I heard a commotion outside. I could hear someone yelling, but could not make out what they were saying. My mother burst through the door.

"There's an attack," she gasped before running back out of my room.

I jumped up and grabbed my belt with my sword sheathed in it. My hair was already tied back so I didn't have to worry about that, and I didn't even stop to think about any armor I just ran out the door.

I raced down the stairs and out the front door into the streets. I saw no one, so I kept running. I eventually made it to the town square and my eyes laid upon a horror. Our enemies had managed to sneak far enough into town before the fight had begun and now they were pushing more and more to try and reach the castle.

I rushed into battle bringing my sword up to block that of one of my lieutenant's death blow. I fought off his opponent and ended his life with a swift blow. My blond haired lieutenant had already hopped up and was ready to fight again. I nodded my head in encouragement, and we turned away and faced our next rival.

I had just ended that of another's life when I heard my name. I turned to the sound of the voice and was greeted by my general.

He yelled at me over the roar of the battle, "The Queens guards are taking her to the safe placeā€¦" I started running already knowing what he wanted me to do. I ran searching for our only salvation, the Queen.

The battle raged all around me, as I raced to find my Queen. I zoomed past blurred images of my loved ones fighting and dying for our country. I saw my little brother fighting for his life with a girl twice his size and twice his experience. My speed slowed as I had a moment of unsure if I should help him. I was just about to stop and help him when I caught sight of her. My Queen was surrounded by our enemy. Most of her protectors were on the ground dead, with only a few left to fight.

I darted towards her as fast as my legs could take me. When I finally arrived at myQueensside I yelled out to her protectors, "Go! Take her." They hesitated then slowly started to move the Queen away.

I glanced over to make sure everything was okay with the Queen. When I looked back at my first opponent I had to duck. The sword sliced the air above me, barely missing me. I came up and our swords met at last.

My opponent was a girl with long brown hair twisted up and pinned on her head. She looked to be around a year or two younger than me. I banished her sword and thrust mine through her heart. I sensed someone was directly behind me. I felt more then heard a slight skirmish, I turned abruptly. My movements were fast and swift, yet I was not good enough to block the object that someone knocked me over the head with. My hearing left me first and I could hardly feel the hard ground that I collapsed onto. Right before I blacked out I saw a sword falling to kill me. I closed me eyes waiting, ready for the final blow, but it never came. I struggled to open my eyes and when I was finally able to, I saw Prince Procello fighting his own people to keep me alive. Then, the world went black.

I felt like I was floating on a white cloud. At times I could feel arms holding on to my body, keeping my afloat. I felt as if I was between words. Sometimes, I could hear words spoken in the distant, other times there was nothing, just me floating on my white cloud. Finally my mind came into focus for a moment, just long enough to realize I was in someone's arms being carried to an unknown place, and then the world left.

I opened my eyes with great effort to complete whiteness. Everything, from the ceiling to the floor was white. I struggled to sit up and when I did I scanned the room, looking for anything of importance, that's when I noticed that a white chair sat by my bed and in it sat the Prince. He smiled dazzling me with his white shiny teeth. He was as handsome now as when I had seen him for the first time on the battle field. This time he was clad in a flowing white shirt and navy blue dress pants, his eyes held a certain spark to them. He was absolutely gorgeous sitting there and I probably looked terrible. We sat, studying the other. For quite some time we just scrutinized each other, then he finally spoke.

"We were wondering when you would awaken," he said calmly.

I stayed silent not uttering a sound, he keeps talking to fill the silence, "It took me sometime to convince them not to kill you, and they finally decided you could be of some use to us."

I didn't reply. I had no questions to voice, for I knew they would not be answered. I figured I knew about what they wanted of me, but they were not getting it. After a few seconds of silence Procello got up to walk out. "Why did you do it," I blurted out surprising both of us. He paused halfway to the door, but didn't say anything. Instead the door slammed heavily behind him when he left me alone in an empty room.

I threw the crisp white covers back, swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood. The white gown someone had put me in barely brushed my knees, me feet where bare. My hair was now down in ringlets around my face. I walked swiftly to the door and tried opening it. I failed as I knew I would, it was locked. I turned to examine my surroundings and found nothing, there was only the bed and the chair where Procello had sat only moments before, although it felt like ages.

I turned to the wall at my right and started running my hands as high as I could and all the way to the bottom looking for something, anything that could get me out of there. For all I knew there could be a hidden switch somewhere in this room, plus there was nothing else to do.

I searched the rest of the walls and the floor, and then moved to the chair and the bed. It was not till I had crawled under the bed that I got lucky. It was in the far top corner of the underside of the bed. There was a switch that I had to flip up. Nothing happened so I started to crawl out from under the bed. When I did I felt the ground start to sink. The bed and the floor it sat on was slowly moving downward.

The light dimmed until I was in complete darkness. I cupped my hands together and whispered, "Salisome." Light appeared in my cupped hands. I held the light outward trying to see where I was. When we finally stopped moving I crawled completely out from under the bed, got up and walked around cautiously. It appeared I was in an empty storage room. There was dust on the floor and I was worried about my footsteps but decided there was nothing I could do about them. The only thing that occupied the room was just a few empty boxes and a table against the far wall. I walked slowly over the table. It was an old fragile table and on it was an array of daggers. A smile crawled onto my face and I gently picked up a dagger.

Happier with a weapon I examined the room more closely searching for an escape route. To my right there were a set of stairs and I made my way to them slowly. I softly climbed the staircase and about fifty steps later I came to a wooden door. The door was old and rotting yet you could still make out the ancient symbols carved into it. I closed my hang into a fist and my light immediately vanished. I reached for where I suspected the doorknob of being and found it easily. I slowly turned it ready to fight at a moments notice. The door slowly opens, surprisingly without noise. I step out into nothingness.