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Phone Calls

The first time he called her, she was reading a book on her bed.

It was five o'clock when Bella Ann heard the phone ring. To be honest, when she first heard that the phone was ringing, she turned her head to the side, letting her blonde hair fall and cover her face while pretending to be asleep.

It wasn't that she didn't want to answer it - okay, let's be frank, she was lazy.

She didn't have it in herself to stand up and walk down the stairs and then to the living, just so she could hear that perky little annoying voice ask, "Is Matt there?"

How would she know if that perky little annoying voice, also called Candice, would be calling? Because she had in fact called three times just today, so she could talk to her boyfriend - also Bella's brother - Matt. What Candice, a petite brunette girl, didn't get was that he wasn't home. Oh no, Bella had tried to explain it. Several times in fact.

But come on, how many times can one say, "Listen honey, he's with his friends, so bugger off!" before they lost their minds? Bella could bet her on life that if she once again heard Candice whine, "But why isn't he home yet?" she would go ballistic.

Annoying little twart.

But the phone kept on ringing and Bella got tired of hearing it ring, so she walked down the stairs slowly. Slowly so she didn't have to answer it, if that wasn't quite obvious. With an irritated sigh, she picked the phone up and answered, "Yellow?"

"Oh hey, is Luke Anderson's here?"

That voice was definitively not Candice.

Oh quite the contrary. In fact it was deep male voice that was on the other end of the line.

And not a male voice that Bella could recognize. She raked through her brain, trying to fit that voice to a picture. She didn't come up with anything.

"Nope," she said lazily into the phone, "No Luke living here."

"Oh," he sounded disappointed, the dude on the other line. If he was in fact a dude and not just a girl, with freaky deep voice like a male. Bella doubted that though. "Oh well, who's this?"

"Shouldn't I be asking that?"

"Yeah but I asked anywas."

She couldn't help but frown. Who in the -

"Who are you? And don't go saying that you asked me first."

"Alright, I won't," he said, "The name is Shawn." Shawn, she thought, nice name. "So, will you tell me your name or are you gonna dodge it?"

"Is that an option?"

She heard something. She thought it sounded like a laugh, small, almost unheard.

"Not if I get to decide, so tell me what your name is."

It sounded like a command, and from a stranger on the phone too. She couldn't understand how she got into a conversation with a stranger! If Bella was like all the other kids that had learned to never speak to a stranger, she would have hung up the phone. She would have hanged up and gone back to her room to finish whatever she was reading. But her mother always told her that she wasn't in fact like all the other kids.

And she had some serious bad judgment. Most of the times.

So after a moment, she answered, "It's Bella, Bella Ann."


The second time he called her, she was getting out of the shower.

When Bella was about to step out of the shower and wrap a towel around her body, she heard the phone ring. She ignored it of course, because she was half-naked and didn't want to go down in her towel. Her brother could get it or something.

But Matt was just as lazy ass as her, so the phone kept on ringing. As she finished wrapping the towel around her body - the phone still ringing, mind you - she groaned and walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs.

"Hello!" she said angrily into the phone. "Who the eff-"

"Watch your language young lady."

She paused, scowling. That sounded a lot like...


"The one and only, I'm guessing I dialed the wrong number, huh?"

"Again, now come on, who let's you have a phone when you can't use it properly!"

Okay, she sounded like a bitch but she was wet and grumpy. She had wanted to stay in the bathroom all day, do her nails, straighten her hair and do all the other girly things one usually do. She seriously needed to hung up and get back there - pronto.

"It's not my phone," he retorted, "it's the house phone. And I know how to use a phone, I just dialed the wrong number."

"Again?" her voice was filled with disbelief.

"Okay, you can say that that was stupid on my behalf." She snorted. He paused. "But I guess I just pressed re-dial, didn't think it through."

She tightened the towel around her body even more. "Damn right you didn't."

"Why are you so grumpy?"

She paused, not thinking that he would have come straight forward and ask her that question. She didn't even know the fellow, now come on.

"You cut my girly-yourself-up-in-the-bathroom-day short."

"You know," he said, "you can always go back to the bathroom, once you done talking to me that is."

"Yeah I know," she mumbled, shrugging, even though he couldn't see her. "But it kinda kills the mood, don't you think?"

"Dunno," he said and she could almost imagine him - whoever he was - frowning. "I'm not a girl, don't have those kind of days."

She should really hang up, she really, really should.

But she didn't.

"So," she said, "what kind of days do you have?"

"You sure you wanna know?"

She smiled. "Try me."


The third time he called her, she was going to go out.

Bella checked her outfit one more time in the mirror. She was wearing a knitted jumper, dark blue skinny jeans and her hair was in a bun and one hair lock out of its place, trailing down her cheek. She wasn't going to do to anything special, except go out with her friends to the movies, so she wasn't dressed to impress.

As she was about to step out of the door, she heard the phone ring. "Momma, answer the phone." she yelled over her shoulder but some unknown reason, she stayed put in her spot.

"Can't, cleaning the bathroom!" her mom's soft voice yelled back and Bella shrugged, deciding that it wouldn't hurt answering the phone for her mom. So she quickly went back to the living room and picked the phone up.

