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Twist of Daisy chapter 1

"You can't take her!" Andrew yelled, his voice vibrating against the walls surrounding him. His knuckles turned white from his tightly gripped fists. His breathing was deep; his eyes were wide. He turned away from his father, the man sitting in front of him in a red-coated throne.

"Amelia, you can't let this man force you away," Andrew whispered to the woman next to him. She didn't look at him; she kept her frosty blue eyes on her father.

Her full, red lips turned down in a frown. "Brother, this is for the kingdom. I'm a princess; I will do whatever my king tells me to do."

Andrews gasped in annoyance, shaking his head. He combed his golden brown hair back and shook his head. "A princess?"

She nodded. "And you are a prince. Why do you keep rejecting the kingdom?"

Andrew paced the grounds, his hands tangled in his hair. He would stop only to glare at his father before looking back at his twin sister with desperation in his eyes.

"Why can't you stay here? Why go off to some unknown wasteland just because our father happens to be king?"

She turned to him then and sighed. Andrew just stared at her, biting his lower lip. When she looked down, he reached up and traced her cheek with his fingers. She didn't look up by the touch, but Andrew can tell she relaxed. A hint of a smile appeared on her face.

"Sister, we may be royal, but we still have our own lives. We don't need to sacrifice it to make up for our father's mistakes," Andrew breathed. He cupped Amelia's face with his hands and made her look at him.

As soon as she gazed into his eyes, in the inside, he cried to himself. Her cherry lips. The ways her eyes shimmer in the light. Her fair skin. She looked so much like him. "We should run away together. So we won't ever be separated." Amelia's eyes watered and she tried to turn away, but Andrew held on. His voice cracked. "I mean, we shouldn't be separated as siblings. You're my twin, the vessel that holds the other half of my soul. You can't let father take you away from me."

Amelia started to cry, her tears caught by Andrew's fingers that brushed her cheeks.

"Brother, my life isn't my own," whispered Amelia. She tore her way out of Andrew's fingers and walked towards their father.

The king stood up and held out his hand to Amelia. She took it, stood next to her white bearded father, and turned around to face Andrew.

Andrew didn't move. He just stared at the empty space before him. He reached out, trying to feel Amelia's face that was once there.

But nothing.

"Andrew Slate, turn around," the king ordered. His voice was low and monotone. "Your sister is about to make an announcement that you should hear."

Andrew shook his head and looked down at his hands. His fingers could still feel the warmth of Amelia's touch.

The king grunted. "Suit yourself. Just know that this was bound to happen." The king took Amelia's hand and escorted her towards the balcony. Before the guards could open the curtains, the king turned around to look at Andrew. "Amelia knows her place in this kingdom already. When will you?"

The curtains were opened and a gush of wind blew in. Cheers were heard from outside and the sunlight was blinding as the king and princess walked out to the balcony and waved.

A boy about fifteen years old touched Andrew's shoulder gently. Andrew looked at him and smiled sadly at the brown haired boy. The boy just grabbed Andrew into a hug, his red vest contrasting sharply with Andrew's light blue outfit.

"I guess I lost, didn't I Puck?" Andrew sighed into the boy's shoulder. "Amelia is gone."

Puck withdrew from the embrace and wiped away a tear. "You're not the only one who lost, sir. Because of what just happened, I have a feeling I'll lose you too."

Andrew laughed. "How will you lose me, Puck? I'm the prince. I'll be stuck here in this castle for the rest of my life."

Puck patted Andrew's back and looked over at the balcony. They both stared, eyes watered, as they listened to the crowd cheer about the news.

Andrew hung his head in his hands and sobbed. Puck just rubbed his back and shook his head.

"Dragons are taking the princess away. Can you believe that?" Puck asked. Andrew didn't answer. He just sobbed harder, remembering why it was so unbearable to lose Amelia. "Who knew we would be part of a fairy tale?"

Andrew shook his head. He looked up, his eyes brimmed red. His shoulders slumped as he stared at Amelia's back.

Amelia. She turned slightly behind her and saw Andrew. She smiled and held out her hand, urging Andrew to come forward and be there with her.

"Puck," he whispered, his eyes unwavering. "All those stories you heard, about princesses being taken away by dragons, what are the endings like?"

Puck smiled knowingly. He wrapped his arm over Andrew's shoulder and leaned in. "Are you planning to be the prince that saves her?"

Andrew smiled. "Why not? With her gone, what else can I lose?"

Before Puck could frown and remind him that he still has duties as a prince, Andrew took Amelia's hand.

Amelia smiled, tears in her eyes. "Brother, congratulation in your victory."

"What victory? I did not win."

