So here is my short apology. I am sorry. Longer apology on the bottom. Enjoy!

Gabby's POV

I found Alex still in an intense battle with Eric. Both were throwing things at each other, and throwing each other across the room. As Eric threw Alex into the wall, I went to help Alex. But before I got there, someone grabbed my arm.

I turned around to physically detach myself from the person, but stopped in shock. A pair of blue-green eyes looked into mine. Rob looked down on me with a smile.

"Trust me Gabby; you don't want to help Alex. If Alex doesn't win this fight on his own, then he will never forgive himself," Rob told me.

"But I can't just let him die," I told Rob.

"Don't, have faith in him," Rob explained.

"I'll try," I whined.

"That's all I ask, and if he really is about to die, I give you full permission to cause a distraction," Rob said with a serious tone, "Oh and congratulations on your new found powers"

"Aw thanks Rob," I said hugging him.

"No problem, and did you win your fight against Brad?"

"Of course I did. And I didn't let him go free, like you did with Shanna," Rob said with no remorse.

"You killed him?" I asked.

"Yep," Rob answered.

"Good," I simply replied.

I looked back to watch the fight between the man I loved, and the man I would never call father. Eric had Alex on the ground. He punched him in the face. I cringed as Alex moaned in pain. As Eric went in for another hit, I knew I could not just watch it happen.

Alex's POV

As Eric went to punch me again, I couldn't help but see the stake he held in his hand. I knew this hit would end me, and I had not got to see Gabby one more time. I never got the chance to show her what true love is. I looked into Eric eyes as his fist descended on me.

"What the hell?" Eric exclaimed stopping his swing in midair. He looked behind him and I followed his line of sight.

An icicle sat on the ground behind Eric's back. Gabby stood next to Rob with an angelic expression. I smirked and realized her distraction had gained me the freedom of my legs. I quickly swung my leg hitting Eric in the back of his head.

He fell to the ground with a dazed look. Several people surrounded us, and I realized that they were all on our side besides the corpses and captured bodies. I really wanted to kill Eric right now, but no matter what he did he was Gabby's father. I would not make the killing blow without her permission.

I locked eyes with Gabby as I kicked Eric again as he tried to get up. Gabby nodded her head at me giving me permission. I picked up the stake that Eric had dropped and without a moment of hesitation I stabbed it through Eric's heart. He choked and then remained still.

Cheers were heard from those surrounding us. I found myself engulfed by strong arms. Gabby held on to me for dear life, tears streaming down her face. I put my arms around her being careful not to squish her. We were finally free!

Lucy's POV

Peter dragged me off down the hallways. I was mad at him, but madder at myself for being once again too weak to help my daughter. He opened up a door and shut it behind him. We were surprised to see two people already in the room.

Ellie and a man I'm assuming is Kyle by Gabby's description stood across from each other. Ellie giving Kyle a death glare, and Kyle looking like he was scared to death. I assumed Ellie wanted to be a part of the fight as well. Both faced us with tense figures. Ellie relaxed when she recognized me.

"Hi I don't believe we have officially met. My name is Lucy," I said putting out my hand for her to shake.

"Ellie thanks for getting me away from Cam earlier," she replied shaking my hand with a smile.

"No problem, this is my ah…friend, Peter," I said pointing to Peter.

"Nice to meet you, Lucy's 'friend'," Ellie replied with a smirk.

"Hi I'm Kyle Ellie's boyfriend," Kyle said shaking my and Peter's hand.

After introductions an intense silence fell. No one really wanted to talk. I was pretty sure like everyone else I was listening for any signs of battle. Suddenly I heard a bang and the door flew open. Daniel, Cam, and another buff guard stood in the doorway.

Peter and Kyle immediately stood in front of Ellie and me. Cam smirked at that. Shit how did they find us. Oh right, they are evil, crazy, and completely obsessed with us. That's how!

Peter and Kyle both went to punch Dan out right away but Cam and the other body guard blocked their paths. An intense battle broke out between the two. Daniel made his way towards Ellie and I. I stood in front of Ellie feeling very protective of her. She reminded me a lot of Gabby, and I was going to do everything in my power to protect her since I was too weak to protect Gabby.

"Aw Luce why do you look so scared," Daniel said in a mocking tone.

"I…I'm not scared," I said stuttering ruining my false bravado.

