So this oneshot came into my head while I was writing chapter 2 for born of kings. I ended up stopping writing the one and instead started this oneshot. Ill update chapter 2 soon but for now ill just keep this one. Bear in mind this is completely unrelated to Born Of Kings and don't even know why I thought of it when writing the story. Well comment and tell me what you think!

SSGirl was in trouble. Not only had she been caught by the enemy, Gizmo Girl, but she had fallen right into her very trap. Granted, she was no match for the evil Gizmo Girl when it came to traps and planning but still it was a stupid mistake. What had once been a plot to sneak into the enemy base, find out their evil scheme and put an end to it now turned into find-an-escape-route-and-fast plan. What made it worse was Gizmo Girl knew every move SSGIrl was going to make. After all, they had only worked on the same team of fighting for justice for 4 years.

Gizmo Girl had been her companion, no her best friend. When she went missing for 2 years SSGirl was the one most affected. She no longer had her friend and person to pick on when she felt down. It was like losing the quiet kid who everyone knew would one day be on top but right now it was okay to pick on said kid person. She had lost her most important person on the team. It had been tragic and although it did not affect Mind Zero and Pyro as much as SSGirl, the whole team felt the loss. Gizmo Girl, to put it simply, was the one who got the gizmos in the team to work and make sure every act of heroism was an ace in the bag. Born a baby genius, the former Hannah Barange became interested in mechanics and the works. By 10 she had her own industry, S.U.P.E.R.S. (specially utilized planet equipment ranging specialists) that manufactured special equipment meant for use by Super Heroes to help save the earth from the evil villains that had threatened world peace. At 12 she was inducted into the Hero's Brigade. The Hero's Brigade was a group within a group (a Constituent if you will) that served the World Team Force (W.T.F.) in their fight against the Large Malevolent Associations of the Ostracized (L.M.A.O.) . Two years ago Gizmo Girl had been thought to be killed in an accident caused by Mr. Malvado . Now here she was, standing in full costume, smiling up at SSGirl.

"How nice of you to drop in Super Strong Girl, or should I say Super Stupid? Come on SG, how many times have I warned you against walking into enemy base acting like you own everything? It's the biggest blunder in the book for us Super Hero's and yet no matter how much scolding I did you never listen." SSGirl's only response was to "humph" and fail miserably at trying to turn away from Gizmo Girl. It was kind of hard to turn when you were tied up head to toe in titanium rope (made specially by Gizmo Girl to restrain SSGirl whenever she went on one of her emotional rampages) and hanging upside down over a pool of alligator infested waters. She didn't want to admit how hurt she was by Gizmo Girls apparent betrayal. Nor did she want to be dropped in the waters.

"Well if a certain someone, namely you, hadn't gone and had a fake death then join the evil villains in their plot to take over the world someone could have warned me again because I forgot." At that Gizmo Girl smiled. Even when hanging over a pool of blood thirsty alligators (or so it seemed) leave it to SG to still have an attitude.

"Well if you're going to drop me into the water hurry up and do it. As much fun as it is having all of my blood rush into my brain it makes me dizzy."

"Silly SG, I wouldn't have captured you if I was gonna kill you. Besides you have no use to me alive, although you were very entertaining during our days together. No, I waited cause I knew you would come rushing in eventually to try and take us on head on" She paused "All I had to do is wait. I have missed you and the crew dearly but what I'm doing now is too much fun." Gizmo than turned around and called for an assistant. "Take her down will you? I don't want her to mess up my pool with all of the mud she's covered in. I had planned on going swimming today and don't want to have to clean up the gunk that is covering her. As it is, is seems some has already fallen in. Bring her to the meeting room, I'll be with you shortly. Thanks" With that Gizmo Girl began to walk away.

"Wait are you telling me there are no blood thirsty alligators in that pool! No way I see green tales moving in the water and the water keeps on moving!"

"SG, super genius in technology standing right in front of your remember? Making a hologram like that is no problemo. Besides do you know how hard it is to feed bloodthirsty alligators? Finding them is hard enough but add in the amount of food and it's nearly impossible to pay for it all. Besides, they don't induce a good work area and are not pretty décor."

While SG was cut down and placed in a bin to be rolled into the meeting room (the titanium steel rope was heavy, adding the weight of SSGirl was no easy pull and required equipment) Gizmo Girl went to make a phone call. Due to SSGirl planning to take her base by storm today, she had to cancel tea with Evil Torch at noon. He wasn't going to be happy but she missed her best friend and had some catching up to do. Knowing SG she thought, I'm gonna have to start from the very beginning step by step.

SSGirl was confused. The fact that Gizmo Girl's supposed pool of bloodthirsty alligators was only a hologram (when she was lowered down she had seen the projection device) made her wonder about the recent fashion of super villains having a pit or pool of some evil creature inside. Thinking about it, the trend started around the time that Gizmo Girl died. Well, was thought to have died because if she were dead she couldn't be standing in front of her laughing. Ohh, "I get lost in my thoughts too easy."

