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"Hey there goes the mute boy!"

The jeers spread amongst the little gang that approached him. The usual gang of bullies, each one of them more athletic then scrawny little him. The kind of children who decided that ones worth of existence was based on physical prowess. Also there was his voice, or rather lack there for off. Fishing was the most commonplace profession on the island, his father being one. Once perhaps when he was but a wee urchin, he begged his father to take him along. Seeing as he was an only child and possible successor, that wish was granted. He had such fun at the sea, watching the water go in and out. He barely remembered what happened next. All he could recall were dark clouds, the feeling of cold wetness, following that, nothing.

The next detail and this he fully remembered was his parent's faces. That's when it all started, he opened his mouth but no voice came out. The doctor was brought over but he was far too young to understand. "Shock" was a word he made out. Whatever he had happened, it had let him without a voice.

The children that currently surrounded him were of the same group who had ostracized him the moment he became "mute boy."

Soon they left leaving behind little him, slightly bruised, and in his hair and his books scattered about. The boy, Jin, as his parents had named him, delved into reading the moment he lost his voice. Maybe it was because he couldn't audibly communicate with the other children. It alone made him feel separate. After all, who would want a playmate who couldn't talk. Well that was probably too cruel of a label, some of the other kids were actually kind toward him. But it was that particular group, popular and gifted. He had gifts a well. Quickly he curried home, anything to get away from the sea. Since that fuzzy day, he had avoided the endless blue that encaged his island community. During the many years, Jin had become the library's best patron. Said library may not have been as grand as the ones on the mainland, but it was grand enough for young Jin. For hours he would scour the endless troves hoping to escape the harsh reality his peers presented.

"He's just a weak little loser."

A tear started to fall at the memory.

"He can't fish! He can't play ball nothing!"

Soon he would. Those bullies wouldn't have the last laugh. There was one subject that interested him, and that was shamans, the warriors who fought for the gods years ago in ancient times, or as ancient as he considered. Details on the war were scarce, or at least in this backwater place. Only the faintest traces he could scavenge. Even with his bony build, his imagination proved very strong. Reading about the war delved him into his mind. He imagined himself as one of the fabled shamans. Bravely waving his sword (or other weapons of choice) and fighting off anyone who opposed the gods or threatened all of Ceres.

His parents laughed that off as a child's fantasy, which it was. The other kids shared those sentiments, in the most scathing way possible.

"Almost done."

His mind thought with excitement. All those trips to the library had taught him something new about shamans. The shamans were not alone, for the texts described creatures who fought at their sides, familiars. Although the shamans were long gone, faded into history, Jin had learned tales from the mainland that familiars still existed. How excited he was to learn that. Then his excitement was dashed the moment he discovered no one in his village had any familiars, nor did they even know nay magic. It made him feel alone to be rather honest. Here he was, the only boy in the village with such interest and nobody seemed to encourage it. If anything you had to be a fisherman or something else, but calling a familiar? No that was something of a taboo. Or that may have just been an exaggeration in his part.

First step in familiar calling was drawing a circle, easy enough seeing as he had chalk. He did his best to draw it perfect, just like the book entailed. The book was a more recent one in the island library. Often the owner would go out to the mainland to find new tomes for study. And of course they ended up in the eager hands of a reader. However admittedly, Jin wasn't much of a reader, only in certain subjects like shamanism.


He had made it crooked, a little slip of the hand had it look more like an oval. Reading further he found he next step, lighting some candles. The book didn't specify how many. In all honesty he felt he went a little overboard. They were in any place save for his bed. If someone stepped they were liable to get burned. Extra careful he had to be so as nobody would become suspicious. With much hesitation he lit the candles one by one. Nervous he was as he tried not to burn himself. The last step was next, or rather various last steps, calling the familiar. Two variations, one was to have something that belonged to the creature you are summoning, like hair or a memento. The only other way was b random luck. There was no choice but to go with the latter method. Of those he held none for much of the species had left with the Gods long ago. According to the books he read, magic was in everyone, only few had the talent to actually use it. Jin was uncertain if he held the capacity, actually he severely doubted he did. But he had to try. It anything he had nothing to lose. It would be something to prove to everyone. To prove he wasn't useless or not weak.

And it wasn't just the kids, but his parents as well. They had tried to pull him away from such matters and concentrate on "reality" as they put it. Why was everyone so against him? It was a if he had to conform to his society's ideals.

He rubbed the forming tears at his eyes. It was time to start. First he had to clear his mind. Rather vague as it didn't specify of what particular thoughts. Distraction he assumed. Angry words, protests were prominent so he started with those. Jin fought hard to hold them back. They always pestered him, bringing him down with each acidic word. The circle held a further addition, something that enabled the ritual to commence. A smaller circle with a diamond in it, the symbol of the gods and the shamans, or at lest from what he had read.

Now it was time to concentrate. Furthering the vagueness, he obeyed the texts. Focusing hard his mindset directed on the circle. With the thoughts cleared he brought only the single image of his imperfect circle in his head. Even as its flaws reminded him of himself, he concentrated on it. This went on for several minutes.

"This isn't going to work."

He thought negatively. There he was already being distracted from the task. Anybody else wouldn't have been, he knew that. It wouldn't work, it just wouldn't.

Then there was a breeze, or rather if his eyes were open, he could see that each of the candles were going out one by one. It felt cool against his skin, the only time he had felt such coldness was back then on the boat. Except this time he didn't feel afraid. Pushing the demoralization out of his thoughts he kept focusing on the circle. That's where the cool breeze was coming from. Suddenly another feeling came over him, as if he were flying.

"Who are you?"

The voice asked small and childlike. Curiosity almost claiming him, he nevertheless kept his eyes shut, even as the blackness his eyelids presented began to glow red. He knew there was a glow within the circle. At the last moment he opened his eyes, just as it had disappeared. There was nothing, at least not in front of him. The random method of calling always brought in a wild card. One never knew what familiar they would get.


The squeak was small, frightened and confused, just as the furry white creature that curled up before him.

A/N: Well here goes my first backstory. A little insight to Jin's past, not to the shamanism bit but rather just a little lnsight to how he met his familair Midlothian. Now to work on a backstory on the little ferret. Overall I hope you enjoyed.