To Love And Let Go

She is wearing white. The color of Heaven, you'd been told. She turns to meet your gaze and your heart skips a beat. And all you can think of at this moment is how breath takingly gorgeous her eyes are.

Suddenly you feel stupid to have let her go. But you know you were beyond stupid.

She makes her way towards you and you feel a sudden panic attack. She stops in front of you and smiles, and 5 seconds later you realize you've been holding your breath.

She makes small talk in hopes of making up for the time you'd both lost being apart. But you can't focus on what she's saying. No, the words would only sting if you'd hear them. So instead you allow your mind to drift into a far away land where there is only you and the melodious chime of her voice. No words, just the hum.

You cautiously leave her entity out of your mind-set as you know it will just make things harder.

Out of no where, she reaches out to hug you and you suddenly realize how desperately you missed being in this proximity with her.

But the moment passes as fast as it had come and you feel unfulfilled.

From the corner of your eye you can see him making his way towards you and your angel.

When he scoops her up into his arms you swear you died inside. But you can't look away. Your mind won't let you. It's as if a compelling force urges you to keep scrutinizing them. It's as if you enjoy torturing yourself. You smile bitterly knowing the truth in that thought.

But no... you're happy for her. Glad that she's finally found what she's always been looking for.

You can see her smile at him as she loses herself into her dream. It was a dream she had once envisioned you in. You're aware of that and it somehow eats you alive.

No longer does she look at you with that doe-eyed expression you'd once found aggravating but would fight for at this point. No longer does she call you up in the darkness of the night and talk of her dreams and aspirations. No longer does she hold you close and allow you to rejoice in her scent. No longer does she…

This is pointless, you realize. You had pushed her out of your life. It was you fault things aren't as they used to be. Your fault that she's leaning in to kiss him now.

You finally allow yourself to close your eyes as you know you won't be able to bear what is to come.

When she finally pulls away from him you notice how her eyes are glazed over with unshed tears.

"Congratulations," you finally say, though you doubt the newly-weds can hear you through all the commotion at their wedding.

She is finally complete as you remain empty.

A/N: Well this was my first story. More of a drabble, really. Feel free to point out mistakes, and constructive criticism is always appreciated. Tell me what you all think: Review! (: