the dream,
I will not answer your pleading scream.
Lessons learned, these scars are bared.
Learn from me and don't be scared.