Twist of Daisy chapter 3

Andrew walked in, confident that no one would recognize him. How could they? After he put on the dress and the wig in Amelia's room, and then even after looking in the mirror, he could barely tell it wasn't him. He just looked so much like his sister.

Of course, it also helped that they were twins.

"Princess," a voice behind him called. Andrew froze. Shoot, he thought. He held his breath, trying to think. How would Amelia act when suddenly approached?

Andrew turned around, a gentle smile on his face as he tried to replicate what Amelia always did. His lips twitch and his fingers dug into his palm, trying to stay calm. "Yes?"

The man smiled, his bald forehead wrinkling. Andrew recognized him as one of the generals from the war. He was the quiet type during the war meetings, barely giving any comments. He always looked nervous with a weary smile, tapping the table. Sometimes he would stand up and everyone would look at him expectantly, only to see him sit back down and close up. But on the field, he worked wonders. Unlike the other generals Andrew came across, he was able to maneuver his army in a moments notice. If something changed, and the plan went astray, General Mack was able to solve it.

Andrew smiled, relaxing. General Mack was smart, but he wasn't very good at dealing with royalty as well as he was with his soldiers. Even if Andrew acted like himself, the general would still think it was very 'princess-like' and wouldn't see the difference. "General Mack, thank you so much for coming to greet me."

The general looked flustered but then nodded, wiping his hand against his trouser.

"Thank you, Princess, for letting me be the one to escort you," he pulled out a pocket watch from his pants pocket, opening it with his thumb and glanced down. He smiled and looked back at Andrew as he stuffed the watch back. "It's midnight, Princess."

Andrew looked at him, confused. Alright, it was midnight. So what?

Andrew just nodded and kept his smile. General Mack, taking it as understanding, held out his arm for Andrew to hold. Andrew took it.

He smiled at General Mack and then turned his head away. Where am I being taken to?

They passed by, the King nodding toward Andrew, holding his glass of wine up before bringing it to his lips for a sip. Andrew just glared at him and kept walking with Mack.

"Prince Kai seems like a nice fellow," Mack said, making conversation as he lead Andrew to the balcony. Andrew held his tongue, trying not to blurt his disgust. Because…that wasn't what Amelia would do. No, she would take the insults, the contradictory things people say, the pain and sadness. She would ignore it all, placing the kingdom above her feelings.

At this moment, she wouldn't call General Mack an imbecile with no sense of real judgment. A man that flirts with whatever brainless idea he comes up with. The little twit.

Mack stopped then and smiled dreamily into Andrew's eyes. Andrew wanted to gag.

God, was this how he looked at Andrew's sister? When did Andrew ever think he was an honest man?

"Princess," Mack said, holding onto Andrew's hands. He patted it gently. "I wish you well on your journey. I haven't seen Andrew ever since he talked to Duke Stewart, but I am sure he wishes you well."

Andrew forced a smile on his face. This fool. Amelia will never leave for the dragons. Not if I can help it. "Thank you General. I will do whatever I can to help the kingdom."

Mack nodded and let go of his hands. "So I've heard…only if the prince was the same."

Andrew narrowed his eyes. "The prince was the one who saved the kingdom from utter collapse."

"And yet there are rumors floating that Prince Andrew does not accept the Dragon Kingdom's request."

Andrew turned away, too infuriated to look at the man. "Prince Andrew is a good man, willing to show how much he loves me. Really, I'm quite happy knowing he wants me to stay, unlike everyone else in the kingdom."

"Not at all, Princess!" Mack said, trying to make up for his mistake. Andrew was seething, but now it was mostly to himself for stating his own opinion than saying what Amelia would say, but Mack saw it differently. He assumed the princess was hurt that everyone was happy she would leave. "You must know by now that everyone in the kingdom loves your Royal Highness. We find you brave and inspirational to think so highly of all of us, even at the risk of your own happiness."

Andrew smirked. "Then perhaps I should stay after all."

"Y-your highness?" Mack said, startled by the change. Andrew blinked, realizing his mistake.

Andrew waved toward the balcony, trying to change the subject. "Why did you escort me here, General?"

General Mack relaxed again and smiled. "Prince Kai asked me to bring you. Very important, he said."

Andrew looked outside. There was nobody on the balcony. Is Prince Kai going to make me wait for him? Andrew thought, turning his head away, jeering.

"Thank you General," Andrew said. Mack smiled and motioned for Andrew to enter. Andrew did, and the glass doors closed behind him.

Andrew leaned down on the railing, sighing. This was harder than he thought. Good thing he wouldn't have to do this for long. Just need to talk to Prince Kai, have "Princess Amelia" decline going with the dragons, and go back to being Andrew. So what if that meant there will be another war? By the time the troops set up again, Andrew would have already whisked Amelia away to another country, abandoning their identity.

But where the hell was Prince Kai? Wasn't he the one who asked to see Amelia? Well, here she was.

"Prince Kai," He taunted. Andrew held out his arms, walking around. When there was no answer, he dropped his arms.

Insolent dragon.

Andrew was even more determined to make sure Amelia never get in the hands of Kai, not with his rude behavior. Who lets Princess Amelia wait? Was there no respect for the Girre Kingdom?

It was then he heard a thump behind him, as if something fell from the roof. Andrew did not turn around, already realizing who it was.

