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Lucas POV.

I woke up and and sat up in my bed wishing I could've slept for the rest of the day.

"Mmm, good morning babe." The girl who I had hooked up with last night said wrapping her arm around my waist. What is her name again? Is it Ashley, no Ally? Yeah it's Ally.

"No reason for pleasantries Ally, I'm gonna go get in the shower and by the time I get back you should be gone." I sighed standing up and heading towards my en-suite bathroom.

"My name is Kelly!" She yelled from behind me and I just laughed before closing the door behind me. See here's the thing I don't do girlfriends, I don't learn names and I don't care if you get off long as you get me off.

I turned the shower on and climbed in washing my hair first. I've only had one steady girlfriend before and that was Ashlynn but I cheated on her one drunken night and it all went to hell-oh well- so now I only do one night stands but if you give me a really good blow-job then I might consider doing you twice. And hey it's so many hot girls in this world why the hell would I only want one? Exactly.

I went through the rest of the motions of taking a shower before climbing out and wrapping a towel around my waist. I went to my sink and pulled out my razor and shaving cream taking care of my five o'clock shadow.

I walked into my bedroom to find the chick from earlier to be gone. I love it when they listen, it makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Going over to my closet to find something to wear I stumbled across Ally's panties-red lace thong- nice! Going into my closest I picked out what I was going to wear to the zoo today, I promised my niece Lizzie that I would take her today. I decided on black cargo shorts and a gray Hollister shirt.

It didn't take long for me to get dressed so after sliding on my shoes I grabbed my blackberry and car keys.

"Hey honey, where are you going?" My mom asked as she was coming out of her room.

"I'm taking Lizzie to the zoo." We walked downstairs together.

"Oh that's so sweet of you." My mom ruffled my hair and I cracked a smile. She has a way of making you feel like a kid again.

"Whatever Ma, where's dad?" We had just reached the landing and were now standing in the foyer.

"He went to go pick up breakfast, you're welcome to some." She smiled at me.

"I can't, I have to go but I'll be back in time for dinner." She looked dissatisfied but kissed my cheek anyway.

"Tell your brother I said hi and for him to call me soon." She told me as I walked out of the door and I responded with a simple nod before closing the door behind me. I walked down the couple of stairs on our porch before walking to my car and climbing in. The music that came on when the car was started made me cringe,-some Justin Bieber song- quickly I shut it off and pulled out of my driveway heading in the direction of Logan's house.

My brother married his high school sweetheart Jimmi-who just happens to be Ashlynn's (my ex girlfriend) half sister- while they were freshmen in college. He says that Jimmi used to hate him-much like Ashlynn hates me now- but she got over it and now they are happy. It's hard to think that she used to hate him considering how wrapped around each other they are now but hey I've seen weirder things.

Jimmi and Logan are happy and I am happy for them but to really plan to stay with each other forever is ludicrous. My money is on that one of them is gonna cheat and poor Lizzie is going to have to deal with the divorce but maybe not, I mean my parents have been going strong for over thirty years.

Maybe I'm just not meant to be with someone but if I had to choose someone, believe it or not, it would be Ashlynn. We may not be together but that girl has a way of making me always want to be around her even when she is a bitch and god the sex is well for a lack of better words, fucking amazing.

My train of thought ceased when I pulled into their driveway. I pressed the code in at their gate and waited on the gates to open before pulling up their curved driveway and parking behind Logan's BMW. By the time I got out of my car and walked to their door someone was already opening it.

"Hey Luke." Jimmi smiled at me letting me in. Today was her day off and she was still in her pajamas with her hair everywhere. She's hot, not in the I would break up their marriage by fucking her way but in a if she weren't married to my brother and the mother of my niece I'd totally fuck her more than once way.

"Hey Jim, where's my bum of a brother?" I asked giving her a quick hug before stepping around her.

"Oh he got called in for an emergency surgery." She shrugged running her fingers through her hair unconsciously.

"But his car is out there."

"He took his Range Rover, something about it's more convenient." She rolled her eyes before continuing. "Anyways, Lizzie is already dressed and everything, she's eating breakfast now though. Do you want some?"

"Sure, I could eat." I was starving, having burnt all those calories last night with Jenny. We walked into the kitchen and I washed my hands in the sink before taking a seat next to Lizzie who was so entranced in her food she hadn't even noticed me yet.

"Hey beautiful." I said to Lizzie and she looked up and me before blushing. The kid is beyond adorable. That is the only girl who may ever have my heart...again.

"Uncle Lukee." She squealed with a mouth full of food. I just laughed as Jimmi placed a plate of food in front of me before sitting on the opposite side of the island with her own plate.

"Are you and auntie Ashy still taking me to the zoo today?" She looked hopeful.

"Of course, have I ever lied to you?" Truthfully I haven't ever lied to her, she hasn't gotten to the age where she asks questions that you have to censor the answers to.

"Nope!" She shook her head furiously.

"Okay now eat." She obeyed and I took my own advice, digging into my breakfast.


Thirty minutes later we were both through with our food and we said our goodbyes to Jimmi before going out of the house and getting into my car. When I was sure Lizzie was buckled into her car seat I went over to the drivers seat and started the car backing out of the driveway and pulling onto the main road.

"Uncle Luke, do you have a girlfriend?" Where did this kid come up with this stuff?

"No I don't have a girlfriend." Turning on the highway I remembered that I need to call Ashlynn and tell her I am on my way to the zoo.

"Why not?" I could see her looking out the window through my rear-view mirror.

"I'm just not interested in having a girlfriend right now."

