soft music plays gently
in the church of the lonely neighborhood
drawing attention from passerbys.

it's the bearer of salvation that doesn't save.

yokes to be broken stay whole.
hearts to be whole stay broken.

hope is wasted on the hopeless.
love is wasted on the loveless.

yet the notes play on.

they dance into hearts.
"you need this," they say.
"you want this."

they think they do,
they think they do.

but in those moment,
no molecules change or
bonds are broken.

the earth still spins on its axis;
the sun still rotates around the galaxy.
life cycles continue.

the immeasurable stays unmeasured.
what was, is, and will be didn't change.

yet the notes play on.

space meets time
while notes hit ear drums.


the drum changes the sound,
the vibrations,
the waves.

within a second, it beats normally-
the change?

yet the notes play on.