I don't know what I was expecting to see when I walked through that door. Whatever it was, it wasn't this. I found myself standing in what appeared to be a long, shimmering corridor, the same indescribable mix of colour as the portal.

"Come on," Viktor urged. "No time for wonderment. We're not completely safe yet."

He led me past too many doors to count, doors of all shapes and colours. We stopped outside one marked XIV. He reached towards the door handle.

"Wait," I said, hesitating. "Where are you taking me?"

He laughed. "Shouldn't you have asked me that before we got here?" His expression softened a little when he saw the panic in my expression. "Don't worry. You'll be safe here. I promise."

I looked at him cautiously. "You promise?"

He smiled. "I swear. I, personally, will make sure that you love it, and that no harm comes to you, okay?"

I took a deep breath, and nodded. "Yeah. Alright. I'm ready."

Alexander had caught up with us. "What are you waiting for Vik?" he asked. "Come on, I have a date."

Viktor laughed and rolled his eyes. "Alright, Romeo. We're going."

He opened the door and pulled me through. The bright light we walked into blinded me, and I squeezed my eyes shut.

I heard laughter. "Probably should have warned you, huh?" Viktor said from beside me. I jabbed an elbow in his direction. I grinned, satisfied, when I heard a groan.

I heard a door close, and opened my eyes slowly. Joining me, Viktor, and Alexander in the startling white room was a girl about my age, maybe a bit older. She ha shoulder length auburn hair, mossy green eyes, and pale skin dotted with freckles. She wore a short pale green summer dress, and an amused expression on her face. "Putting you in your place already, Viktor?" she asked, wearing a teasing expression. "She's a fast learner. Gonna fit in just fine, I think..."

He laughed and let go of my hand, heading over to give her a hug. "Aw come on Kayleigh," he said. "I'm not that bad. Am I, Emma?" he asked me, winking.

I looked at him, unable to stop the grin on my face spreading. "You sure you want me to answer that?"
He looked at me, playing hurt. "Well that's the last time I save you from a devil, that's for sure."

The mention of this 'devil' quickly changed the mood. The girl, Kayleigh, stepped forward and pecked Alexander on the cheek, before fixing both boys with a serious look. "The Director wants to see the both of you in his office. Now. He wants a full report."

Alexander nodded. "We should go, then. I'll catch up with you later, Emma. We didn't get much of a chance to get to know each other before."

I smiled. "Yeah, Alexander, I'd like that." He smiled back and headed out the door.

Viktor winked at me, before following. "Later Princess," he called over his shoulder. "Can't get rid of me now!"

I laughed inwardly.

It was just me and Kayleigh left in the room. She smiled sympathetically at me. "I understand you must be really confused," she started. "What with everything that's happened over the past year. You've probably already figured it out, but, just in case – I'm Kayleigh. I'm basically here to explain to you what's happened, and where you are, answer any questions you might have, and then get you settled, okay?"

I nodded.

"Cool. Alright. I think the best idea is to just start at the beginning. From what I was told, your parents were killed last year, on your sixteenth birthday?"

I nodded again. Right now, it felt like that was all I could do.

"Okay. So, what you have to know, is that they weren't really your parents. When you were a baby, they were assigned to you, to keep you safe until you reached Maturity. See... you're not... you're not really who you think you are. You're not Emma McAndrews, normal human girl. You're... well, you're really Princess Avalon, of the Fairy Kingdom. Your parents – your real parents – are King Tyson, and Queen Serena. They gave you to your Keepers – the people you believes were your parents – when you were little, so they could raise you as a normal human child, and you didn't miss the experience of childhood. Once you turned seventeen, they were supposed to bring you back here, but... obviously, that plan was interrupted. So, when we found out that you were in serious danger from the Darkworld, the Director sent Vik and Alex to bring you here, instead of waiting until your Maturity. Make sense so far?"

I nodded slowly, trying to process it all. If what she was saying was true, then... "Wait. I'm... I'm a...Princess?" I asked her. She nodded. "A fairy princess." She nodded again. "Like, what little girls dress as for Halloween. That kind of fairy princess?"

She laughed. "Well, no, not quite, but close enough. You are a princess, and you are from the Fairy Kingdom, thereby making you the Fairy Princess."

Guess that explains Viktor's nickname for me, I thought.

"Do you have any other questions?" she asked. "Anything I forgot to cover?"