"You won the war against the Icemarks- a war we have been in for fifteen years. Because of your wisdom, the dragon clan to the north came to help us in defeating our enemies."

"Yes, and at what price?" Andrew whispered. He stared straight into her eyes, hoping that she will see what his heart is bleeding to tell. "I lost you."

Amelia turned around and waved at the audience below her. They were chanting her name, the kingdom's name, and Andrew's.

"I can never forgive myself," Andrew said, waving at the audience as well, to show warmth and love to his people. His face was far from a smile though. "I sold you for the kingdom. As soon as I heard of the price for the dragons' help, I should have declined. Our king should have declined as well."

"I think you did a good job. I am only one person, Andrew. Just one. Icemarks would have continued killing and enslaving thousands of our people without the dragons help. My sacrifice to the dragon king's son is well worth-""I'm going to save you," Andrew blurted. He knew that wasn't what Amelia wanted to hear, but as soon as it came out, he didn't bother to retract it. It was the truth. "I'm not going to leave you alone to be taken away by dragons. Even if it goes against the king's word."

Amelia turned to Andrew, her gaze cold. "We are many things, Andrew: lovers, siblings, royalty. We switch what we are towards each other depending on what we feel like being. Today, and everyday after today, I am royalty. Nothing else."

Andrew glared at her before turning away. "So that is your choice. To forget whom we are for the sake of the kingdom, and to become Dragon's food."

Amelia laughed. "Hardly brother. The dragon's prince who I am to be taken to, I've heard, has no interest in humans as food."

"Oh that's good," Andrew said, rolling his eyes.

Amelia smiled. "Andrew, don't try to save me. I don't need saving."

"Then what do you need?"

Amelia smiled. "I need your kiss."

"You can have it, all of them. Every day. Just change your mind and stay with me."

Amelia sobbed. She held onto Andrew, her arms wrapped around his stomach. He placed his chin on her head and held her tightly to him.

They stayed like that for a while until the king hugged them as well. Amelia and Andrew paused, their breathing halting, as the king joined their hug. To the audience that was watching, it looked as if they were sharing a family bond moment. But to the children, it was a threat.

"My children. I have ignored it until now, but this must stop," the king whispered harshly. "Amelia, do not waver. Andrew, know now that this will not change. Do you want another war in our hands?"

The king let go and walked away, back into the castle and out of sight. Amelia let go of Andrew and smiled up at him.

Amelia gulped and turned away. "Dragons, Andrew! I'm going to be taken away from everyone I know by dragons. Talk about every princess' dream."

She walked away then, passing Puck who held out his hand to her, and leaving Andrew alone.

Andrew stood outside for a while before coming back inside, away from the sunlight, and into the dim lighted hall.

"Where are you going, Prince Andrew?" Puck asked. Andrew just nodded at him and walked away briskly, back into his room.

As soon as he locked the door, he slumped to the ground and cried. He hit the floor with a fist and looked up.

"God, my twin is leaving me," Andrew whispered. "My twin. What would you do now, now that this kingdom we have just saved from our enemies, would now fall into ruins because a half soul like mine will be running it?"

It was a blinding bright day. The castle shone with disarray, as the servants got ready for the ceremony that would take place that day.

The ceremony where Princess Amelia will be taken away by a dragon.

Andrew just walked around the hall in disgust, yelling at servants when he was rushing to get his job done. "What's wrong with you?" Andrew would yell. The servants and maids would stop what they were doing; sweat drops covering their face. "Are you in such a hurry to kick out your princess?"

"N-no your highness!" a particular young man stuttered. He was carrying a white gown, his nervous, tweaking fingers grasping it. Andrew rolled his eyes, grabbed the dress, and threw it over his shoulder. The man gasped and took a step forward, trying to grab it, but hesitated when the prince glared at him. "P-Prince Andrew. That dress, it's Princess Amelia's dress."

Andrew looked down at it and kicked it with his foot. "This is her dress?"

The man nodded, his fingers fidgeting with the button on his shirt. "Y-yes your highness. S-she has to wear it for today's c-ceremony."

Andrew stared at the man. "What's your name, servant?"

"J-Jasper, sir."

"Well, J-Jasper," Andrew said with a smirk. "Why are you giving our princess a wedding dress?"

Jasper looked up in shock, shaking his head. "N-never sir! It's j-just white. W-white dresses don't al-always mean weddings."

"Then why give her a white dress?" Andrew asked, his voice low into a growl. "Are we trying to give off an illusion that our princess is marrying into the dragon's kingdom?" When Jasper didn't answer, Andrew yelled for him to speak up. When he still didn't talk, Andrew let out a long sigh and waved him away.

