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"Let me whisper in your ear – say the words you long to hear"

"I need you Jackie, I need you!"

Jackie Stevens threw the covers away from her body and groaned when she heard the masculine voice of her best friend. Other times it would have made her laugh, smile and just simply become happy. She couldn't explain it but her lips would stretch into a smile and a bubble of laughter would escape her mouth. But this time was not one of them. Oh no way Jose.

Theodor Wild was and always had been her best friend. Ever since they were six. She remembered clearly the day she met Theodor. She was walking to the bathroom in school when she had heard a collision from behind the door at the end of the hall. Instincts told her to back off and run like no tomorrow - after all, she was just six years old and at that time, an unfamiliar noise could indicate the Boogie man - but on that day, she was feeling brave and a little bit naive.

Okay, she was feeling very naive.

She had walked to the door that had the number, "198" on it and opened, with slowness and a lot of hesitation. Oh, she was afraid alright. She wasn't sure what she was expecting - the Snow Man perhaps? Or someone doing the dirty in there and didn't want anybody to see. Jackie was one of the unfortunate kids that had walked in on their parents. She understood why they had the door shut closed because what they were doing was disgusting.

And because it had happened the day before, her mind was still full of gross pictures. All her mother said to her when she walked in Jackie's room that night, was "It's something adults do..." And then there was the awkward pause. "...for fun."

And before Jackie could pester her mom with questions, her mom ran out of the room faster than Jackie could have said, "Whaaa'?"

But what she wasn't expecting, when she opened the door was that there would be a blond haired boy, standing on top of the table and throwing papers around. The whole room looked like a mess; papers scattered everywhere, and words that she couldn't quite pronounce were written on the walls, crayons were thrown around in that direction and this.

But what really got her attention, was the short blond standing on the table - he looked to be her age, though she had never seen him in her classes. He immediately stopped when he saw her and let his hands hang by his sides. His hair was curly and long, coming to his shoulders. He had quite and big cheekbones, pink - pink! - lips and freckles on his nose. And the nose was small, plump you could say.

Big dark green eyes looked at her with curiosity and he smiled. Or she thinks he was trying to smile, because his lips were kind of shaky and stretching. And the very first thing that came out of his lips was, "You wanna help me?"

And of course, Jackie had to agree. She had nodded her head like a crazy person and immediately found something to throw. Why she was doing it, she couldn't understand or why it was so fun. And they did that, in five minutes until something caught her eye. "What does it say on the wall? What does it mean?" She had asked, feeling a bit insecure because she couldn't read that well.

The blond here boy jumped down and walked towards her. He looked towards the wall and then at her. "Oh that? It means thank you...in Italian." And then he grabbed her hand and started walking towards the direction of the door. "Now come on, we gotta get out of here before somebody catches us."

And that was the start of their relationship.

They had grown up together, watched each other grow from child to teenager. And they had even walked together on the first day of high school. Nothing had come in between them, even if they fought sometimes, they couldn't stay mad at each other for more than three days. And now here they were, first year in college. She had been so happy when they got accepted to the same college.

If it wasn't for the fact that he now - after the first semester - had gotten the Chicken Pox. A very bad case of it too.

So he needed her help - no, more like demanded her help - and she was there for him. So she stayed often at his apartment, just outside the college instead of the apartment she shared with a red-haired chick.

"I'm coming!" She yelled back, walking towards his room and opening the door. "What do you want?"

He was under the covers - hiding in embarrassment, as he'd liked to say - and she heard him mumble, "I thought you were dead, I just needed to know. You were too...quiet. I just thought you died or something."

"Because I made no sound, you thought I was dead?" She arched an eyebrow but then added quickly, "You know, don't answer that. I was just resting. I've been takin' care of this brat of a boy, you know."

"Sounds like your kind." Was his reply and she snorted. "Well, go back then, I want to sleep."

So she did, closing the door behind her and muttering, "Ungrateful brat" in the progress. The very first thing she did when she came back to the living room was jump on the couch and turn on the television. Call her an addict if you want to, but she loved and couldn't miss her daily dose of "Home And Away".

And after five or ten minutes of watching the people in Summer Bay, she heard the apartment door opened and she looked up to see him walk in. And he wasn't alone either. Her stomach suddenly turned warm and it decided to do summersaults all in one. Her treacherous heart decided to beat a little bit faster than usually and she suddenly felt her throat dry up.

He - he was the reason for these emotions...and she hated him for it.

Tommy Wild was the reason for her stomach turning in knots and her heart beating fast. Theodor's brother. Because she'd been Theo's best friend since first grade, she also had to meet Tommy in the progress. He was a year older than her and when she first met him, she thought he looked like an ogre. He had been wearing all black and he had looked at her up and down. All he said was, "I can't believe you're friends with a girl Theo." Of course, this was addressed to Theodor. "And she's so...girl-ish."

He was only seven and of course, since she was wearing a pink t-shirt, he immediately thought she was a bimbo. Even though she was just six! - she truly didn't understand the mind work of Tommy wild - and she doubted she'd ever be able to.

She hadn't liked him the very first day. Of course she hadn't. He'd offended her and then later on ignored her like she was a fly on the wall. How in earth Theodor and Tommy could be related was a mystery to her. While Theodor was loud and social, Tommy was quiet and withdrawn. While Theodor was nice to mostly everybody, Tommy would immediately lash out on the people he didn't like. While Theodor was sweet and funny, Tommy was just...Tommy.

No, it was the later years, when she hit puberty that she started to like him. Or started having a crush on him. When she was two weeks away from becoming fifteen, she noticed how good he smelled when he walked past her. She noticed how piercing his blue eyes were. How soft his dark hair looked. How strong and firm his jaw was. How tall he had become - towering over both her and Theo - and how manly he was. She started noticing little things, like how he would always laugh of "Friends" when it was on the TV. Of how he would rub his jaw when he was thinking - as if he had hair there - and how passionate he looked when he talked about his favorite thing - cars.

At first, it was just a small fluttering in her heart. At first, her heart would speed up just the teeniest bit. She would want to lean down and rest her head on his broad shoulder when they were sitting next to each other. And when he looked to be upset - which happened a lot - she wanted to go over to him and comfort him. And the biggest thing of all - she wanted to kiss him. Oh, how she wanted to kiss those lips. They looked to be soft, sweet.

And when she realized she had a crush on him - she panicked. Fully out panicked. She didn't tell Theodor - oh, God no - and she tried to suppress it. So she ignored her feelings...most of the times and kept them to herself. This was weird, since she shared everything with Theo. But this...this was too personal. And when he went away for college, her feelings...well, they didn't go away but they were easier to ignore. In high school, she didn't date. How could she when all she wanted was him?

But she hung out with her friends and had her share of fun.

And then she went away to college with Theodor - and behold, there was he. The stupid side of her forgot that he went to the same college she was going to attend. And of course, since his family was loaded, he had his own apartment outside of school. And Theo was going to live there - which meant that she had to see him...many times. And old feelings popped up faster than she could have imagined.

His hair was all over the places when he walked inside the apartment - the living room was right beside it - and his eyes locked with him. Jackie noticed how good he looked, in his tattered jeans and black sweatshirt. He had a piercing on his left eyebrow which made him look like a bad boy. A thing that totally worked for him. Everything about him was dark and was basically screaming, "I'm a bad boy, come and do me!"

When he leaned down to whisper something to the girl beside him, that's when Jackie took a full notice of her. The girl was petite and had long brown hair. Her face was small and her lips round. Her nose was sort of long and slightly crooked. She was wearing a blue tunica and black tights. The girl wasn't ugly, but she was indeed normal. What does he see in her? Jackie thought as the girl walked past her, muttering a small, "hi".

She wasn't anything beautiful either. She was tall though, maybe a little too tall for a girl. She didn't have an athletic body - hamburgers and cheese was her thing - but she had a normal body. With fat but not too much. And not too little. She was just normal. While the other girl had looked a fair skin, Jackie was brown. Because she was African American not because she went to tanning salons. He could never be interested in her – he wasn't into normal looking girls.

But the thing that happened yesterday...she shivered just thinking about it.

"Why you here all the time?" Tommy asked, distracting her from her thoughts. She turned to looked at him and sat up straighter when she did so. "Don't you have your own place?"

"I'm here because your brother needs me to be here," She retored, ingoring the stab of hurt she felt. And then she arched an eyebrow. "Why, you wanna watch after him all day long?"

He acted like he was thinking it through. "Eh, no you're right. I wouldn't wanna do it."

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For admitting that I'm right and you're wrong."

He raised an eyebrow. "You welcome...?" And then he shook his head like he thought she was stupid. "How's Theo doing?"

"Why don't you go and see it for yourself?"

