Twist of Daisy chapter 13

Andrew tossed a red apple in the air, catching it with both hands as it came down. He took a bite, the juicy zing refreshing.

It has been a week since Andrew's encounter with Prince Kai in the rice wine room. Since then, not once has he came across him but instead occupied his time by the many lessons Hideaki seemed to assign him. From following Sheena around to the other classes, to learning how to blend in with the dragons, Andrew hadn't thought much about Girre. Though he did wake up in cold sweat, reaching for his wig in the middle of the night every time he dreamt of Amelia's accusing glare as the words "why?" echo in his thoughts, even after he was fully awake.

Andrew took another bite. The crunchiness drowned out his thoughts as he chewed. Sheena followed closely behind, keeping a weary gaze at her new master.

Andrew turned to her and sunk his teeth into the apple. Sheena looked away, but kept her brisk pace as she tried to keep up with Andrew's long strides. Since a week ago, she vowed to Andrew that she wouldn't leave his side, That way, what happened between Hideaki and 'Amelia' would not happen again.

"I won't embarrass you anymore," she said, her head bowed one morning. "I'll be good. I promise."

At the time, Andrew just nodded, glad for her assertiveness. But now…it was getting annoying. Now that he had free time, he wanted to explore the palace. He had hoped to find a way back to Girre, but with Sheena just a few steps away, he could only walk the grounds and pretend to be sightseeing.

He sighed and turned back around, his eyebrows furrowed as he took another bite.


"What?" Andrew snapped. He stopped walking and sighed. Right…I'm Amelia. "What?" He asked again, but gentler.

"Don't you think it's strange? It's unusually noisy today," Sheena said, looking around. Andrew just shrugged, not really caring. So there are more maids gossiping at the corner of the rooms. As long as they disperse as soon as he comes near, it doesn't matter to him. "Do you think something happened?"

"Did you always talk?" Andrew asked. "I remembered you being quieter."

Sheena flinched but Andrew didn't care. Yeah, go run away. He thought. Then maybe I could be alone.

But Sheena just bowed with an apology on her lips and continued to follow Andrew around. Andrew stretched his neck.

They walked around, Andrew watching Sheena from the corner of his eyes. She looked at the ground. Her eyebrows came together, her mouth lined into a concentrated frown.

Ah, Andrew thought, finally understanding. She's not following me, but my feet.

That gave him an idea.

Andrew looked around, smiling when he spot a group of girls. He walked toward them, handing the apple he was eating to a servant to throw away. Andrew smiled at the girls and gave a slight nod, as they returned it with a deeper bow. He weaved himself around the girls, talking to them as pleasantly as he could.

When he finally walked away, he ran behind a corner of the building and glanced back.

His plan worked.

He was alone, as Sheena who was so preoccupied following another lady's silver-gray kimono, identical to Andrew's.

Andrew sighed and walked away, not feeling the least guilty leaving Sheena behind. She was being a pest.

He walked around, a new sense of freedom flying on his shoulders. He sighed, a smile on his face as he stretched.

At that moment he heard giggles that seemed to be directed at him, followed by a girl hushing them. Andrew bowed his head.

"Airi-sama," Andrew said, smiling at the woman before him. She just bowed back, her brown eyes flickering up at him. "What brings you here?"

The woman in the golden kimono, offset by the green gems on her forehead, didn't say anything. Like always, she just hid her face behind her paper fan. Andrew just continued to smile.

Lantana Adira Nasya Airi. Andrew didn't know much about her, but he recognized her as the woman Sheena seemed to be afraid of when he went to have dinner with Kai the first day at the Dragon Kingdom. He had asked Sheena who she was when Kai had refused to answer, blistered by his own self esteem, but Sheena did not seem willing to say much, other than that Airi-sama was an important guest of the emperor. After meeting Lantana again on occasions whenever she passed by his classroom door, he could understand why Sheena hesitated; although Lantana did not talk, when she did her voice was icy, complement to her drained out brown eyes. It was as if a ghost was speaking to you, seeing right through to your soul.

Andrew glanced at the maids that followed behind Lantana. Dull, boring creatures with plain washed white clothes. Although Andrew has only been around the palace for a while, he knew just based on Lantana's followers, that Lantana herself wasn't as pretty in the inside as she looks. Most royalty would have their maids dress just as beautiful, a privilege for working within the palace- even Sheena was dressed more appropriate in comparison to the girls with Lantana.

