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My breath stopped. The beast sniffed my shirt and nudged me back, causing me to fall over. I started hyperventilating as the wolf took a small –well, small for it- step towards me. My chest started hurting again, but as I tried to subtly back away from the beast I fumbled with my inhaler, dropping it. Finally I plucked up what little courage I had and leaving my inhaler, I jumped up and ran as fast as I could. I didn't hear if the wolf came after me or not but I only got past a few trees when I heard a familiar sigh. I stopped abruptly and turned around.

I only got a glance of light brown hair before something hit my head and I fell unconscious

~Brie's POV~

"Hey, I'm not feeling too good" I said feigning sickness. "Im gonna head home, okay?" I stood and gave Keith my most apologetic smile.

"Oh, okay. Hope you feel better, Brie."

"Thanks." I slowly walked away.

It has begun.

I met my alpha after about a mile of walking. No shirt, as usual for our kind. The males liked to show off…cocky bastards. I gave him a long stare.

"Oh hell with it just mark him already!"

He grinned and bounded off behind me; the last thing I saw was a dark brown furry tail whipping through the trees. I smiled to myself wryly. He'd better bite Keith soon, otherwise id do it myself, and I highly doubted Mr. Alpha would like it very much If I had that kind of hold over his soon to be puppy. I hadn't realized how much time had past until Keith rushed past me only a couple paces away. I let out an aggravated breath. How did Kain always manage to screw things up?

Keith must have heard me because he stopped running and whirled around. Thinking fast, I swung my fist around and knocked him upside the head. He fell over unconscious.

Kain, my alpha ran up in human form.

"What did you do to him!?" he yelled at me.

"I hit him. And if you hadn't shown up just now I probably would've just bitten him in a minute. But lucky for you, you got here in time and now I don't have to do anything. Now if you'll excuse me Sarah is probably waiting for me to get back." I explained grinning like a demon. Kain winced; even though were technically mates, (him being the alpha male and me being the alpha female) we were both playing for our own teams. I thought of sarah as my mate. Kain didn't have one. Though he had taken quite an interest in Keith.

"Have fun!" I said cheerily winking.

"Right back at ya," Kain replied, grinning as I walked away.

~Keith's POV~

I woke up with a killer headache.

I was on my left side on the forest floor, and my chest hurt. I couldn't think enough around my pounding head to remember why. I opened my eyes and sat up slowly, rubbing the lump on my head lightly.

"Morning sleepy head!"

I yelled in surprise and whipped my head around to see a man standing a few feet away from me, a goofy grin on his face. He wore only a pair of long denim shorts. Literally, no shoes no shirt. Just shorts.

I didn't mind the no shirt part. The man was well muscled with broad shoulders and awesome abs.

I loved being gay.

"W-who are you?" I stuttered as I stood up. Trying to get my mind and eyes off his body.

"I'm kain. I've chosen you to be my mate." And in long, swift strides kain walked up to me and slipped an arm around my waist.

What the hell?! He was burning up!

"W-what do you mean?" I whispered. Kain bent down so that his nose was only inches from mine. I felt my eyes widen in shock.

"I mean exactly what I say, love"

And then he kissed me.

Even though I didn't know who this guy was (except for his name.), my entire body felt like I'd just been struck by lightning and was currently on fire.

My mind said 'no, this isn't right.' But my body said 'fuck you.' To my mind; before I knew it, I was kissing him back, melding with his abnormally warm body. He smirked in triumph and pushed me back against a tree as the pressure on my lips increased.

At first my mind was screaming 'get away, get away!' but then I realized how good of a kisser he was and how he held me, tightly but gently, so I just gave up and enjoyed this while it lasted.

After all, this was my first kiss.

But while I was so lost in the heat and lust radiating from this man, I was jerked back to reality when my shirt came off.

Oh. My. God. A gay rapist!

I immediately started to struggle in Kain's iron like grip, trying to get away. His hold didn't loosen in the slightest.

"Calm down, love… I don't want to hurt you. This must be done for us to be together forever.." he murmured coaxingly as he unbuttoned my jeans. My heart was beating so erratically I thought that it might stop any second now. I was finding it hard to breathe. Kain didn't seem to notice my dilemma and buried his face in my neck, kissing it as he gently pulled my pants down; brushing his hand against the waist band of my boxers. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks.

Kain kissed my neck again and I couldn't even work up the courage to ask him to stop. I couldn't believe how much of a wimp I was being but that didn't help me concur my fears.

I was practically shaking as kain picked me up and laid be down on the forest floor, hovering over me, his nose almost touching mine. The blush on my face got even more pronounced. Kain grinned at this and promptly kissed me, pressing his muscular body against my smaller leaner one. I could feel his…excitement…, which made me blush even harder. He chuckled.

"Just go with the flow, im not going to hurt you, in fact, you're going to be begging me to continue in a minute."

And even though my mind was screaming that this was wrong, in my heart I knew that it was right. I picked my head up and shyly kissed him (after all I was very inexperienced with all this.). he seemed slightly surprised at first, but returned my kiss with a burning passion which turned my knees to jelly and made me want to stay like this forever.

Kain's hands traced down my chest, making my shiver with lust and anticipation. And stopped at my boxers. He hesitated, tugging at the waistband slightly, when I showed him no sign of hesitation, both of our boxers seemed to magically disappear. I didn't know where they went, nor did I care, for at that moment Kain brushed his hand against me and I felt myself harden. Flames seemed to erupt wherever he touched, and they only got hotter as he slipped a saliva-coated finger inside me.

I shivered as he kissed me harder and started thrusting his finger in and out, eventually adding a second finger, and then a third it hurt, but I seemed to be on a masochistic streak so it wasn't unpleasant. Kain seemed to realize this and pulled his fingers out. He broke out kiss to look me in the eyes.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?"

I surprised myself by answering immediately.


He pulled me onto his chest and slammed into me, the shock kept the pain at bay for a moment (for he was a lot bigger than three fingers) but then the pain did come, and I yelled out- but it felt so good too!

Kain pulled out slowly, leaving an aching felling, before he harshly thrust in again. I whimpered, how could something that felt so good hurt so much?

"Sorry love" he pulled out again, this time pushing in with much more force. I felt him hit something inside me that had me screaming in pleasure as he continued to thrust. In and out, in and out again.

Kain bent his head down and bit my neck, hard. I gasped and moaned at the same time. He kissed my neck, almost as if in apology, then repeated the process in a trail down to my chest. We were both close to our climax; I could tell from kains ragged breathing. He pulled out again and very slowly pushing back in, bringing both of us to ecstasy.

He glanced at me from my hip, victory in his eyes.

"You're mine now."

And he bit into my hip, his suddenly fang like teeth burying deep into my sensitive skin.

I screamed and fell unconscious.