times don't change;
the numbers are the same they've always been.

the years just keep getting higher.
and we're not far behind.

above the years,
and under the shadow
lies the youth never seen.

and now we act as though we're old
as if there's nothing else
we were ever meant
to be.

and in the sunny days
our skin is charred with ultravoilet rays.

no one is there to protect us.

the blood trails behind our naked feet
and no one follows to stop it.

keep traveling, keep traveling.

and the footing gets faster,
and the feet grow more calloused

the path once walked,
for only a short time,
has changed our lives.

and we can never return -
we don't understand the way of the
uncalloused feet, and white skin.

we don't understand the days of youth
we never saw.

and the numbers keep changing
to the same patterns they followed yesterday.

the days go by,
and the years keep getting higher.

we don't know how to be kids