He could feel Lantana's gaze on him, seizing him up. Her eyes narrowed behind her fan. Andrew looked back at her. Her bow was nothing more than head nod before she walked passed Andrew without a second glance. Andrew just watched her leave until she turned the corner. The last he saw was Lantana's maids walking gallantly behind.

He scratched his head. What a strange girl.

Andrew turned around and noticed a door to the left of him. He looked around. Everyone seemed to be rushing around the palace. It really was extraordinarily loud...but this also meant no one would be bothered or even notice 'Amelia' entering the room.

He put his hand on the door handle. When no one yelled at him to stop, he opened it slightly, slipping through the crack and closing it shut behind him.

Andrew didn't know where he was. It seemed like a storage area, books placed on uneven bookshelves and loose papers skittering the ground as Andrew walked by. He thumbed through the papers and dust, rubbing his fingers together. He sneezed.

He trailed his finger along the spine of the books, the character of the title strange to him. Was it another form of Nadya?

He took out the closest book, and flipped through it. He couldn't understand the writing but he understood the gist of it from the rough sketches. There were pictures of humans.

"Must be lessons about the human race," Andrew muttered, water-falling the pages before closing it shut. He placed it back on the shelf and grabbed another book.

Andrew flipped through it. This time the pictures showed humans killing each other savagely. Page after page there seemed to be even worst images portraying humans as inhumane and monstrous. Babies were left out in the cold. Little boys and girls the shape as a toothpick as older gentlemen walked by with fat stomachs and rich clothing. By the last page, it showed a pile of humans on the ground, empty bowls in their hands and blood from their wounds.

He closed the book, but didn't put it away.

It was horrible.

Was this what the kingdom was teaching their children dragons? That humans are uncaring creatures that let the poor be poorer, and the rich doesn't do a thing to help.

He threw the book against the wall. What else was there?

He reached for the books. Whether it was the force he displayed when pulling a book out of its case, or because the spine was old and beaten, but the book fell apart and landed on the floor with a thump.

Andrew squatted down. He was going to pick the book up, but instead he just stared at it, his head in his hands, the book kissing the ground.

Horrible, Andrew thought, the pulse of his hand against his closed eyes beating.

A sneeze.

Andrew looked up, curiously. Was someone watching him?

Another sneeze, this time followed by a cough.

Andrew stood up and walked around the room. There really was no place for someone to hide behind. So where...?

He looked over at the window that was at the opposite side of the door. Slowly, he crept to it and leaned his forearms on the ledge. He looked down.

"What are you doing?" Andrew asked. Kai looked up, a finger against his lips. Andrew sighed, resting his head. "Are you the reason everyone is loud today?"

Kai smiled up at Andrew. He reached up and before Andrew could say or do anything, Kai pulled Andrew out from the window. He came crashing down, the end of his kimono tangling between his legs.

"What the hell are you-" Andrew said as soon as he caught his breath, but was caught off by Kai's hand over his mouth.

"Not so loud," Kai whispered. He stood up and peered over the bush that concealed them. He sat back down, withdrawing his hand and sighed. "Thank God."

"What are you doing here?" Andrew asked. "Everyone is looking for you!"

Kai looked at him and smiled. "And you found me. Want a prize?"

Andrew was about to tell him to suck it, but stopped. I should take the offer, even if it is a joke. "Sure. Want to take me home?"

Kai's smile widened. "Ah. But you are home."

"The Dragon Kingdom is not my home."

"It is now," Kai said. "So now, your prize is void."


Andrew stood up. "Everyone! I found the prince! He's right over-"

Kai yanked on Andrew's arm, pulling him back down. He pinned Andrew to the ground. Kai looked at Andrew who struggled underneath him, eyes wide. "Are you crazy?"

"The crazy one is you. Get off me!"

Kai put a hand over Andrew's mouth. He smirked. "You like me having my hands on you, don't you?"

Andrew narrowed his eyes. Kai yelped. Kai pulled his hand away and examined his hand. He looked at Andrew, showing Andrew his red palm. "You bite me."

"And it was disgusting," Andrew said. Andrew sat up, but his legs were still pinned down. He thought about wrestling his way out, but that wasn't very lady-like for Amelia. Plus, against a dragon's strength? Andrew's struggle would look like child's play. "I'm going to scream again if you don't get off me."

