~Inspired by Marie Digby's song: Spell

The girl's footsteps whispered down the hill top.

The harsh, windy cold night whipped across her bare skin.

The flowing strips of satin fabric from her dress were trailing out behind her in the frigid breeze.

Her bare feet slipped over the frosted grass, leading her higher up the hill.

The dark was not scary, not to one who has seen true darkness.

The desolate hill was nothing compared to one's lonely life.

To bare the strain of one's heart ache, it slowly kills the person.

Like poison to the brain, seeping through veins that once carried love.

No longer did hope fill the space of oblivious happiness in her mind.

She couldn't see the crinkle of the smile anymore, nor could she see the sparkle of reflected love in her Lover'seyes.

No longer, would she ever feel them circle their arms around her…

The warmth was gone.

The naiveté of bliss would never be found in her body again.

The things that make a person human, the things that make you want to get up in the morning…


How said, that spell of whispering love, gone in a single flash of pain.

It was only seconds, but it had felt like it lasted for years.

How should she cope, forgotten in the world that she was?

She slid to her knees, on top of that hill.

Few tears fell down her face, on the eve of her Lover's death.

The storm raged on, a never ending rainfall of freezing bullets to her body.

She lifted the object of relief.

Never, had pain been so wonderful…

As the BANG rang out…

And the darkness of death, closed around her too.