Space Cowboys 1

Space Suit Showdown

By Mell Eight

Erections and space suits do not get along, Eric thought to himself sadly. Sure, the suits still came with a toilet attachment for long term space walks, but what Eric really needed was a third hand to take care of his uncomfortable problem.

That, or he needed his navigator to shut up.

Eric tightened another bolt on the outer docking port of Colony 5 and wished it wasn't against regulations to turn off his ear buds.

"—as my tongue licks over your pert little nipple. You moan and I add my teeth to scrape along the rigid flesh and bite down just enough to make you writhe."

"Jim!" Eric groaned. "Please, I'm trying to concentrate." This had to be done before the space bus from Colony 7 arrived or the diplomats from Planet Earth came for renewal of the Space Peace Accords.

Jim chuckled into his microphone. "I'm just giving you incentive to work faster," he purred.

Eric snarled and snapped the steel covering over the control panel shut. "Well, I'm done. So go ready the air lock."

It was difficult to move along the safety rails back to the service door. The suit was an older model so was missing a lot of the mobility the newer ones boasted. It was also hard to move when he was hard. His erection kept brushing against the firm inner layer of the suit, causing all sorts of interesting feelings that just didn't belong out in space in a truly unsexy suit.

Eric pushed the door closed behind him and hit the button to flood the outer room with air. When the red warning light turned green, he began the process of removing the suit. By the time Eric had gotten his helmet off, Jim had finished final technical procedures from the inside and walked through the air lock.

"I'm going to kill you," Eric snapped.

Jim grinned innocently. "Why? I was just testing you on working under difficult conditions. It's regulation."

"By making me remember everything we did in bed last night?" Eric asked the other man incredulously.

Jim's grin turned predatory. "No. By telling you what I'm going to do to you tonight," he purred.

Eric tossed his helmet onto the rack and pulled off his air pack. "And what makes you think I'll make it 'til tonight?" he snarled as he stripped down to his skivvies and space boots. He caught Jim looking at where he was pressed against his boxers, but ignored the man who put him in that position.

"Well," Jim finally sighed as he sidled towards the air lock. "We do have a half hour break right now…"

Fast as a rocket, Jim took off. The air locked closed behind him, leaving Eric with an erection, a pair of clumsy space boots, and the hope that they could call in sick for their second hour shift.

"Only Jim," Eric sighed with a laugh. He chucked his boots in his locker and jammed his legs into a pair of sweats as he quickly followed Jim's retreating steps to their set of rooms.

They would probably call in sick this afternoon. And then Eric was going to find a less mouthy navigator. That or some duct tape… He licked his lips at the thought.