Irina Samuels

As children, we know.

We see, we understand, we believe.

We know that there are monsters in the closet

And that yes, my imaginary friend is as real as I am.

We see things that are not there.

We are innocent.

As we grow, we lose this.

The monsters become sweaters, and trying to keep that imaginary friend is like trying to keep smoke between your fingers.


We grow, we live a while, then we die.

But before that final breath, the last heartbeat, there is a moment.

The most beautiful in the world…

The lapse.

It is called senility, madness, but I know better.

You once again know what you knew as a child.



It's all real again, all of it.

You regain the old innocence, and it's wonderful.

The lapse is wonderful.