"Thanks but I'd rather pass." Was his immediate response. He frowned. "'You think I wanna get the Chicken Pox?"

"Poor Teddy," She said, wiping a fake tear off her cheek. "His brother thinks he's a freak and don't wanna be near him."

"Why you keep calling him that?"

"Oh, you mean Teddy?" She said and stood up and walked to the kitchen. She suddenly felt thirsty. He was quick to walk behind her. "I call him that because he is my teddy bear, that's why." She said, opening the fridge and taking out the juice. Like the rest of them, she drank straight from the box. And then she placed it inside the fridge again.

"You guys are weird." Tommy said but his smile told her he was only joking. But her mind was too distracted to actually care if he was joking with her or not. He doesn't remember, she thought angrily, he doesn't remember.

"So, what did you do yesterday?" She asked, turning around. Inside, she hoped that he would give her the answer she wanted. "Anything interesting perhaps?"

Tommy ran a hand through his hair. "No, I was pretty wasted so I don't remember a shit." He smiled, like he was thinking about something. "The only thing I remember is getting inside that bar and then...nothing. Everything's a black hole of shit."

"So you don't remember anything...anything at all?"

"Nope, should I?" And before she could reply, a loud noise came from Tommy's room. A crash or something.

"Tell your girlfriend to be quiet, Teddy is finally asleep."

"She's not my girlfriend." He said it so simply that she wanted to believe him. Oh so badly. "What made you think that?"

"Oh, so you randomly pick up girls from the street?" Jackie asked, placing her hands on her hips. "What are you, a manwhore?"

He smirked at her - and damn it if he didn't look good doing so. "Why, you feelin' jealous?"

Yes, her mind screamed, I am jealous you dumbass! But instead her she smiled and said, "Of someone who randomly picks up girls? Puh-lease, give me a break honey." And just because he frowned, she had to add, "I have more self respect than that."

"Whatever," He said and stopped talking all together. And then he walked out of the kitchen and to the living room and turned on the television. What about the girl? But she couldn't care less about the ho because she was feeling riled up.

It irritated her that she was the only one who remembered yesterday. She knew that he was wasted but she thought - she hoped - that he would be able to get a glimpse of what happened. Because to her, it was all too vivid. She remembered it like it happened two minutes ago. She had been sitting on the couch, watching television after she had given Theo sleeping pills. When she had heard the door being opened, she had looked up and saw Tommy walk inside the door. His eyes were glazed and looked to be dizzy.

So of course, she stood up and asked him what had happened.

"Too much to drink," Was his reply and he leaned onto her. His breath smelled of alcohol and smoke. It tickled her skin and she had to fight the urge to shiver. Then she half-carried him to the couch and because he was too big, they both landed on the couch. Him on top of her with a big thump.

Thankfully he had managed to support himself on his elbow but he was still too close for comfort. She could feel every part of her body covered with his, his breath - alcohol and everything - tickling her lips, just a little bit above his. His thighs were pressed snugly with her, her breasts touching his stomach. Everybody of her felt like it was on fire, everybody of her felt ultra sensitive. Like she could feel when he moved a little bit. But the thing was...he wasn't moving.

He just kept on leaning in and in, till his lips crashed with her. At first she couldn't think. She only felt. She felt the way his lips were moving instantly over hers. How good it was. How the butterflies were...flying and the knots in her stomach were turning...almost painfully hard. And let's not even talk about her heart. She hadn't understood why it hadn't' come off her chest. She added pressure and kissed him with everything that she had because this was something she didn't want to let go.

Even with his alcohol breath, he was magnificent. He kept on kissing her and kissing and, till she felt like her lungs were on fire. Deprived of air for so long wasn't good.

And he noticed that, so he moved his lips away from hers and kissed his way down to her neck. Openmouthed and hot kisses were being traveled down her throat, slow and sensually. With every part of her on fire, she arched her back and turned her head to the side, just so he could have a better access. And then he bit down on her neck and that made a small whimper escape her lips. But then something horrible descended down to her - sensibility.

He was drunk - he didn't know what he was doing. Even if he was the one who kissed her first - she was in a way taking advantage of him. Just because of her hormones. Damn it, being sensible sucked. Major time.

So she had pushed him off and he fell to the ground. And when she going to help him get up, she realized he was sleeping. Damn it.

