I gripped the sword in my hands and lashed out at my opponent. He was not able to block it this time and my weapon went right through his thin clothes and punctured his heart. I pulled my sword out and turned around, searching for my next victim.

I was ambushed immediately by two women coming from opposite directions. I ducked and there swords met each others. They were both much taller than me and I had no trouble slipping from between them. They looked around, confused. My teeth flashed in a smile when my sword plunged through the back of one, while the others eyes went huge. I stepped over the now dead woman and brought my sword up. Our swords met with a clang. She was a fierce component, fox like in her movements. Her swiftness and speed surprised me for a moment, but I quickly adapted to her way of fight. Within minutes her sword lay on the ground and my sword was quickly plunged into her chest.

I pulled my sword from her lifeless corpse and turned searching for my next victim. My eyes were quickly drawn to a man twenty yards away from me. On second look it appeared to be a boy. What startled me, was how this boy was the most beautiful I had ever laid my eyes on. It dawned on me that this had to be one of the princes everyone talked about.

His clothing was coal black. His skin was a smooth chocolaty brown and his hair as black as a night with neither the moon nor the stars, but his eyes were what most amazed me. He turned towards me and I got my first real look at his paranormal eyes. I could sense a slight smile play on his lips, but all my attention was glued onto his metallic silver irises that gleamed.

His chuckle made me drop my gaze like a foolish school girl with a crush. I heard him step forward which made my attention come back into focus. I was as wary of him as he was of me, but I did not get into my attack stance for I saw he had sheathed his sword. He was almost upon me when their retreat horn rang out. The sound made both of us jump as if we had been caught doing something against the rules. This in a way was true. We were enemies; one or the other should have already been dead. The prince wavered for a few seconds as if wanting to say something, but instead he turned and fled. I watched his neat strides as he ran from me.

In the background I heard my people cheering at the victory this battle had brought us. I knew I should be happy, so I forced a smile upon my face. Even though I had to start acting happy, deep within me I felt completely different; almost like I was sad our moment could not have lasted.

That night I sat down with my friends and family as we celebrated our victory, yet I could not help thinking about the prince. I then knew his name. It had not taken me to terribly long to discover his name was Procello. As I pondered over what had happened I started to wonder if I had just imagined it or if he had really spoken. I swear though, I heard him say, "I'll be back," right before he turned and ran away. As I lay in bed that night the only thoughts that played in my mind were thoughts of this handsome stranger that was my enemy.