"And it clearly is shown on your face. Now I brought you here to answer questions I figured you might have. Recently I have been getting bored and figured I should let someone in on all my secrets and who better to tell your secrets to than your best friend."


"No, you still are my best friend."

"Well I've decided that I don't want you as my best friend anymore so ha, you are now an EX"

Gizmo Girl continued to laugh. "So what, are you going to promote Mind Zero as your new best friend. I don't think I've ever heard a word come out of his mouth. And let's face it, if you and Pyro were to become best friends you'd do more harm to the earth than the super villains."

"You seem to forget Gizmo, you ARE a super villain. You have no right to talk bad about Pyro or Mind Zero. And in case you didn't get the memo, super HEROES can't be friends with super VILLIANS."

SSGirl was frustrated. She couldn't figure out why the heck she was even having this conversation with her best friend exbestfriend. But then Gizmo Girl's face got serious and in return SSGirl straightened up as much as she could being wrapped in the metal rope.

"Well, that's the thing. I'm not a villain. Well, an official super villain of the sorts." She looked abashed now.

Spluttering SSGirl spoke, "What do you mean! You blow things up, KILL people and team up with the super villains. That's what being a VILLIAN is all about."

"Well yes I blow things up but I don't kill anyone. And besides, this thing with the super villains is a big misunderstanding."

SSGirl just had the what-the-heck-are-you-talking-about expression on her face.

"Ugh I knew I would have to start from the beginning" Gizmo muttered. "It all started 2 and a half years ago. We were together on the team and yea I was having a blast but it was…boring. To put it simple the so called super villains weren't that hard to capture or to foil their evil plots. It sometimes stinks being a genius because no one is at your level. So one day I had an idea. What if I were to be a super VILLIAN instead of a super HERO? I would get to blow things up, have people try to outsmart me and could get the thrill of doing something I'm not supposed to be doing. Of course I had to work out how not to hurt anyone else severely but still get my name as a villain known. Added to the fact I had to hide my previous identity made it even more of a challenge. What it all came down to really was: how am I going to blow as much stuff up as possible without hurting anyone past healing while still looking pretty evil? It was a challenge and I hadn't had a worthy challenge in a long, long time."

SSGirl, to say the least, was flabbergasted. She never knew her quietly spoken best friend had it in her. She knew Gizmo was smart, but to be that smart she never even let on (though she had made S.U.P.E.R. at the age of 10).

"That still doesn't explain what you mean about the super VILLIANS not being that bad."

Gizmo Girl hesitated than began, "Well you see…" at that moment the huge screen on the back wall of the room turned on. Evil Torch appeared on the screen and didn't look too happy.

"Gizmo, why did you cancel our afternoon tea time! I had just gotten this new set when.." He stopped talking then. It had appeared he had finally noticed SSGirl tied with the titanium rope and looked, for a quick second, embarrassed? He then cleared his voice and said, "I meant the time to discuss our evil plots that fall under the T section. I can see our Terrible plans will have to wait since you are torturing information out of the brat." With that said the screen went black again leaving an embarrassed looking Gizmo Girl and confused SSGirl.

"Tea Time?"

"Well as I was saying, the super villains aren't that bad really. They are just misunderstood. Most of them didn't even want to become villains. You don't really get a lot of positive attention when you're blowing up houses. I'm fine with it cause I'm bored but for them…" Gizmo than sighed.

If SSGirl was confused before, it seemed nothing to the confusion she had now. "Wait so are you telling me the villains, you know the people who blow up houses and steal from banks, really just want to have tea? I don't understand, than how do you explain the mighty forest fire of '01 that set Evil Torch on the list of super villains?"

"Most of all the things you've heard about are misunderstandings. That fire, it was started by Evil Torch. But he wasn't evil torch then. At the time, he had been living a normal billionaire life and was pursuing his love, tea. He had set up a tea party of sorts for himself in the woods without anyone knowing. When blowtorching the top of his crème brulée, he accidentally set fire to a twig in the forest along with part of the forest underbrush. Evil Torch is, in fact, scared of fire. He just got the name because of the forest fire. Well he quickly gathered everything in his picnic basket but from his hasty shoving he could not fit the counter blanket of his table in the basket. So he tied it around his neck and took off out of the forest. Unfortunately someone recorded him exiting and the billowing orange blanket. Next thing he knew, people were calling him the Evil Torch and saying all these new things about the new villain. Afraid to turn himself in he became the "Evil Torch" and used the fact that he was now thought of as a villain for repentance for starting the fire. Truth is though, he was one of the top private donators to give money to put the fire out." Gizmo finished the tale with a small sad smile.

Stupefied still SSGirl replied, "What about Mr. Malvado or Crazy Painter?"

"Everyone thinks he's a villain because of his hideous looks so Malvado just went with it. Crazy Painter really is crazy and doesn't know what he's doing half the time. But he's an interesting guy to talk to. He's called the Crazy Painter because he really can paint masterpieces; he's just missing a few screws in his head and tends to act without thinking. This led to a series of art thefts because of his idea that all the famous paintings in the world were really painted by him. He doesn't realize they are not his."