"Hello." she said, in a surprisingly happy voice.

"Hey Bella,"

She should have been alarmed, talking to this guy once again but she wasn't. She should have been scared that he may be a stalker and immediately turned the phone off, but she didn't. Why am I doing this? she thought, I'm stupid, so stupid.

"Howdie Shawn, I'm guessing this time wasn't a wrong number?" Call it intuition, if you might. "Or what?"

"Nope, you caught me Bells," it felt weird to have him call her that, only her friends did so. She shrugged it off mentally. "I was bored, decided to see if you might answer."

"I did, huh, didn't I?" it wasn't a question that needed an answer. "So Shawn, whatcha been up to?"

Oh dear lord, she was asking a stranger what he's been about to. If her grandmother - may she rest in peace - saw her today, she would have turned pale. Or was it just that Bella always had a thing for the unknown?

"I got a dog today,"

"Oh?" She always had a thing for dogs too. "What's his name?"


Pause. She waited. And waited for him to laugh it away.

"Killer...?" She said, outraged - for some reason. "What do you want, for him to get bullied in the dog park!"

He laughed, a deep masculine kind of laughter. It sounded good.

"It's just a dog Bells, relax!" She should really got going. Hang up the phone and go. Her feet were itching to move, to do something. But she stayed put. She didn't want to go, for some unknown reason. "So, what have you been up to?"


And so it began.

Their conversation started getting more and more.

Bella didn't know when it happened, but one day, it seemed that they talked to each other for an entire month. Days had turned into weeks and suddenly one month. Then two. How or when, she didn't know. Because honestly, she wasn't the type to talk to strangers. After several conversations between them, she had given him her phone number. She did it because her mother started getting suspicious.

At first it was nothing, easily shrugged off. But when he once again called and she ran to answer it, her mom gave her a look! the look that a parent gives their children when they know they're hiding something and the former are bound to find out.

At first they just talked about the normal stuff. Hey, how you doing? How old are you? What's your favorite color? Favorite band slash artist slash music?

During the first conversations, she learned that he was seventeen - just like her - and that he lived in the same town as her. That was the biggest shocker of all but she didn't dare ask if they went to the same school. His favorite color was orange. Weird, she thought. And his favorite band was U2. But he liked all kind of music, from hip-hop to rock to country and even folk music.

He had black hair, he had told her. Green eyes. Tall.

He told her about his family: He had three brothers and two sisters. Jane, Janice, Jared, Jonas and Jace. His mom had a thing for J's and when he popped out - he was the youngest - his dad said enough was enough and named him after his own brother - Shawn.

He was easy to talk to and she liked that. He could make her laugh, with the most childish jokes she had ever heard. Even the knock-knock jokes that she easily got tired off. She told him about herself. She told him what she liked, what she disliked. She told him that she hoped to become a doctor one day. She told him her deepest wishes and fears, things she hadn't told her closest friends.

Why, she didn't know. Maybe it was because he was just some guy on the phone, a person that didn't know her, so therefore wouldn't judge her. It was easy you know, to let it all out for a person. Because Bella normally kept things to herself. Things she knew that her friends wouldn't approve off. Things she knew her mother wouldn't understand.

But when she tells him stuff about herself, stuff she wouldn't normally say, he would murmur, "It's alright you know, to talk about it. You don't need to be ashamed. I'm here for you...if you want me to be."

And she would feel hella lot better.

And when her friends asked her why she always seems to be on the phone, she would just say, "It's nothin', just a wrong dialer." Because it felt like Shawn was her secret. Hers. And nobody's else to know about.

"Why is the grass always greener on the other side?"

Bella looked up on the ceiling of her room, twirling a lock of her hair around her finger.

"Bells," he said and it no longer felt weird to hear him say that. In fact, it felt good. "Are you going all philosophical on me?"

"What if," she said, smiling, "I am?"

"Are you taking you meds sweetie?" He called her that sometimes, sweetie. Or honey. Or baby. She liked to hear him say it, it felt a hell of lot better than what she would dare to let herself believe. "Cuz I thought I'd never live to see the day Bella became... philosophical."

She could have sworn he was smiling and she felt her own lips stretch upwardly.

Damn, she wanted to know what he looked like. It was weird, that she could be talking to a person and still not know what they looked like. She had a picture in her head but it didn't satisfy her fantasy.

"Was that an insult I heard mister?"

"Indeed, it was."

She laughed and he laughed. It felt good. Normal.

"But honestly, tell me what's up," he said, softly and she started biting her lower lip.

"Nothing," she mumbled, pressing a hand to her face. "It's just that, this guy asked me out today."

His name was actually Derek, a blond haired, slightly older guy. A guy she worked with in the coffee shop.

"A guy asked you out?"

"Mmhm," she said, "And I know my friends wants me to be with him and he's nice and everything but.."

There was a pause. She could have sworn she heard her own heartbeat.

"But what?"

"I don't wanna go out with him.."