"Maybe because you betrayed your husband," He said in an angry voice raising his hand towards me.

As he went to hit me instead of just cowering and waiting for the blow, I dodged it and kicked him in the shin. He yelped and rubbed his shin. I grinned in my victory, but soon my face turned too petrified when he recovered. His face was the angriest that I had ever seen it. It wasn't the amused look he got from abusing Gabby, but instead I am going to kill you look.

He grabbed me by the throat, cutting off my air supply. I desperately gasped for breath. Suddenly the choke hold was released and I found myself on the ground catching my breath. I looked up to see him holding his stomach. Ellie's fist did not wait for him to recover but instead punched him in the face. As she went for the third time Dan grabbed her fist mid punch and threw her on the ground.

He kicked her in the stomach twice before I managed to get up. I ran at him but he easily grabbed me. He pulled me to his chest producing a knife. I felt the cold metal against my neck as Dan's body pushed up against my back.

"Alright everyone stop or I slice her neck," Dan said in an ominous voice.

Everyone stopped fighting. Peter made a jump towards me, but Dan added pressure to the knife causing blood to flow. Peter immediately stopped in his tracks. Even though I couldn't see his face, I knew Dan was wearing a sadistic smirk.

"Now kneel down and let my dear friends, Cam and Stephen, finish you guys off," Dan said.

Ellie, Peter, and Kyle all kneeled down. When Kyle saw Ellie sit down he stood back up in front of her.

"Don't worry lover boy I'm not killing Penelope. I have other plans for her," Cam said smirking at Ellie. Ellie shivered.

Kyle kneeled back down next to Peter waiting his fate. I could not let this happen. No way were they dying for me.

"You guys have to stand up. Put up a fight. I am as good as dead anyways," I said before Dan once again silenced me by slicing a thin layer of skin on my neck.

"I love you Lucy," Peter said. Though I couldn't say anything I portrayed my love through my eyes. Ellie and Kyle shared a passionate kiss before Cam forcefully parted them.

"Okay enough of this. Take this," Cam said shoving a stake into Ellie's hands.

"What? Why?" Ellie replied in confusion.

"Because you are going to kill your lover boy," Cam said simply.

"What? No way!," Elli said trying to hand back the stake to Cam.

"You will do it or I will torture him to death, " Cam answered.

"Please don't make me do this Cam," Ellie said kneeling at his feet.

"Do it or I will do it a lot less kind than you," Cam replied with no remorse.

Ellie stood up with tears flowing down her cheeks. Kyle looked at her and mouthed 'I love you'. Ellie mouthed I love you too. She lifted her arms and suddenly turned around stabbing Cam right in his heart. Cam gave a shocked look before collapsing on the ground, dead. Well more dead that he was before.

Ellie looked at her hand previously holding the stake. She seemed to be in shock. Kyle went to hug her.

"I said no one move. Thanks to Penelope's action Lucy is now going to be punished. And if anyone tries something like that again Lucy will be dead. Am I understood?" Dan asked.

"If you don't let go of my mother this instant your dead, do you understand?" a powerful voice said.

I looked to see my beautiful daughter. She stood in the doorway full of confidence. I could see Alex next to her, and the rest of her friends stood behind her.

"Oh and what are you going to do about it? If you burn me, the knife might accidentally slip," Dan said.

"I don't plan to burn you," she said with a smirk.

"What are you talking about?" Dan asked.

"What the hell? Why can't I move?" Dan said. I suddenly felt very cold, as if a chill was coming from Dan.

Gabby's POV

"Didn't you wonder where everyone else is? Like Shanna for example?" I asked with a smirk.

"No way you couldn't have beaten her? You are just a weak little girl," Dan said.

"Then how would you explain your frozen body?" I asked him.

I walked over to Dan and pried his frozen hands away from my mother. I picked up the knife that had now clattered to the floor. I put it to his throat.

"When I unfreeze you, I would suggest you get far away from here as fast as you can. Because though I promise to give you a 3 day head start, I am not so sure about my friends," I told him.

"I'm thinking a 3 minute head start sounds good," Rob replied from behind me.

"Longer than what I'm giving him," Peter said cracking his knuckles.

I unfroze Dan and he wasted no time running out of there. As for the vampire with Dan, he wasn't so lucky. He lunged for me and was stabbed with a stake through the heart by Ellie. I couldn't believe it, it was really over!

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