Jackie shook her head to get rid of the images of what happened yesterday. She was so angry because he hadn't remembered anything! Anything at all. She wanted to kill him. No, she wanted to slap him and then kill him. Okay, perhaps not but she felt anger rise up. And just because Jackie Stevens was too impulsive for her own good, she walked out of the kitchen and in to the living room, pointing a finger at Tommy.

"You!" She shouted and he turned to look at her with a sheepish smile. The smile immediately fell off his face when he saw how she glared at him. "You - you - I want to kill you!"

He raised an eyebrow. "You want what now?"

"I said, 'I want to kill you'. Don't you understand that phrase?" She started pacing back and forth. "How dare you bring a girl here, after the day you kissed me!? You, oh I knew you were something but I did not know you were such a - a jerk! A stupid, dim, thick, unintelligent man that doesn't know anything when it comes feelings."

"You know, everything you just called me was basically the same thing."

"Oh, shut up!" She yelled and stopped pacing. "You're such an evil, evil ogre! How can you kiss me and forget about it the next day!? I don't - I really don't understand why I like you. Why couldn't I like somebody - somebody that is not you! Spencer Pratt, that dick from The Hills would have been fine with me!"

"Come here," Was all he said, sitting on the couch like nothing was bothering him. That jerk! He gave her a wry smile. "Please come here."

"No, I don't wanna." She retorted defiantly and crossed her arms over her chest. But he just kept on repeating it and she sighed. She felt her anger go away but not completely. She just felt tired, loss of energy. "Fine, whatever." And she walked towards him. When she did so, he grabbed her around her waist and jerked her down, so she was sitting on his lap. Her hands immediately went to his shoulders.

"I want you to listen to me and not say anything. And I know that may be hard for you, but please, could you give it a try?" He smiled at her, so sweetly that she couldn't say no. With a frustrated sigh, she nodded. "Good girl."

"Don't be condescending now."

"Hey, you said you weren't gonna talk." She shook her head with frustration and gave him a smile. A sarcastic one of course. "Thank you. First of all, I didn't forget about it -" When she gasped, he shook his head as a way of telling her not to talk. "- and how could I? No matter how drunk I was, that image was imprinted on my brain when I woke up. And yes, I was drunk and yes that may have been one of the reasons I did what I did but not every reason."

"What are you saying?"

He ignored that she talked, even if she had promised not to do so. "What I am saying is that, I've - well, kinda been planning to do that...for a long time. Jackie, you honestly don't understand what you do to me. And every time I see you, I just wanna grab you and kiss you and just - but I can't. I'm too coward for that."

His eyes went down, ignoring the intense way she was looking at him.

"So I did it at a time when I knew I wouldn't be held responsible. When I knew you would think it was just because of the beer and everything." He looked at her this time and she tried not to squirm under his gaze. "And I'm glad I did because that was one hell of a kiss."

She gulped. "So you like me?"

"I like you - a lot. Ever since sophomore year, when I really noticed you. You weren't a girl anymore, you were becoming a woman. And you have the cutest laugh when you're nervous and you love watching cartoons even if it was for kids and -" And he stopped himself. "- and I sound so gay right now."

"No, it's sweet." She felt like she had to say. And it was sweet."It's really sweet...but what about the girl?"

He grinned at her. "Which one?" And for that, he got a slap. "I'm kidding. She's just a friend that needed a place to crash. Just a friend Jackie."

She put her hand on his cheek, smiling. She couldn't really explain what was going through her mind or her body. It was like she was on happy pills because she couldn't stop smiling. Her chest felt a little bit lighter. Her heart was beating so fast, she wondered how he couldn't hear her. He liked, he actually liked her. It was one hell of a feeling, that's for sure. But then a thought came to her. "What would Teddy think?"

"That it was about time." And he grabbed her around his neck and crashed his lips with her. He mumbled against her lips, "I wanted to do this all day." She felt like she was oversensitive, every time he touched her. From the way one of his hands were holding onto her hip, brushing against her bare skin where the t-shirt had ridden up. And the other one on her neck, his long fingers brushing against her cheek.

Too early, he pulled back and smiled at her. But there was something on Tommy's neck that had had caught Jackie's eyes. And when she saw what it was, she couldn't help but smile, really wide too. "It seems like I have to take care of you too." When he looked to be confused, she added, "It seems like you got a case of Chicken Pox."

His eyes widened and he muttered, "Oh hell no."

She laughed and leaned down to kiss him. "Don't worry big boy," She assured him. "I'll take care of you."

I don't just like you, Jackie said to herself inwardly, I love you Tommy Wild.

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