"Sorry to make you wait, Princess," Prince Kai said, walking gallantly toward Andrew. He stroked Andrew's hair and kissed it. "I was just on the roof, watching the stars and thought it would be nice if you joined me."

Andrew rested his chin on his hand and looked down over the balcony. Carriages were being pulled up along the roads, young women drunk from the night laughing as they made their way inside their carriages.

"There are no stars out," Andrew said nonchalant, glancing at Kai. "And don't touch me."

Prince Kai let go and stood next to Andrew, looking down as well before leaning his head against his hand, looking at Andrew.

Andrew looked bored, not wanting to interact. While Amelia was trying hard to be in good company with Kai the whole day, Andrew knew that for his plan to work, he has to make Amelia look disinterested in going.

"Humans are strange creatures, aren't they?" Prince Kai mused, watching Andrew's reaction. Andrew scoffed, his lips pulling up in a smirk.

"At least humans do not ask for slaves, unlike certain animals," Andrew said. He stood up and looked at Kai who stared at him, eyebrows raised. Andrew sized Kai up, tracing his eyes up his body. How disgusting- taking in a human form that would naturally be called 'pretty,' while every other human have to deal with how they naturally look like. That was cheating.

"If you think I'm asking you to be my slave…"

Andrew shook his head. "Did I say it was you?"

Kai just stared at him, head tilted. He combed his black hair back with his fingers, revealing more fully his gray blue eyes. Andrew gulped. What am I doing? Loath them, sure, but don't get killed just because you have to make a retort.

Kai grabbed Andrew's chin, jerking Andrew toward him. Andrew grunted as Kai searched Andrew's face. Kai moved Andrew's head side to side sharply.

Finally, enough with being manhandled, Andrew pushed Kai's arm away. "Didn't I say not to touch me?"

Kai backed off, confused by the outburst. He stared at Andrew's fuming face. Then he smiled and turned away, leaning onto his arms over the rail. "No wonder you two are siblings."

"What?" Andrew snapped.

"You two look alike. Andrew and you," Kai turned to face Andrew and smirked. "Because of your sudden change of personality I thought perhaps…but no. I don't think Andrew would come out wearing a dress."

Andrew's eyes glowered. How dare he? How dare this…thing, speak this way?

"It's Prince Andrew to you, you buffoon!" Andrew yelled. "And don't you dare call him otherwise."

Kai just crossed his arm. "I did not mean to offend, Amelia. But really, seeing how we are all royalty, I do not see why we should use such titles."

Andrew narrowed his eyes, his hands in a fist to his side. He's right. I'm Amelia right now. I have to calm down, Andrew thought.

"I'm sorry, Kai," Andrew said, trying to mix in a sweet voice. It was hard, but he could feel his mind clearing, remembering why he was doing all this.

Kai smiled, satisfied. "And really, being called a buffoon is harsh, isn't it?"

Andrew laughed. "But you are. Only a buffoon wouldn't be able to control his powers."

Kai frowned. "Andrew told you?"

"I know everything. About how he found you in the garden, expecting your human form but instead, he saw you as a dragon crushing almost all of our flowers. And then, how it turns out that you do not have control over your human form, thus the change," Andrew smiled; he was glad to have the upper hand again. "Really. It got me to question why I should come to the Dragon Kingdom, with a beast that has the magic level of a five year old."

Kai just looked at Andrew, face emotionless, but Andrew did not retract his remark. It was a legit statement. Plus, there was a change of plan. Andrew knew his limits, and so he knew he couldn't control his temper, especially with this man before him. So, instead of convincing Kai to let Amelia stay, he would just make Kai hate her.

Andrew smiled, happy that he finally has everything under control.

But then Kai laughed and grabbed Andrew's wrist, pulling Andrew toward him. Andrew, confused, tried to struggle out of his grasp, but it was pointless. After seeing the way the dragons defeated the Icemarks, Andrew should have known he was no match against a dragon's strength.

"Okay, I decided," Kai said. He looked down at Andrew, who had a scowl on his face. Kai smiled. "I like you."

Andrew let out a skeptical chortle. "Well, I hate you."

"I don't see why. I have done everything Hideaki said to do," Kai said. "He told me to treat you as if you can think for yourself, to flatter you constantly since women like that, and to make sure every one of your friends are jealous of you for being with me. Did I not do a good job winning your heart?"

Andrew stared at him, dumbfounded. He had so many words that were swimming in his mind to use on Kai, he couldn't even pick which words would be better over the other, all of which that went along with the line of calling him an egotistic moron.

Kai took his silence as a yes and picked Andrew up, holding him like a bride. "Should we go?"

Andrew's eyes widen. "No, we shall not go! Put me down now!"

But Kai ignored him and jumped off the balcony. Andrew held on tight, not wanting to die. Kai smirked at how Andrew held on.

"Your chest is pretty flat," Kai commented. Andrew didn't say anything, but held on even tighter as the drop accelerated. But Andrew couldn't help but roll his eyes and thought, No kidding dumb ass. "Don't worry. Once you get to my kingdom, it'll grow."

Before Andrew can make a remark, Kai's body glowed. Andrew couldn't do anything but stare as Kai's body grew longer and fatter, Kai's arm turning into blue scales. Kai's face extended, his nose flattening into his new skin.

Kai was a dragon now, towering over a quarter of the castle. He looked down at Andrew who just stared up speechless. Kai's big, glossy eyes winked. "Welcome to the Kai express. Next stop: Dragon Kingdom."