"Um...yeah. What's all this 'Lightworld' and 'Darkworld' business everyone keeps going on about? And where exactly am I? And what's going to happen to me now?"

"Oh, of course," she said. "The most obvious information. Duh. Okay. Well, basically, the Lightworld and the Darkworld are two different realms of the world. The Lightworld is where we are now – the world you and me are a part of. The Lightworld is made up of people, and creatures, who are born to do good in the world – fairies, witches, warlocks, most vampires and werewolves, merpeople, nymphs, angels, elves, all those sorts. The Darkworld is the exact opposite. They live for chaos. They're made of pure evil – ghosts, ghouls, spirits, devils – like the one that came after you, demons, goblins, monsters, bogeymen, and they occasional rogue vampire or werewolf. Basically all the things that go bump in the night. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule – you'll occasionally come across a Darkwitch or angel, or a Lightdevil and so on. They're the ones that go against the grain. Though it's very rare, it's not impossible. There's the Middle world as well, though I won't go into too much detail. That's really just all the creatures that can't, or won't make up their minds. They pledge their allegiance to one side or another based on the battle, and in many cases, what will benefit them the most. Light and Dark Worlders, are pretty much engaged in never ending war, you see, to make a very long story short. Both sides want ultimate power. The Lightworlders only want it because it means that the Darkworlders wouldn't have it. If the Darkworlders possessed ultimate power, you can't even imagine the state of chaos the world would fall into... But anyway. As for where you are, and what's going to happen to you, you're at Cobalt Academy. It's a school for kids like us –magical, supernatural, mythical kids. Pretty much anyone who's touched by magic has a place here. After we finish up here, we'll get you settled in your room, and I'll take you to see the Director, assuming he's finished with the boys. He'll explain all the academic stuff to you – classes, timetables, powers. Because you're not seventeen yet, you won't have as many classes, because your powers aren't strong enough to need direction. Once you Mature, you'll be put in classes that'll teach you how to use and control what you can do. You'll probably also be put in classes with other Royals – they teach you about politics, army tactics, running a Kingdom, basically. Anything else?"

I shook my head. "No," I said. "I think that's about all my brain can handle for now."

She laughed. "Understandable. It's a lot to take in. Especially after what you've been through. Well," she said, standing up. "If that's all, how about we go and get you settled in?"

I stood. "Sure," I agreed, fighting the nerves that had appeared. "Why not?" I looked around for my bags, figuring that Viktor had left them behind when he left.

"Vik would have taken them to your room," Kayleigh said, before the question was even out of my mouth. "He's good like that."

"But...how would he even know which room is mine?" I asked, confused. Even I didn't know which room was mine, and it was my damn room.

She smiled. "There's only one Royal room in each wing. Naturally, the one in the Fairy wing would be yours."
"Wings?" I asked, following as she led me out the door and down a very long, very wide hallway.

She looked at me. "Uh huh. They wanted to keep all the Kingdoms kind of separate, in case one Kingdom started a war with another, and it got back to the students."

"Oh. Makes sense."

I couldn't escape the feeling that I was being watched. Sure enough, when I glanced around, all I saw were eyes on me, and mouths whispering things I couldn't hear.

Kayleigh smiled at me comfortingly. "Don't worry. It's always like this when a new student, let alone a new Royal arrives. You're like a new toy. They'll get over it once they meet you."

"Good to know," I muttered.

We stopped outside a large door, painted a swirling mixture of shimmering pastel colours. It was beautiful.

"Wow," I breathed.

Kayleigh laughed. "This is it, the Fairy Wing. Come on. They'll want to meet you. Um. You're going to have to open the door," she told me when I just stood there, looking at her. "Magic prevents other kinds of creatures getting in. Just touch your hand to that glass panel there," she said, pointing to a square off to the side, barely noticeable. I walked over and touched the panel as she showed me, and watched in awe as the doors immediately slid apart.

We walked into what looked like a dormitory. The hallway was just as wide as the one we had just walked down, but shorter. There were about ten rooms on either side, widely spaced apart, with one lone one at the end of the hall. As we walked past them, I noticed that each door was decorated differently.

"Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms however they want," Kayleigh explained when she saw me looking. "The Director encourages creativity and identity."

When we reached the end of the hall, I noticed the last two rooms on either side weren't like the others. The doors were glass, and, from what I could see, they looked like gardens.

"What are they?" I asked Kayleigh.

