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Lucas' POV.

After Ashlynn left my house later that evening I wonder downstairs to see if my family is anywhere around. What I find is Logan in the kitchen eating potato chips out of the bag.

"Don't you have a house of your own?" I ask and watch as he turns to me and smirks.

"Why yes I do bro but Jimmi is convinced that Lizze eats too much unhealthy food so we don't have any junk food." He says shoving more potato chips in his mouth.

"There's a such thing as a supermarket."

"Whatever." I roll my eyes at him before holstering myself up onto the island.

"So you and Ashlynn huh?" He quirks his eyebrow at me.

"It's not a big deal, we hooked up that's it." I say nonchalantly

"Does she know that it's not a big deal?" He looks at me skeptically and I can't help the humorless chuckle that escapes my lips. It isn't my idea for this to just be a casual hook-up.

"Yup." My answer is short not wanting to get into this discussion. I jump down from the island and go over to my refrigerator and grab the juice carton.

Ashlynn is so fucking frustrating, it's like I understand I hurt her but for her to just not give me a chance at all to prove to her that I'm different is so fucking annoying, she just slams down the breaks.

"Luke?" Logan raises his eyebrow at me in a questioning manner after I break out of my reverie. "What's going on in that big ass head of yours?"

I laugh before responding, "Nothing just thinking." Drinking some of the juice from the carton before returning it to it's rightful spot in the fridge.

"About?" Logan is being really nosy and it's starting to annoy the hell out of me, can't his pansy ass take a hint that I don't wanna talk about this shit.

"Dude, what the fuck are you a girl or some shit? Stop asking me questions." I take that as my cue to leave the kitchen before I say something that I'll regret just because I'm pissed about something that has nothing to do with him.

I go upstairs and lie in my bed contemplating if I want to call up a random slut and fuck her senseless until a certain brunette isn't on my mind. I decide against it and just roll over on my side letting my lids close.

I guess sometime I eventually fell asleep because I wake up to my phone ringing, groaning, I turn over and grab it off of the night stand next to me. Looking at the caller ID I see that it's Justin calling.

"What's up kid?" I speak into the phone sleep evident in my voice.

"Dude you were sleep? It's five in the afternoon." Justin says stating the obvious.

"No shit Sherlock." I close my eyes still feeling like I could sleep for hours, shit I probably could Ashlynn wore me out last night. That girl is the best lay I've ever had, the things she can do with that body of hers is amazing. The images of last night flood back into my mind and I can feel my dick harden.

"Anyway, what're you up to tonight?" And just like that, the sound of Justin's voice completely deflates erect my cock.

"Shit probably gonna find a quick fuck." I will need to get my rocks off tonight and I doubt it if Ashlynn would be up for another round.

"As usual..." He pauses for a second before continuing, "There's a party at Manda's house tonight though, I was thinking about stopping by." Manda always throws the best party, the girls has all of her sisters' sorority sisters come and let's just say they're all down to fuck.

"I might have to go with you, I know those slutty college chicks are gonna be there." Justin's laugh comes through the receiver.

"I knew your ass was gonna say that. Bro I think you're a sex addict." He says half jokingly. He might actually be right, I love sex like more than anybody I know.

"Maybe." I think about sex like twenty four hours of a day, I don't think there is anything wrong with that though, I'm a hormonal teenage boy.

"Alright well we can meet up at like eight." He says then clicks. That kid doesn't know how to say bye. I groan before deciding it's time for me to get up again and start getting ready. My stomach growls though before I can get very far.

"Guess I could eat." mumbling to myself I head downstairs to the kitchen for the second time today though this time when I get there Logan is nowhere in sight which I'm glad for. Deciding on a sandwich I grab the ham, turkey, lettuce, mayo, cheese and tomato before stacking it between two slices of white bread.

While I'm eating my mind wanders to Ashlynn, I wonder what she's doing. Sometimes I wish I could get into her head just to know what exactly she's feeling but unless I magically turn into some sparkly fag of a vampire I doubt that's possible. Sure, that was mean but seriously what straight grown man sparkles? It's like really dude?