Jasper bowed and reached down towards the dress, only to jump back in terror when Andrew growled.

"I told you to leave, not take that dress with you!"

Jasper whimpered, afraid of what to do. That was, until a voice behind them relieved him from his duties.

"Jasper, is this man tormenting you again?" Puck asked, his hands clapping together. He looked around at all the servants that have stopped to watch the scene. "Now people! We have dragons coming in a few minutes. We have to greet them with a smile!"

The crowd walked away in hushed whispers. Puck clasped Jasper's shoulder. "You may go, Jasper. Bring the dress with you."

Jasper bowed and hurried away before Andrew can continue.

"A white dress Puck? White?" Andrew said once they were alone. "What is the kingdom trying to say?"

"That it's like a political marriage, like any other," Puck answered, brushing off some lint on his shirt. "Prince Andrew, compared to worrying about Princess Amelia's attire, how about we focus on yours?"

Andrew looked down and blushed. "Sorry, I guess I wasn't thinking."

Puck nodded. "Yes, well, that's true. You just walked all over this castle in your underwear! Not exactly what we should be seeing."

Andrew just shook his head. "I'm out of it, sorry. This is just...going to be a hard day."

Puck patted his back and steered Andrew back towards his room. "Yes, well, sending your sister off with dragons doesn't sound appealing. You two are close; of course this would be harder on you than anyone else."

"What should I do, Puck? She doesn't want me to save her. She made that clear. She can't turn against the kingdom."

"Then just live with it and move on. You have a kingdom to help run. She already knows her job."

"Not you too. You're sounding just like my father." Puck smiled. "Well, that is what happens when the son is stubborn."

Andrew sighed and started to dress. The blue fabric was stiff, especially around his neck. He groaned, imagining having to wear it the whole day.

He turned to Puck who was waiting for him at the door as soon as he was done. He grunted, his head nodding as he glared the door down. "Let's go. And after the ceremony, let's go and get a few drinks. I'll need it."

"Yes, your highness."

The dragons were in human form. If it wasn't for their translucent eye colors and the wing printed on their backs, they would have blended well with the humans. But Andrew gives them prop for trying.

They were outside, not far from outside the kingdom's gates. The king has yet to waken up and his worried advisors decided to send Andrew to welcome them.

"And why should I act like this is a good thing?" Andrew asked Amelia who stood next to him. Her hair was up in a ponytail, drops of crystals splattered in her hair. She was wearing the white dress Andrew has thrown earlier, accompanied by a pearl necklace.

"For the kingdom," Amelia answered with a smile. "Just think of this as a political marriage, like everyone else is. It was bound to happen."

"But not with dragons," Andrew reminded her. She waved that off as if he just told her the weather outside was nice. Andrew pulled her back by her wrist, causing her to look back at him. "Why do you look a little too happy about this?"

Amelia laughed and tapped his nose. "Because I know how to act."

"Not funny Amelia. I'm serious. Do you want to get away from me that bad?"

"Of course not. I love you."

"Then stay."

"And leave my kingdom in ruins? I think not!" Amelia held on to his hand and swung it playfully, even though her voice was serious. "We saw how the dragons defeated our enemies. If we don't grant their wish, we will be the ones defeated.

"They stopped then and looked each other in the eyes, before turning around. They both had a smiled on their faces."

Welcome to Girre," Prince Andrew said. The dragons with their human faces smiled back and nodded."

Are we going to go through the pleasantries?" A dragon asked. He was wearing a black suit, his red hair slung back in a ponytail. His translucent blue eyes smiled at the twins. "I'd rather not."

Andrew smiled. "Where is Prince Kai? Surly, since he is the one who wants to make a permanent alliance, he should be here."

"He's in the back, where the garden is. He loves flowers."

"Is he in his normal form?" Andrew asked. He imagined a big, ugly beast making out with his flowers and shook his head.

"Human form. We believed it would be best," the dragon said. Andrew nodded and introduced Amelia.

"Pleasure," the dragon said. "Shall we start discussing the exchange?"

Andrew nodded. Yes, it seems they are skipping the pleasantries.

"Princess Amelia and King Dempsey will gladly talk to you in the king's cabin. Puck?" Andrew said. Puck steeped forward and led the way.

In the mean time, Andrew thought, I should go talk to our Prince Kai. He walked off to the gardens, his steps long and hard. He has heard rumors about Prince Kai, and they weren't pretty. Andrew has to make sure that if he was to leave his sister in his care, that he know that Andrew will run him down if he ever hears he touched Amelia.


The damn bastard lied.

Prince Kai was far from being in human form. Right in front of him was a blue dragon the size of the castle.