Storm across the battlefield
Kill 'em all and never yield
Never give and only take
Leavin' bodies in my wake
Conquer them and overcome
Battle to the break of dawn
No mercy, all pain
Slowly goin' insane
Lost my mind, gone away
Always knowin' day to day
Take a shot, another pill
Powerless, no force of will
The victim of my own mind
Slowly runnin' out of time
A loaded gun, cocked back
Pull the trigger, click clack
Take the knife, steel blade
Slice it each and every way
Can't quit, no escape
Goin' back is too late
Ride it high, do or die
Another tally for a lie
Another scar upon my chest
Leavin' 'cause I hate the mess
Broken mind, bleeding heart
Another body in the dark
Blood-drenched, soaked red
Speakin' in the tongues of dead
Heart of fire, mind of ice
Voices speakin', pay the price
Lost causes, tortured souls
A cacophony of pain unfolds
This world of ours, burn it down
This hell we live, hear the sound
Life is good, life is sweet
Life is pain, life is grief
Take up the sword, pick up the knife
Defend yourself and take a life
Breakin' down, all the way
Scream to make it through the day
And listen to the silence that follows…