I finish my sandwich then head back upstairs to shower. My shower is quick and quite uneventful I climb out of the shower and wrap a towel around my waist before heading back into my room. I check my cell phone and noticed a text from some random bimbo asking if she can suck me up, tempting but the chicks at Manda's party are way better at blow jobs then the girls from my school with the exception of Ashlynn. That girl is amazing with her mouth and that tongue is just fucking amazing.

"Fuck." I groan when I feel my dick stiffen again at just the thought of Ashlynn. She seriously drives me wild. Trying to take my mind off my little- okay well not so little- problem I start pulling on my jeans.

I pulled up in front of Justin's house and blew my horn signling to him that I'm outside. We decided to carpool together because I don't plan on drinking tonight and it would just be easier because we're both going anyway. "What the fuck bro?" I said irritatedly when Justin finally got into the car. This kid can be a prick sometimes.

"What?" He looked genuinely confused.

"Dude it only took you like twenty minutes." I said sarcastically as I pressed my foot down gently on the gas peddle pulling off and heading towards Manda's house.

"Why're you so fucking uptight? You need to get laid." Justin laughed, little did he know the fact that I did get laid last night is exactly why I'm in such a bad mood. I've seriously got to stop thinking so much about that bitch.

"Yeah, maybe you're right." I laughed. The rest of the ride was pretty much silent besides the drake album that was playing through the speakers of my car. The drive to Manda's house was a short one so we were looking for a spot to park before I knew it. I found a spot a block away from her house which surprisingly isn't that bad considering some of her previous parties.

The party was in full swing when we walked in, the air smelled like mixture of sex, sweat, booze and pot, you know regular party shit. There were scantily clad chicks everywhere I felt like I was in heaven.

"Hey boys." Manda greeted us giving Justin and I a hug making sure to press her fake tits firmly against my chest. Manda is a leggy red head- not natural- with big fake tits, a slim waist and a non-existent ass, not to mention that she can measure half her bod weight in how much make up she puts on her face. Needless to say she's not my type at all.

"Hey Manda." I greeted her before turning to Justin and saying "I'll catch up with you later." I headed towards the kitchen first to grab a soda. O my way there a noticed a few of the slutty coeds parading around in their short skirts and crop tops. This night has potential to be exactly what I need.

"Hey sexy, you wanna dance?" A tall brunette asked me. I took a moment to take a good look at her, she's pretty with hazel brown eyes, a nice ass perfect for gripping, natural looking breast and a flat tummy. Her skin has a darker tint to it and she has an accent so I'm guessing she's probably Hispanic, to say the least she's gorgeous.

"Sure, I'm Lucas by the way." I could see her eyes running over my body and by the way she's bitting her lip right now I can tell that she wants me.

"I'm Lola." She said grabbing my hand, pulling me to the designated 'dance floor' making sure to sway her hips causing her already short skirt to rise up even more. 'Hold it against me' by Britney Spears blared through speakers as we started to dance. She swayed her hips against me to the fast beat of the song. She knew exactly how to move her hips and I'm sure she felt little Luke making his prescense known. She turned around and began grinding against my leg.

"You're a great dancer." She purred in my ear causing me to smirk. I just bring out the sluttiness in girls.

"I know." I smirked at her before pulling her body flesh against my own. Letting my teenage hormones take over I kissed her, she was submissive right away, she let me completely take over. Her lips were soft and her tongue felt good against mine but she had nothing on another certain little brunette that I was kissing last night.

"Mmm Let's go find some place quiet." Lola whispered beathly and I shrugged mentally before following her upstairs. I would be lying I I said that I'm not incredibly turned out and that I'm not about to fuck this girl senseless. I pushed her down on the bed before I started caressing her thighs.

My phone started to ring and I instantly knew who it was because of the ringbone but I just ignored it bringing my lips back to Lola who didn't seem to mind. "You've got a condom right?" She pushed away from me for a second to ask.

"Never leave the house without one." I mumble to shut her up before going back to my previous ministrations. We start making out again and articles of clothing were being- mostly hers- removed that is until my phone starts ringing again.

I groan telling Lola to wait a second before pulling my cell phone out of my pocket and answering for the last person I want to talk to right now. "What do you want Ashlynn?" I grumble into the phone.

"Howard what the fuck are you doing!? Let me go! STOP!" Ashlynn screamed at her mother's boyfriend before then line went dead.

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