of a girl offered up as a bait

her savior came too late

I'm a black lake of pain,

of sorrow, endless again,

its where I'm drowning,

its where I'm pleading,

its where I'm waiting,

for the decision of my fate, hating -

hating the fact that the decision is not mine to make,

hating the reason that the pain is mine to take,

hating the injustice of it all,

the black lake is where I fall,

is where I shake with sobs,

with dark pain my heart throbs,

I don't want to be what they are,

beacuse until today, I'd seen them from far,

kept them away,

don't make me like them, I pray,

I fall in the black lake,

where I thrash for life's sake,

I feel like my heart will burst,

I don't want to be cursed,

I go below the surface, its all dark,

there's no light, no spark,

I'm scared, I'm quiet, I'm still,

wishing someone would save me, if someone will,

but its too much, I can't bear it,

My pain so great yet I can't share it,

I struggle to the surface,

I burst forth, no grace,

I see them there,

on the rocky cliff not so high up in the air ,

I try to scream, but my voice has gone,

fear robbed me of it, its not long -

they've almost reached the decision,

they're almost in a disillusion,

something pulls me in,

just when my eyes reach the brim,

that beautiful figure shone,

now I was no longer alone,

but I realize he cannot come in the lake,

I throw out my hand for him to take,

His arm reached out towards me,

I drag myself forward, he'd saved me,

but my ankle feels a grasp,

I let out a horrified gasp,

Thats the last I see of my savior who came too late,

I get pulled under the dark water, offered up as a bait,

the decision was made,

my savior was too late,

I'm in a black lake of pain,

of my loss and the evil's gain,