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"In the end there are three things that last: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love."

I have two words to say to you; Maddox Blake. Possibly the sexiest thing you will ever lay eyes on. And he was my best friend. Gorgeous, beautiful, lean, tall, and totally – inexplicably – unavailable to me…

"Babe?" The oh-too-recognisable voice asked through the phone as I picked up.

"What now?" I sighed, faking annoyance, when honestly I swooned at his voice.

"You know you want to come and help me out…" He whined. I could hear the widening grin in his voice.

"Whatever you want, Mad, whatever you want." I laughed – it was so hard to stay mad at him for long. "Oh yeah, do you want another iced vanilla latte?"

"Yeah, babe, we might need the caffeine. See you in a few… Mwah." He hung up before I could even say goodbye... As he always did.

"I need help!" Maddox moaned to me, as I let myself into his house with my own key. He looked like the most adorable thing sitting like a five-year-old – cross legged, in baggy pajama bottoms and tight black wife-beater, guitar resting on his knees. His hair was tousled from where his hands had constantly raked through them.

With a pen tapping against his slightly parted lips, and his eyes half-drooped with fatigue, I'd never seen anything more alluring.

I flopped on to the carpet, looking up at him on the sofa.

"Okay, right… Here," I thrust the drink into his hands, "now, sing me the lyrics so far."

Yeah, he was agonizing over a song. I know, seems pretty pointless, but he needed the songs for the next album.

Maddox Blake was the lead singer of "Broken Clocks" the hottest new band on the scene – and I was the only person he could stand to be around during his creative-block.

"Right okay then…" He took a deep swig of his iced-coffee, moved the guitar into place, and played a series of simple chords,

"Mmm…" I sighed, the melody was sweet and slow.

"I woke up this morning, caught sleepin' in
And noticed the sun was creeping in.
I picture some people I've never seen
One family's love can spark my dreams.

The coldest year we've had-
Oh-so far from Mom and Dad.
Coloured pills and alcohol-
We'll make it better after all.

And I'll... I'll get through this,
No one can stop me now.
Time is useless when your head's caught up in the clouds.

"Oh Maddie… It's gorgeous!" I breathed, drinking in the sounds of his liquid-velvet voice.

"It may be gorgeous Tammykins, but I can't finish it…" He sighed, pleading me, with those jewel-blue eyes.

"Gahh…Pass me a pen and paper, and let's start working, then." I smiled, wanting to ease those worried lines, creasing his pale forehead.

"Thanks Tamara, I owe you." He grinned, chucking a notebook and biro at me.

"Yeah, I know…" I whispered, too low for him to hear.

It'd been two hours; making it now twenty past midnight. We still hadn't thought of something good enough, and Maddie was getting more and more frustrated. He'd given up on writing anything, and just resorted to playing the tune again. And again. And again...

"I have… something… I guess." I smiled tentatively, nervous at what I'd written.

"Oh Tam-tam, sing it to me?" He said, and picked up his guitar again.

He played through the first part of the song, gently counting me in to where I should begin.

"Time flies by when you love someone,
And the hands stand still when it's overdone.
But getting caught up inside of my past,
Friends come and go, but only family will last.

The coldest year we've had-
Oh-so far from Mom and Dad.
Coloured leaves fall from the trees;
I just try to make you proud of me.

And I'll... I'll get through this,
No one can stop me now.
Time is useless when your head's caught up in the clouds

His part of the song was all about his lifestyle, how he was. My part was how I felt about him… I just prayed he wouldn't understand the meaning behind my words.

"Tammykins! It's perfect! Oh I love you!" He exclaimed, propelling himself off the sofa, to land on me. He scattered kisses on my cheeks, whilst chanting happy "Thank You!"s as he hugged me.

He hopped off me just as quickly, leaving me there lying on the floor – my heart beating too fast, my lungs feeling tight and restricted.

"Alex, call Myles and Theo, and get your asses over here now! I have something to show you." He laughed into the phone, and quickly hung up.

