I've anticipation and trepidation when it comes to the life I lead.

This is nothing new or just realized.

It never has been.

I have come from modest beginnings;

From a family that equally has eternal and no memory.

We, I can take it as it comes; God willing or not.

My peers, my associates, my fellow man is the same.

To cut a clear path through this jungle, this garden,

I have done everything within my power (and nothing) to guard myself and my family;

This includes friends, from that withering feeling of boredom,

That feeling in the fiefdom of the self.

Don't worry about being alone; why would I ever do such a thing as that?

(Just breathe)

Don't whisper to yourself when others are near- speak out!

Enjoy, entreat yourself to the company around you; do it for them.

Do it for you.

Be something, be anything.

(Just breathe)

© S. I. Mette