I growled as I looked at him, I couldn't believe that he couldn't restrain himself from bullying me when we're out somewhere that has absolutely nothing to do with school.

"Hey wait up!" He called after me as I stalked in the opposite direction to him. I almost swore out loud when he grabbed my shoulder, was he upping it to violence? Shaking my head softly I turned to face him.

"Jacob just leave me alone ok! I don't want to deal with your bullshit and neither should I have to! Ill call Benji over to escort you out if you don't stop harassing me!" I almost let out a sigh of relief as I finished, that should shut him up. But as I glanced at his face I realised my words had literally left him without words. I smiled smugly at him

"What no witty retort? Have I really struck the high and mighty Jacob wordless or does Benji scare you THAT much?"

I was starting to enjoy myself, I never retorted to Jacob's snide comments at school. I was too afraid, there were so many people there who would back him up and set out to make my life more miserable, but I guess that's why I was able to do it here. Here I was in my comfort zone, these people were my friends, mine not his.

He didn't say anything just stared at me, gaping as if I was some freak. I suddenly started to regret my words, what happens if he decides to take this back up at school? I could feel all the confidence and anger I had before beginning to leave me only to be replaced by fear and uncertainty. I began to retreat away from him, hoping his speechlessness also would allow me to escape and find my friends. But before I could get away his arm grabbed my shoulder.

"Do I know you? You know my name but I don't remember you…"

I completely froze; did he seriously not recognize me? Maybe he was just trying to offset my balance; yeah he's just trying to trick me. I didn't look that differently to what I usually did, our school uniform wasn't exactly the most flattering outfit but it wasn't hideous. I do admit I was wearing my long dark hair down, and I did have makeup on and was wearing a rather more 'suggestive' outfit but I couldn't look that much different to the way I usually did.

Raising an eyebrow I eyed him warily, he didn't seem to recognise me but that doesn't mean he didn't. Jacob was ruthless, I knew this first hand.

"Cut the bullshit Jacob, I really don't want to put up with your shit tonight, and how the hell did you get in here? Let alone know about this party?!" I could hear the emotion in my voice, I was starting to worry. This was after all my birthday party, and im pretty sure I would not have invited him here.

"Im sorry ok? I just don't recognise a damn thing about you… I don't mean it like that its just I cant remember who you are… uh one of my brothers friends knows the chick whose birthday it is and he invited me and my brother to tag along, he said that the chick wouldn't mind so I agreed… why?"

He was no longer gaping at me like he was a goldfish but he was still staring at me intently, something in his gaze made me feel naked and embarrassed. I ignored the sensation, to glare at him.

"Who the hell was it that invited you?!" Now there was only anger in my voice, im pretty sure I sounded damn scary. At any other time id probably be laughing to myself at the look that was on Jacobs face but right now wasn't the time. I was going to store that expression away for when I needed a laugh.

"uh I-it was Da-D-Damian…"

At his words I spun around and stormed off to find Damian, he was going to pay for this. It was my freaking party, everyone here I knew to at least a certain extent. they were all friends who were out of school or in another school. I spotted the bastard on the other side of the room and headed straight towards him, unaware that I had a tag along with me.

Damian was in one word, hot, but I was not interested in him like that. He was more a big brother figure in my mind, which was fine in my opinion relationships were messy or at least mine were. As I reached him, Damian looked up at me and smiled as if he had done absolutely nothing wrong. I couldn't help but smirk as I thought about what I was about to do to him. In one fluid movement I grabbed one of his ears and twisted it. His yelp made my smile increase.

"What is HE doing here?!" I pointed behind myself towards Jacob who looked stunned and rather sheepish. The look on his face unnerved me, Jacob was never not meant to be perfect, perfect hair, perfect body, and perfect face… shithouse attitude.

"Im sorry, but im sure the birthday girl wont mind me being here"

I laughed in his face, not caring that I probably looked half deranged, he'd seen me crumple before, now I was going to show him my strength.

"What's the birthday girls' name? Why would she want someone like you here? Who says you are even allowed on this property?!" Jacob was staring at me like I had grown a second head; he was gaping at me, completely dumbfounded as if a girl had never spoken to him thusly. I chuckled at the thought of being the first girl to truly tell him to stick it. Damian chooses this moment of all moments to speak up.

"Belle c'mon, this guy is harmless it's not like he's a real problem. Ill keeps my eye on him ok? Seriously he's just one extra."

I glared with all my might; I could feel the ice cold daggers striking Damian. HE was damn near wetting himself in fear, I swear he was.

"Yeah listen chicka, Im just one extra, Damian will keep his eye on me and keep me under control unless you'd like to be the one to keep me controlled?" Jacob had lowered his voice several notes, and was eyeing me as though I was some kind of meat. The thought made me shudder.

"There are five reasons why you should stop looking at me like that." I moved closer to Jacob as I started talking to him. I lowered my voice and allowed my eyes to roam over his body, taking in every inch of him. When my eyes flicked back up to his I could tell I had him interested. I could tell from the corner of my eyes that Damian was surprised at both my sudden change of emotion and at the sudden seductive tone in my voice. Now don't get me wrong, I know how to act hot its just im not interested in that whole 'sex and dating' scene. I slowly walked my fingers up Jacobs's chest. I could tell his mouth was getting dry, boys were so easy to get worked up.

"Yeah? R-really five? Name them hunny" I smirked at Jacob, this was oh too easy, leaning closer I whispered into his ear.

"One; You have no right to even BE here, Two; You wont be staying here much longer, Three; I will get you under control, though I doubt you'll like my methods, 4; You have a very clingy and possessive girlfriend who would throw a fit if she knew you were flirting with me, and 5; Im Belle Young" Just as I finished speaking I kneed Jacob hard in the groin.

"Oh and Six Jacob, This is my party." I turned my head to face Damian, "This dear Damian is the male who made my life for the past 4 years hell, and you brought him to my party. I trust you will get rid of him before I resort to calling the cops".

Looking down at Jacob huddled on the floor, I simply grinned at him, oh it was good to be in control. Turning around I walked over to the opposite side of the room.