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September - Unbalanced

There's dirt in my hair and confetti on my feet
From where my toes have dug themselves into the sky
There's an old rubber duck sitting in the road
Its eyes follow me and I can hear it bark

There's a fork covered in cheese digging around under your skin
The dark blue blood is raining to the ceiling
There's a little green lizard with no name ripping up the streets in a car made of flies
Tongue flowing out from its prison to consume his ride

There's you standing in front of me with a knife in your back
You're juggling your heart and mine
I'm terrified you're going to drop it, because don't you understand?
That knife in your back was meant for me

There's a hole in the corner which was once my home
You found me and pulled me out of it
You said, "I've set you free."
But shouldn't I get to choose?

But you don't listen
Because there's a ship in your palm and you're bringing the sea to me
There's a book hidden under the stairs that's slowly eating the world
There's a bag over your head because you're sick, dude

And the rip of the small, square packet doesn't mean anything anymore.

This piece came joint 2nd in the September WCC. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. :)