Space Cowboys: Side Story

Captain's Capers

By Mell Eight

"Captain, you wanted the tapes of the space walks for this week?" Terry asked as she knocked on the open door to Phil's office.

Phil looked up at the rather voluptuous woman, rather unfortunately clothed head to foot in coveralls, and smiled. "Yeah, thanks, Terry. Who was on duty this week?"

"Eric and Jim," Terry answered promptly with a fond smile for the openly gay couple.

Phil fought hard to keep his face open and friendly. Eric and Jim were the nicest, friendliest couple in the entire station. Everyone had a soft spot for them, Phil included. But they had a bit of a penchant for getting in trouble, Jim particularly.

With no small bit of trepidation, Phil slipped the audio disk into his data pad, hooked up his headphones, and hit play. And then he promptly blushed and banged his head against his desk. Was it too much to hope that after his warnings the two idiots could censor themselves?

With a resigned growl, the Captain hit play again.

"Your nipples will be so hard by then, they'll be poking holes through your t-shirt. And I will bite and suck on those nibs until I've soaked through to your skin."

"Jim, I'm trying to put on a force plate right now. Can we save this for later?"

"I'll take your shirt off and kiss up your chest and neck until I reach your mouth, where I'll suck on your tongue and lips as you moan for me to kiss you properly.

"You're not helping, Jim. What are my oxygen levels reading?"

"Ninety two percent. Next I'll move down to your pants, where I'll open the zipper with my teeth. I'll play with you through your underwear for a while—licking and sucking on your cock until your underwear is straining and it's painful for you to be clothed at all.

"And only then will I take off your underwear. You'll be long and hard and I'll take the base of your cock in one hand to keep you steady while my tongue licks you like a space pop. I'll lick you from where my hand is all the way to your tip and around your head. I'll explore the slit at the top and taste your pre-cum. Then I'll take you into my warm mouth and suck.

"First I'll suck at the very tip, licking around the head. Then I'll take you deep. Your cock will bump the back of my throat in the way I know you love and I'll swallow you down, my nose touching your stomach with your cock deep in my throat, until you scream my name—"


"Eric, did you just come? You totally just came!"

"Shut up. I'm heading in."

"You came!"

"Shut up. Ready the air lock."

"Readying the air lock now. I'll bring you a spare pair of underwear too."

"Shut up, Jim."

"Love you too."

Phil sighed and took off his headphones. He rubbed his forehead with a tired hand as he reached for the assignment roster for the next week. Under Eric and Jim's names he wrote: Special Assignment- Clean Space Suits

Phil hit the entry button on his data pad and leaned back in his chair with a sigh. Maybe this time they'd learn not to play around while being recorded? The captain doubted it…