Prologue: Scented

It came on the winds. That smell – indescribable, addicting. And yet, it eluded him.

He, a controller of the very winds, could not keep track of a single scent sent to him by the very element he controlled. It made him crazy. And for him, crazy wasn't a good thing.

It truly meant a loss of sanity, for he couldn't concentrate, couldn't stay still, hell, he couldn't even sleep. It was like his brain didn't have an 'off' switch and thoughts kept running through his head, circling around the owner of said scent, keeping him wondering about what she looked like or where she was in the world or how she'd act towards him or if he'd find her with another man which would make his blood begin to boil and lead his thoughts down the warpath, for he'd love to kill the bastards who would dare touch her and he would have to do it incognito because how would he be able to win her over if she saw he had no problems killing for her, though he still thought all opposition and rivalry must be eradicated since she was his and nothing would change that and his thoughts would keep going and going and going like that damned Energizer bunny and all he wanted was to stop this craving for whoever this scent belonged to but he couldn't with his mind moving down so many different paths at once, driving him abso-fucking-lutely MAD!

Oh, he knew exactly what was going on, but no matter how badly he wanted to deny it, he knew it was true: he had found her.

Her being his "one and only," his "soul mate," his "other half" or "true love," whatever you wanted to call her. She was his destined, and he was helpless against her unknowing yet alluring pull.

When he could take no more, he gave in to his instincts. He couldn't deny fate any longer.

His destined was out there, and he'd be damned if he let her slip through his fingers.

Despite his denials he wanted her; he needed her.

He had always known her smell would leave him like this sooner or later. It was inevitable. No matter the race, a destined's scent warped the mind, twisting the being's wants and needs until its demands were one and the same. He already felt the effects, as well as the subtle changes in his thought processes.

His world now revolved around her.

She was his, and he was hers.