she was cute, you know.
that girl
with the short brown curls
and the narrow rimmed glasses
who stood behind the cash register
at the local convenience store
selling cigarettes to
the dirty men
& their sons.

she watched them pump
their gas and rev their engines
and she took the time to think about life.

well, and the waste of life the great majority
of the people she saw every day were.

but it didn't matter.
because her life didn't really
seem to matter much,

no, she was just the girl
with the short brown curls
and the narrow rimmed glasses
behind the cash register
selling cigarettes,
watching passer-bys
and writing songs that
her mind would sing to her
to pass the time ...

and when the store would empty for awhile,
and the boys would walk to the back
of the store,
she'd sing a little.

she didn't do much more than that, though.
no, she wasn't really worth much more than that.

she was just another life
taking up space and
animal habitats.

just another statistic for reporters
to use to sway readers into opinions.

she was just another polluter
adding to the build up of green house gases
and the decay of human society.

she was just another corrupted soul
who would rather read machiavelli and darwin
than the bible or the koran.

she lived a simple life
and smiled sweetly like the rest of them.
caught the eyes of many but took the hearts
of none.

but she walks on;
she walks on.