I sighed, and visibly deflated. Maddie had always gotten rid of me before the band came around – I doubt they even knew I existed – even though I'd known Maddox since I was two.

"I'll be off then Mads, see you later, Hon." I forced out a smile, and pushed myself up off the ground. "Bye-bye" I smiled, picking up the various empty cans and rubbish scattered on his cream-carpeted floor.

I chucked it all in the bin, and headed towards the door. A soft but calloused hand grabbed mine and tugged me back.

"Where do you think you're going?" He whispered, his vanilla breath tickling my ear, as he locked his arms around me.

"Maddie, let me go, okay?" I sighed, trying to wriggle out of his almost-hug was messing up with my rational thinking,

"You've never let the band meet me before, not even at the meet and greet after your concerts. So, like usual, I'm going." It was true, he didn't. I wasn't even sure why… Maybe he was ashamed of me? Seeing as he constantly had beautiful, blonde, skinny, fake-boobed women throwing themselves at him and his friends… and I was, well, just a normal plain, short, auburn-haired girl.

"But… you've been helping me with everything about the band… and it's like… you just have to meet them. Plus, I kinda have an announcement, and you need to hear it. Okay?" He spun me around to face him; he had a pleading smile on his face.

Puppy dog eyes… Truly irresistible. Didn't he know what he did to me? But I turned back round, closing my eyes, taking a deep breath.

"I have to go, Maddox." I said firmly. The more I thought about meeting the others, the more I got nervous. Thinking about how Maddie was embarrassed about me, made me think how terrible I would look to the three drop-dead-gorgeous guys in his band. "Bye-bye" I smiled, and turned to kiss his cheek, and lurched forwards to grab the door handle to leave.

"Well that was fast!" A silken voice laughed as I flung open the door to see three guys staring at me in shock. "We didn't even knock!"

My jaw dropped as I stared at the famously gorgeous people that were Alex Despain, Myles Uchena and Theo Black. They were so much more amazingly beautiful in person; it was impossible…

"I…I… I was just leaving…" I muttered, and moved out the way to let them in, so I could quickly make a run for it. Their looks on their faces when they stared at me… I shuddered.

"No she wasn't." Maddie sighed, picking me up and plonking me on the sofa. He's had a habit of doing that ever since he was seven, and I was five. I pouted, glaring at him, but crossed my legs and leant back into the sofa.

"I hate you." I pouted, not meaning it at all.

"I know, I know…" He smiled, and turned to face the guys, who'd finally stepped into the house, "Drinks guys?" Unanimous yeses and yeahs were muttered, and all four guys wandered into the kitchen.

I saw this as my chance to get away. I couldn't hide my hurt any longer… the guys faces were twisted in shock when I opened the door. It's only common sense to know they must have been thinking; 'What the hell is Maddox doing with this ugly girl?!'

Even now my eyes were threatening to well up.

I jumped off the couch, running over to where I'd stashed my shoes and purse, and darted towards the door. I was in such a hurry, I couldn't get the door to open quickly; the lock jammed.

"And where are you going?" Soft breath tickled my earlobe. I was suddenly aware of a warm, masculine body behind me. A hand came from the person behind me, and curled round my fingers – which were still trying to pry the door open.

"I…I err… I…" I stuttered, my legs turning to jelly. He pulled my hand away from the door, still clasping my fingers in his. I definitely knew it wasn't Maddox, and that both saddened, and excited me.

"Now, are you still planning on running away?" He whispered, his mouth getting closer and closer to the skin of my neck.

"Y-y-yes," I lied, my legs shuddering as I tried to control my breathing.

"Oh really?" He chuckled, as I nodded my head quickly. As soon as my head stopped bobbing, soft, plush lips pressed once on my pulse point.

"How about now?" He muttered. I could feel him smile against my skin.

"I… erm… I… huh?" I mumbled, then he let go of my hand – his lips left my skin – and I felt him walk away.

My legs finally crumbled. I looked around to see who the mystery-man was but he'd already left the room,

I sat cross-legged, just thinking… 'What the fuck was that?!'

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