Hello all! Me again, hopefully you wont have to ask who 'me' is.

Any way… I guess I should tell you some things.

My other story 'clashing love' is on hiatus. I have writers block and have no idea where to go from where I'm at.

I have decided that since the votes were tied on the poll I had up, I would chose. And I chose this one. And I've added a plot! Eh hem, WE have added a plot.

That's right, I'm not doing this story by myself. My bestest friend Crystal4458 is writing it with me.

That's all for announcements. Here's the story. I hope you like it.


I've always had a voice inside my head,

It said 'Trouble's coming better stay in bed.

On my couch was where I was right now, bored out of my freaking mind watching some mindless show on t.v. not really paying attention to it.

It was the last week of summer, and I had nothing to do. *Sigh* what a waste of time. Maybe Brianna will want to do something with me.

No sooner had I thought that when my cell phone started ringing.


"Hi Keith (This is my actual name people.) how are you?"

"Im fine, how are you?"

"I'm doing just dandy, anyway I'm going camping this weekend? You wanna come with me? Pretty please!" Gah I could just imagine her giving me those puppy dog eyes. I thought about it for a minute.

"Sure why not?"

"Ehhhh! See you tomorrow!"

I hung up.

"woooooow." I muttered to myself. She seemed extra hyper crazy today. I considered canceling on her, faking an illness or something. But that would make her sad. And camping might be fun. Who was I kidding camping sucked! However I'd get to see brie again.

So I decided to go. I turned the t.v. off and went to my room, after slipped into my pajamas and went to bed, wondering what tomorrow might bring.

Brie's Point of View

As soon as I heard the beeping sound that signaled my target had hung up his phone I smiled.


The game was set, it was now only a matter of time.