Greetings, one and all! I invite you, young and old, man and madam

To the ultimate freak show! I am the ringmaster of this fine event, at your service!

We have a wondrous event for all who dare witness

The unimaginable feats that I share!

What I give to you, dear audience, is but a mere glimpse of illusive reality.

The main event may have you laugh in joy, or cry in sorrow

But, rest assured, it will have you all appalled.

For you see, I am a drifting traveler, one who crosses the wind,

Only stopping to please any who wish to join.

Lo and behold, we have a full house!

This deserves a celebration-nay, a toast!

To the one responsible for organizing this union of peoples from all over,

States, Russia, England, Australia

Doesn't matter, come on down!

I am the master, the magician, the mastermind, the god

Of this ball, this dance, this circus, this act.

The puppeteer is upon you, and is the one pulling the strings,

The joke's on you, you are the fools!

But what does it matter? I am but an entertainer, or at least is my status.

I only do this to appease you, the audience. But you see, I am not an artist.

I am no comedian, and I am certainly not an inventor.

I am a lowly consumer, a mere madman who has paid for my ticket

A ticket for the freak show! And you are the act!

Entertain me now; let me see the illusive reality

The act, the irony, the joy and the sadness

I see it now, your names in lights!

Bright lights, the show of a lifetime!

But all this I digress, I take a bow,

A bow to my audience, and applaud to the act

I take my exit, farewell, adieu,

I wish you good luck, may you entertain the masses.

Start with a dazzle, finish with a finale, and end with a bang.