I wrote 'Red Running Shoes' some time ago; it's my first story written in English. I learned a lot in the meantime and therefore decided to re-write it. Chapters will be uploaded again as soon as they are proofed by Lisa.

Red Running Shoes


'Last call for flight Condor to Brussels. Boarding at gate number D 91.'

My friend Ruth once told me a good way to understand an issue thoroughly is to explain it to somebody else. In the course of doing so, even complex interconnections will be revealed to you, often together with the solution to said problem.

Who am I to contradict a well educated and eloquently-speaking specialist like her? Not me, if only because I had a hard time to understand the finer points of her lecture.

I think I'll give it a try nevertheless. I won't tell a real person though, I'll write it down. Of course for this to work it is expected to talk to a person, with a name. That is why I named my laptop Zack. Yeah I know, I'm pathetic.

'May I have your attention please? Due to a thunderstorm in Chicago, all flights from Midwestern Airlines have been delayed one hour. Please check the customer information desk.'

So, where to begin? Dear Zack?

Yes Jonah? Oh my God, I hear my laptop speaking. No it's your subconscious mind. Stupid. Oh, much better—I think.

"I'm an idiot!" I have to face it, being at the airport once again, duffel bag, (check), laptop, (check), phone, (check), everything I need to have a life (Ha, ha, very funny, no check). All right, let's try this again... everything I need for work, (check).

I'm running again. Yup, that's what I'm doing right now. Running. To be honest to myself is the first step in solving the mess I stirred up. Trite but true. Thank you, Ruth.

Stop bandying fine words! Just tell...