like to think of days
without clouds where the sun
catches my eyes and the
soft wind makes the grass
whistle beside me.

i like the motion picture memories
that run as the sun
presses play to the synapses
deep in my

i like watching the lives of other people
and the life that i've lived from
the outside perspective but
i don't like to be apart
of life.

i like the days when life is clearly living
and the days when i'm not quite sure if i live as life lives.

but the days when i see other
people living fully,
i am touched.
& it moves me further along
in the movie of my memories.

i feel happy there.

i get lost in the cloudless skies where
the sky and the pictures in my head
run seamlessly as one.

you stopped loving me,
i know.
but the memories that play
on the empty sunny days
never did.