"If you look at a majority of the super villains, in real life they play a role as top medical doctor or lawyer and help the people they harm. It's just that's not what the world see's. Super heroes, more than anyone, should be able to understand the hardships when it comes to wearing masks, evil or good. It was interesting having tea or book clubs with the villains. I don't regret my choice in the slightest to become a villain."

This was too much for SSGirl to understand. Had the people she had been fighting in the name of justice and love been misunderstood people by society? "Gizmo Girl could be lying" she thought but than immediately took it back. The girl couldn't lie if her life depended on it. She would end up smiling an awkward grin before she even got the first two words out of her mouth. And Gizmo Girl was not grinning now. In fact she looked an odd mix between content and sad.

"Then what about the super villain team up of '05. They attacked the W.T.F. headquarters intent on stealing our crystal that powers the whole base."

Gizmo Girl started to laugh after SSGirl made the comment. It took her about a 2 minutes to calm down before she could even begin to answer her question.

"That was the worst misunderstanding and tops one of the most funny stories I heard." Another round of giggles was brought on after this comment and this time took a full five minutes to reign in.

"Secretly, many villains actually admire the super heroes. Can you believe it they ADMIRE us. I almost died from laughing when Malvado said that to me. It was so funny especially coming from a face as ugly as his. Anyway, once a month they gather to decide who is the coolest, smartest and so forth of all the super heroes. It so happened there was a disagreement on who was the brains behind the All Star team of W.T.F So to salve the problem, the villains proposed sneaking up on the base to see who was making the plans. They couldn't tell if it was Ice Queen or Time Warp. Obviously it's Time Warp but they didn't know." Gizmo rolled her eyes before continuing.

"So they proceeded on announcing on all TV's in the country their attack on Star City. This gave the All Star Team something to plan for. So they snuck into base without a sound. They had no idea W.T.F was running on a rare crystal generator at all. It was all going according to plan until Lady Lagoon had spotted Malvado. She immediately alerted the whole base." Gizmo Girl stopped to glare at SSGirl and SSGirl had a good reason why. She was remembering the events that day and remembered what she had shouted at the group when they cornered the evil villains.


After remembering, SSGIrl tried to shrink down into the titanium rope wires. She, of course, couldn't and had to face the full force of Gizmo Girl's glare.

Gizmo Girl continued her story. "Thinking quick the group decided to go with the flow and admitted to trying to steal the crystal. The epic battle happened and the rest is history." She then pulled out a thick notebook from one of the drawers in the desk next to where the two were sitting. Gizmo flipped to the last written page where in elegant handwriting it read "POLLS FOR THE STRONGEST HERO". Written in columns were three super heroes. Under each super hero name was the signature of the villain who was voting for the super hero.

"Hey, I'm on the list." SSGirl then scanned the signatures looking for Gizmo's only to find it under Rhino Boy. "Now that's just mean. Not voting for your best friend." She glared at Gizmo then. In reply Gizmo Girl did nothing but shrug.

"So where does this leave us, SG. I've told you my secrets, I'm satisfied. I can't just let you go though, it wouldn't look good. Sure everyone who works here knows I'm no super villain but it'd still look bad on my record. What I've told you must stay within this room though. I can't have you running your mouth like you always do and I won't be there to stop you like I always do."

An awkward silence now filled the air. SSGirl had to think. It was wrong what Gizmo Girl was doing. Blowing up things for her own enjoyment because she was bored with life was wrong. Becoming a villain for said reason was wrong. But isn't that what a super villain was, someone who was wrong? Gizmo was a good person but her actions turned her into a super villain. She just wanted some entertainment because she was too smart for the world. Evil torch was just misunderstood and cowardly. Mr. Malvado was just too ugly to be accepted by society. Crazy Painter, was just that, crazy. All were misunderstood and she was now sure that a majority of the other villains were the same. There had to be some real super villains. Or was it little things like this what truly made villains evil? SSGirl's head hurt. This was too much thinking; she used to leave that part to Gizmo Girl. SSGirl wasn't used to tricks, she only had her strength and her honesty. So SSGirl did what she did best, she told the truth.

"I don't know what to do and frankly I'm really starting to not care. Right now I just want to get out of these stupid ropes of yours because they are causing my costume to rub against my skin when I move and it's irritating." The awkward air was gone then and Gizmo smirked. Of course all of the information she was just told would come second to SSGirls own needs. That was just like her best friend.

"Well SG, I could accidentally loosen the tightness of that rope by accidentally pressing the wrong button on my remote. This could lead you to having enough room to escape the rope and escape my base swearing revenge for being captured." SSGirl smiled at that comment. Gizmo always had a plan for getting out of sticky situations.

With that being said, Gizmo tripped and accidentally hit the release button on the remote. Faster than Gizmo Girl could breath, SSGirl had hugged her best friend before quickly releasing her and flying through the roof with shouts of revenge ringing through the air.

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