Okay, so that wasn't the reaction she expected. But honestly, what did she expect? That he would say, That's great sweetie, don't go out with him, go out with me. With him? Oh god, did she really think that? Did she want to go out with him? And in that moment, she understood, that she in fact did want to go out with him. Oh dear lord. She knew that she had a slight crush on him. Okay, she just liked him. He made her laugh. He made her open herself. A thing she had a hard time doing.

He - he - he understood her.

A thing all of the guys she ever went out with never had been able to do. He made her think. And dear lord, she had never seen him and she only talked to him through the phone. But his laughter made her heart skip a beat.

And oh god, that voice of his. So deep and dark, so manly, so -

Damn it, she was screwed. Royally screwed.

"Why do you want me to go out with him?"

"I never said that, Bells," He replied, sounding a bit irritated. "I only wanted to know why you didn't wanna go out that that fellow."

"Perhaps I will go out with him." See what bitterness makes you do? "It's a hella lot better than talking to you!"

Damn it, wrong turn, wrong, wrong turn! This wasn't how it was going to go.

She sat up, crossing her legs. "Fine," he said and he sounded so calm. Damn it, she knew he was a calm person, didn't have a temper, didn't get pissed off. "I have to go, have fun with whatever."

Damn it, she was stupid.

The next day, he didn't call.

And Bella felt horrible.

She called him, he didn't answer. She felt even worse, that she cursed at the phone for being so freaking lousy. She didn't go out with Derek, she flat out told him that she didn't want to. She was mad - at herself - so she sounded very much like a bitch.

The day after that, he still didn't call.

Bella thought about spamming his phone but it would make her look desperate.

He eventually did call back. Three days later, while she was watching television with her brother.

Katy Perry's "California gurls" blasted through her cellphone and she jumped, startled by the sound. Her brother looked at her, and then he looked back at the television. When she saw who the caller was, she made a little happy dance inside her head but on the outside, she was calm.

She needed to be calm if she was going to talk to him.

So she walked up to her bedroom - the phone still ringing - and jumped on her bed with a thump.

The second she brought the phone up to her ear, she heard Shawn's voice say, "I'm sorry."

God, she didn't think it would be that good to hear it.

"No," she said, shaking her head, even though he couldn't see her. "It's my fault, I overacted. I was just a little pissed that day and I honestly didn't think you were gonna encourage me when it came to Derek."

"I wasn't encouraging you, I was merely askin'" He sounded annoyed and she didn't want that.

"I know," she agreed, "I really do understand it now."

There was a pause, that made her bite her lower lip.

"I missed you."

God, that felt good to hear.

"I - I missed you too," she stuttered because she had. Really, she didn't know it would be so lonely with having to talk to him. "Why didn't you call?"

"I dunno, I think it was because I need to think."

Ah, that made her curious.

"About what?"

"Us." was all he had to say and she understood immediately. She had thought about them a lot too, wondering, hoping that things might change. In what way, she wasn't quite sure. She liked him, of that she was sure off but on the other stuff, she didn't know where to start.

And then a thought came to her. "Why do you keep calling?"

There was a pause before he answered, his voice low, "Why do you keep answering?"

That made her pause too. Why did she in fact keep answering, those first times at least. He was interesting to talk to, he was a stranger, he was unknown, he was sort of a thrill. To be talking to somebody you've never met. Somebody you first talked to by accident.

But then it changed.

In so many ways.

"I wanna see you."


The first time she saw him, he was standing outside the book store, holding up a book.

They had planned to meet, for the very first time, in the mall of their town. When Shawn agreed, Bella couldn't help the joy she felt. But with joy came hesitation. What if, when he met her, he didn't like what he saw? What if she wasn't good in enough in his eyes?

That night, she had stood in front of her mirror, deciding on which parts of her were the most unattractive and what she might be able to do with it. Her nose was too big, her lips were too full, her hips too wide, her everything too..much.

She found so many faults that she almost regretted that she came up with the idea to meet.

She knew that they eventually would meet. Of course, there wasn't any doubt about that.

But why didn't she wait? Perhaps a few months, when she could have burned off some fat? But she wasn't fat, she was just normal. Not too fat, not too skinny. But she was a girl and all she saw was fatness. Not always of course, just then, in her most insecure moments. Ah, how she had wanted to talk to him and ask him to delay it. No, demand it.

He wouldn't mind it, she was quite sure of that.

But she sucked it up anyways and went to the mall with a huge smile on her face.

A wobbly one.

She was nervous, hell yeah she was but she wanted to put up a brave face.

So she saw, him, standing there, reading his book. He was tall, with dark hair and a lean body. He was wearing a sweatshirt - something they had decided the day before that they both would wear. She guessed he didn't want her to stress about clothes, since he came up with the idea.

His hair was long, coming down to his ears. His jaw was firm. His eyelashes were dark and his lips were red. Small too but they looked so - kissable.

He wasn't the most beautiful man she had ever seen, but by god, her heart skipped a beat when she saw him.

And then he looked up and saw her staring at him. His dark green eyes locked with hers and she saw how his lips curved upwardly and felt her own do the same. It was like all her insecurities melted away and she couldn't stop smiling.

And then he was in front of her, holding out his hand.

And as she took it, she was sure her life would never be the same.