"Oh." she said uninterested now. I pulled out my cell and dialed Ashlynn's number. It took a few rings before she answered.

'What assward?' Was the first thing she said.

"I'm on my way to the zoo, did you want a ride?"

'No, I have my own car, I'll meet you there.' Then she hung up on me. I couldn't help the smirk that came to my face. I have a way of getting under her skin without even trying and I find it so amusing.

Scenery passed as we got closer to the zoo. It's only about twenty minutes out of of town which was convenient considering Lizzie makes me take her often. I turned the radio back on to some alternative station that I tend to listen to.

"Uncle Luke?" Lizzie spoke from the backseat.

"Yes munchkin?" I sighed turning the radio down. I saw her shift her body and turn towards the back of my head.

"Do you hate Auntie Ashy?" She sounded sad.

"No of course not, what would make you ask that?" I was shocked at her question.

"Well you guys are always arguing and calling each other names." She pursed her lips. God, the kid was observant.

"That's only because we disagree on a lot of things, but we don't hate each other." Well I don't hate her, but she very well hates me.

"Do you love her then?" How in the hell do I answer that?

"Yeah, I care about her but I'm not in love with her." Why was I having this conversation with a three year old?

"Okay, well as long as you don't hate her." And with that the conversation was over. I was very happy that it was, next thing you know she'll be asking me where babies come from.

Shortly after our conversation ended we pulled into the parking lot of the zoo and I killed the engine and climbed out. Going around to the back of my Range Rover I got her stroller out then went and got her out of the car.

"ZOO!" She yelled as I buckled her into her stroller.

"Yes Lizzie, we are at the zoo." I said to her and she squealed again. I pushed her stroller to the entrance of the zoo and payed the fee before continuing in. The first animals to come into view were the goats, you could pet them and feed them so I took over there to let her pet them while we wait for Ashlynn.

I texted her to tell her where we were and she responded by telling me she walking into the zoo so she would be here in a second.

"Goats go bahhhhhh." Lizzie said proudly turning to me.

"Yep kiddo, they sure do." She smiled then turned back to what she was doing. A few moments later I noticed Ashlynn and her best friend Dallas headed towards Lizzie and I.

Dallas had sandy brown hair and was fun to look at. I'd bang her any day, all day if she weren't Ashlynn's friend. Her boobs were nice and perky without being too big-call me weird but I hate girl with hugely unnatural tits- she had a nice firm ass, sort of athletic build without being muscly. She had nothing on Ashlynn though.

Ashlynn had the perfect body. She is a dancer so her body is nice and fit. Her boobs are beyond perfect, the way they just catch your eye without her having to flaunt them off. Her long brown hair contrasted perfectly with her blue eyes. Her eye-brow ring gave her a edginess that made her even sexier than most girls. She was perfect height, around 5'5. Her torso was perfectly flat but not to the point where you could see her bones. Don't get me started on her hip rings because well those things are beyond sexy. Her legs weren't too long they were just perfect for you to wrap around you. I hadn't even begun to really describe her body when I was cut off by the vixen herself.

"That's highly inappropriate around children." She smirked looking at my torso. I looked down and groaned at the boner I had from just thinking about her body. Dallas giggled and I just scoffed.

"You ready to go Lizzie?" I asked the little blonde in the stroller.

"Sure, let's go see the lions." She said enthusiasm clear in her voice. I pushed her stroller heading towards the area the lions were in. Dallas and Ashlynn were behind me talking about something I wasn't even relatively interested in.

We went to the area where the lions were and she ooo'd and ahhh'd at everything they did. My phone started to vibrate and I looked at it to see that it was some number unknown to me. Probably some random hook-up wanting more, sorry not interested. I didn't answer.

"Oh why didn't you answer for one of your little whores?" Ashlynn whispered in my ear catching me by surprised.

"'Cause I'm not interested." My answer was simple and guarded.

"Because no one girl is good enough right?" She asked with a bitter edge to he tone. Here we go.

I sighed before answering. "Nope, I guess not. Maybe I just haven't found a girl good enough for me." Soon as I said it I regretted it.

"Guess you haven't. But then again your looking in all the wrong places and that's why you'll end up all alone you pathetic piece of shit." She spat through her teeth.

"I don't see you dating anyone, you hook up with random guys and girls so what makes you so better than me?" I spat back at her.

"I'm not as cold-hearted as you are and for one I hookup with people every once and a while whereas you have a different slut in your bed every night." There was not a friendly bone in her body when it came to me.

"You would know, you were one of them." I responded. I saw a flash of hurt in her eyes but it was quickly gone and replaced with unadulterated hate.

"Fuck you, I'm nothing like any of those bitches you fuck. Why anybody would subject their self to being around you is unknown to me." She ran her fingers through her hair scowl planted firmly on her face.

"Because I fuck their brains out and have them crawling back for more." I said smugly and she just looked disgusted.

"You are the biggest fucking prick ever to walk this earth." She rolled her eyes.

"Whatever babe, it's okay I'll let you ride me if you really want." I smirked at her. Dallas had taken Lizzie up ahead of us when we first started talking so she wasn't anywhere near to hear this.

"I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole you disgusting walking STD!" She exclaimed walking away from me. I didn't care if she got the last word. Like I said I like to get under her skin and that was a prime example of me doing just that.


The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, Ashlynn refused to talk to me-which didn't really bother me- and I sure as hell wasn't going to strike up a conversation with Dallas. I came home that night and just crashed seeing as I didn't make it home for dinner as planned because well I had other activities that seemed more interesting than food. Sex is always more interesting than food even if it is with some little blonde bimbo who doesn't even know her own name.


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