"Then I'll just find another way to make you shut up."

"Sexual harassment," Andrew warned him, his voice flat.

Kai looked at him and sighed. "Fine. I was just messing around. Don't have to get all serious about it."

Andrew sat up, shivering. Disgusting. He could still feel Kai's body warmth on him. He stood. I don't care anymore, he thought, brushing the grass off him. Just walk away. Leave the others to search for this freak.

Kai held Andrew's hand. "Where are you going?"

Andrew looked down at him, a frown on his face. "Who cares?"

"Are you going to tell on me?"

Andrew just looked at him. Like a little kid, Andrew thought.

"No. I don't care what type of trouble you are in. I'm leaving."

Kai smiled and let go. "You sure you don't want to stay here with me? You don't have any lessons today. Lets play."

"And why would I want to play with you?"

"Because you find me gorgeous," Kai said. Andrew whacked him on the head. Kai laughed and pulled Andrew down toward him. Unable to free himself from Kai's grasp, he sat down.

For a while they said nothing. Andrew just stared at Kai's goofy smile, as if just sitting here doing nothing was the greatest adventure one could ever have. Andrew sighed. "What are you hiding from anyways?"

"Ah," Kai said. He turned to Andrew. "Lessons."

What? Andrew thought. He stood up, but this time dragging Kai from his wrist. "You're stupid!"

"Come on," Kai pleaded. "You ran away when you had classes."

"I had a good reason!"

Kai yanked his hand away. Andrew turned around, arms crossed. Kai stood his ground. "I have a good reason too."

Andrew's eyes narrowed with a smirk on his face.

"You don't think I'm going to have you run around the palace without the proper education, do you?" Andrew leaned in. "I don't know how you were taught, but back in Girre, the way you're acting right now would be a disgrace."

Hideaki smiled at Andrew who was holding onto Kai's elbow. "I see you found him, Princess."

Kai was making it difficult to walk, dragging his feet behind him with his arms crossed, but Andrew just smiled pleasantly. "I am glad to contribute to our future king's success."

Kai barked a laugh but stopped when Andrew jabbed him with his elbow. Hideaki chuckled. "Yes. Well, I am glad to have you here, Amelia-sama. Without you, Kai would have missed another lesson with Kaito-sensei."

"Kaito-sensei?" Andrew asked. He reached out and pulled Kai back, who had taken that chance to try and sneak away.

"Yes," Hideaki said. "He teaches the dragons to control their shape shifting powers."

"I see," Andrew said. "So I take it I'll never met him."

"If it wasn't for your help today, probably not. You're a human. No need to go to Kaito-sensei."

Andrew blinked. Hideaki just smiled. Did Hideaki get taught what those books said? Did he mention I was a human as some sort of jibe?

"Do you mind if I watch?" Andrew asked.

Kai looked at him, eyes wide. "No! Absolutely not. I forbid-"

"Of course, Amelia-sama," Hideaki answered. Andrew smiled.

"Thank you," Andrew said. He followed Hideaki into a building. Or...Andrew was sure he walked into a building. He definitely went through double doors, but once inside, it looked more like an open spaced arena, matted with dirt and sand.

In the middle was a tall man. He looked young with white hair pulled into a ponytail. He smiled at the group and motioned for Kai to walk forward. Kai did, and hugged the man.

That must be Kaito-sensei, Andrew thought, following Hideaki to the open seats at the edge of the stadium. He watched Kai as he talked to Kaito-sensei, too far to hear, but close enough to see Kai's laughter in his eyes and the furrowed brows as he tried to understand what exactly Kaito-sensei was asking for. After a while, Kaito-sensei stepped back. Hideaki stood up.

"Excuse me, Amelia-sama," he said. Andrew nodded. Hideaki glowed and then he jumped, his body transforming into a red dragon with a hard hammer-shaped tail. Andrew blocked the sand from getting into his eyes with his arm. When he could no longer feel Hideaki's presence next to or above him, Andrew opened his eyes. Before him were three dragons.

Hideaki was flying next to a silver beast with golden eyes. They seem to be discussing something with each other, their roars and loud grunts echoing. A blue dragon was looking up at them- Kai- and tried to fly up to them, but the silver dragon opened its mouth and blew out ice chunks at him. The red dragon laughed and roared at Kai.

