Alright here's the first chapter. Warning there is some violence. Please R&R

Gabby POV

"Gabby here's my essay assignment for English. It has to be ten pages. I totally like forgot about it. It's on To Kill a Mockingbird. It's due tomorrow. Make sure it's A material," the queen bee of the school ordered me. Well good thing I've read that book twice.

"Yes Shanna," I answered her.

I grabbed the assignment from her perfectly manicured hand. She had long straight blond hair that reached past her shoulders. She was wearing a black mini skirt with a blue tank top. Her two best friends, the other it girls, Jenna and Carrie stood on either side of her. I hated them all. They made me do their homework. If I didn't they stole my lunch and made sure my day was a living hell. Too bad I didn't have enough courage to stand up for myself!

The one time when I refused to do Shanna's homework she stole my lunch, spilt milk on my head, and then had a couple of boys beat me up after school. I told my parents but of course they didn't care. Why would they? I was just the nerd girl who would never have the charisma and beauty of my parents. You see they both were rich models. And I was there daughter that was treated more as their personal servant. I then told my principal but Shanna denied it all. And of course her two boy toys had alibis for when I was beat up. Guess who their alibis were, Jenna and Carrie. Shocker!

I arrived home and immediately began my own homework. While doing my homework I reflected on my life or rather the hell on Earth I lived in. I had two parents who hated me and was hurt on a daily basis. I had no friends and was the object of bullying at school. Sometimes I wondered why I didn't just give up on my life. But somewhere in the back of my mind I knew there was more to life than pain and sadness.

I finished my homework by 4. Then I went on to do Shanna, Jenna, and Carrie's regular homework which I finished by 8. When I was done with that, I started making supper for my parents who would be home by 8:45.

I decided to make pasta since they seemed to like it and it didn't take very long to make.

One time I didn't get supper done until 9 and my parents said as long as I made them wait for their food I would not be allowed to eat for 2 days. But of course I still had to make them dinner and breakfast and lunch when they were home. But that wasn't the worse during summer if I didn't "behave" I got much worse punishments which I would rather not think about right now.

My parents arrived at the house at 8:30 and I still did not have supper done. My stomach dropped. I knew they wouldn't be happy. I ran from the kitchen to the door so I could get their coats to hang up. My parents threw their jackets but I was ready and managed to catch them. I went quickly and hung them up. Then I came back in the living room to ask if they needed anything else.

"No just get us our food immediately," my father said as he started to walk to the dining hall. Gosh how I hated that man. But there was nothing I could do about it, he was 10x stronger than me.

"Ah sir the food won't be ready for another ten minutes," I explained not letting my hatred show but unfortunately my fear did.

"Excuse me," my mother said.

"It's just you usually don't get home until 8:45 and I wanted to make sure the food was hot," I quickly explained dreading what was about to occur.

"How dare you blame this on us!" My father exclaimed raising his fist.

I fell on the ground dodging his fist. He then began kicking me in the stomach. I begged him to stop between my gasps and moans of pain but he would not listen. He did not stop until I threw up blood. I tried to stand up but immediately collapsed.

"I guess you won't be able to go to school tomorrow. Tonight you are excused from your chores but tomorrow night I expect you to be back to work," my mother said.

"Yes ma'am," I whispered.

My parents left me on the ground. I was in the fetal position crying for hours. Eventually I dragged myself to bed knowing that another beating would be coming from Shanna's goons since I did not write her paper.

I awoke in the morning and slowly limped to the kitchen to make breakfast for myself. I made a ham and cheese omelet which I have to say was the best tasting omelet around. I then threw on a pair of sweatpants and my Team Jacob t-shirt. I started reading the book Where are the children? By my favorite author Mary Higgins Clark.

As I was reading the book curled up as much my sore body would allow me, I heard a window break behind me. I turned around to see Shanna and her two goons coming through the window. I tried to run but before I had time to take one step Shanna had already got to me and threw me to he ground with surprising strength.

I gasped in pain as my already sore body hit the hard wooden floor. She snapped her fingers and the two goons began kicking me. As they kicked me, Shanna stomped on my hand and I heard a sickening crack, followed by another one of my ribs. I cried out in pain and began begging them to stop.

"Oh don't worry we will. And then I will give you as a gift to one of my vampire lovers," she said with a smirk.

What did she mean vampire lover? Does she actually mean vampire? I mean come on their fictional characters right! But now that I think about it she did have a lot of strength. Though it could have been just an adrenaline rush.

"what do you mean?" I asked quietly now that they had stopped their assault.

"I mean we are vampires and now that I have no use for you, I will make you a slave. Of course just so I make sure the person I give you to is not to lenient on you I will tell him you were a vampire slayer who was planning on killing him and all his loved ones," Shanna explained, " Because unfortunately even though his heart no longer beats he still has a soul"

I opened my mouth to ask what she is talking about but she kicked me in the stomach silencing me. And then repeated that until I blacked out from the pain. When I woke up, I was in a room I had never seen before. It was a pretty nice room, too bad Shanna and her goons were still there. And my body couldn't take another beating now. Let's hope they just kidnapped me to talk. Fat chance of that!