Not until you change back, Andrew guessed, watching Kai walk around on his hind legs, his eyes squeezed shut in concentration. Andrew laughed along with Kaito-sensei when he spat another round of ice chunks.

Man, if only he had some popcorn.

Andrew sat back and watched the show, his throat tickling with delight. What a harsh way to teach someone- "learn, otherwise you'll be killed."

"Brings back old memories," a voice next to Andrew laughed. Andrew jumped and turned around. When did he get here? The man looked at Andrew, his brown eyes twinkling. "I'm surprised Kai-sama has been able to keep his human form for so long. It must be the magic around the palace. Only in this place would he be unable to return to his human form."

"There's a magic ward?" Andrew asked. The man nodded. He leaned back in his chair, propping his feet up.

"For convenience sake," the man answered. "It's hard walking around in such a huge form. So to conserve their personal energy, there's a barrier around the palace that forces its citizens to keep their human form." He looked at Andrew, a slanted smile on his face. "You're new here."

Andrew smiled. "Yes. I'm Prince...ess Amelia, from the kingdom of Girre." He held out his hand. The man shook it. Andrew was a bit glad that the man wasn't 'proper' in this instance; he didn't want the man to kiss his hand with his fat lips.

"Name's Samuel Eddington, S.J for short."

Andrew laughed. "Nowhere in your name is there a J."

"S.J for space jumper. Also called T.T for time traveler," Samuel said. Andrew's eyebrow rose. "I used to be Kai-sama's tutor on the history of Dragon."

"I haven't seen you around," Andrew said. A crashing noise was heard. Andrew turned around just in time to see Kai yanking out some ice crystals from his leg, growling up at Kaito-sensei. Seemed like a battle, than a lesson on shape shifting, Andrew thought.

"Haven't been around," S.J said. "Been to the East, where another dragon needed help with his new princess."

"There is no dragon to the east."

"Not in this space time, there isn't," S.J winked. "But over at the East in another's funny. I never thought Jamel would be into boy princesses."

"Boy princesses?" Andrew asked, trying to keep his tone lighthearted. No. Is there really a dragon that took a boy as his princess?

S.J nodded. "Met him once, when delivering some books. He was asleep though, so when talking to Jamel, he told me all about him. Krystale Bail. Cute little boy."

Andrew repositioned his sitting and looked at Samuel. What S.J was wasn't a lie, was it? He actually went to another space, another universe. And his nickname, T.T...does that mean he could really go through time? Could he go to the past and change the future?

Before he could ask, a gush of wind blew. Andrew reached up and held his wig, making sure it didn't slip off.

Andrew stood up when the wind stopped, and leaned over the railing in front of him. "What happened?"

Samuel just laughed. "Kai got beat up, that's what."

Kai, who was on the ground hunched over right below Andrew, shook his head as he tried to get the sand out of between his scales. Andrew just watched the beast roar in pain, the sound vibrating against Andrew's skull. Andrew clasped his hands over his ears.

S.J winked at Andrew before jumping down into the arena. Andrew reached out for him- S.J may be a space jumper, but he does not look able to hold off a dragon. But he missed and all he could do was watch S.J go on his knees and tease Kai.

Kaito-sensei and Hideaki looked at each other and started their slow descend, transforming back into their human shapes. Andrew just watched, eyes wide.

How strange it was to see them transform from monstrous creatures to weak spine humans.

Kaito-sensei reached down, touching a red button Andrew didn't realize was there at first. Kai's round, glowing eyes shrunk. Hair sprouted on his head and his roar turned into a soft yelp.

S.J held his hand out for Kai, which he took. They hugged.

"Still a boy, I see," S.J said. Kai laughed. "Should I take the harness off?"

"And have no way to bring me back to human form?" Kai said. "No. It's fine."

Kai looked over at Andrew then, who was just watching from the sidelines. He motioned for Andrew to come forward, but Andrew shook his head.

Kai shrugged and continued his conversation, sparks of laughter erupting every now and then.

Andrew sat down, hand covering his mouth, thinking back to what just happened.

This is it, Andrew thought. This is my way back to Girre.

He eyed the harness; the red button seemed to glow and grew in size although it looked no different. He glanced at S.J whose winkles deepened around the eyes when he laughed.

I have my weapon.