"Gardens," she replied simply. "Every wing has rooms specifically catering to the nature and wants of the students. Fairies are really in tune with nature," she told me, "so the Director had these rooms turned into gardens. They're open-roofed, so animals and all that can get in as well. They're also a really great place to relax and get away."

"Oh. Makes sense. That's really cool. What's in your wing?"

"More or less the same thing. An outdoors library."

"Outdoors library? What are you?"

She laughed. "Right, sorry! I'm a witch. We like learning, and we love nature, so the Director did his best to cater to what we wanted. Oh. This is your room," she told me. We had reached the lone room at the end. The double doors were plain, but the doorframe was a shiny gold. There was a glass panel off to the side. I walked over and pressed my hand to it, like I had the first doors.

Kayleigh beamed. "I knew you were a fast learner."

My eyes widened as the doors opened inwards. The room inside was huge. There was a large set of French doors in the wall on the right, which led out onto the balcony. I walked outside, and found a set of stairs leading down into a garden. I walked down and discovered a small water fountain, and a stone bench next to a pond.

Kayleigh, who I hadn't noticed had followed me outside, looked impressed. "You have your own garden?" she said, astonished. "Whoa."

I nodded slowly, overwhelmed. "I have my own garden."

Figuring I could probably explore the garden later, I walked back inside. On the left wall was a door that led into what I assumed was a bathroom. Expecting just a toilet and a shower, I walked in, curious. I was desperate to find something relatively normal to follow the exquisite bathroom. What I found was not normal. To the left was a toilet, which I was glad to discover was just a regular toilet. To the right was a large shower, which took up about a third of the room. And there, right in the middle, was a large bath, which, upon further inspection, I discovered was a spa-bath.

"Wow," I said, turning to Kayleigh. "And you're sure this is mine?"

She nodded, as awestruck as I was. "No questions. You wouldn't have been able to get in here, otherwise."

We walked back out into the main part of the room. This was probably my favourite part so far just because it was the closest to normal I could get. In the middle there was a large king-sized bed, fitted with purple silk sheets, and a heavy black doona. I couldn't even count the amount of pillows I saw heaped upon it. To the right of the main doorway was a large mahogany computer desk, with both a laptop and a desktop computer sitting on it. On the wall adjacent to the French doors was a black leather lounge suite – containing both a five and three seater lounge, as well as two recliners. This was in addition to the ten or so bean bags on the floor. On the wall opposite that, a large flat screen plasma TV was mounted, and, beneath that, was every gaming console you could imagine. Not that it made that much difference to me. I wasn't that into video games. There was a large collection of DVDs and games stacked up on a bunch of shelves, which I could listen to on my surround sound system.

I felt like I was going to pass out. I had never had anything like this before in my life. I walked over, and flopped down on the bed.

"Pretty sweet set up, huh?" Viktor's voice floated in from the doorway. "You realise that most of the Academy's male population is going to fall head over heels in love with you when they find out that you have a plasma, surround sound, and a trillion gaming consoles, right?"

"How would they even find out?" I asked.

"And, more to the point, how did you get in here?" Kayleigh added.
He shrugged. "The wolves would sniff 'em out, Princess, and then everyone would know. And Seth let me in. That, and the fact you left your door open. I wanted to give you your bags."

He walked over and placed them down by the bed, his eyes widening when he saw the French doors. "They gave you a garden?" he asked incredulously, spinning around the room to see what else I had. "And a spa?"

I was about to ask how he knew that, and stopped myself, remembering what I had read about vampires and their enhanced senses. He could probably see further than I could.

"Damn right I can," he said. He laughed at my shocked expression. "Can read minds, too. Don't worry, though. You'll be able to get me back when you Mature. Fairies are really good with the mind reading stuff." He didn't wait for me to say anything, just kept talking. "I cannot believe you get all this cool stuff. All Stefan got was a really big room and a massive TV. Oh, and his own bathroom. Oh, and he got a balcony, too. No spa, though. Or a garden. He did get a constant donor though, I think. And grounds privileges. I guess they figured that vampires don't play video games. Or spa. Or garden. Actually, they were right on that last count. But back to the point, Princess, you're my best friend now, and no you don't have a choice."

Kayleigh laughed. "Bet Alex won't be happy."

Vik shrugged, a joking smile on his face. "I'm sure he'll understand. Wanna play, Princess? I'll even let you choose the game... I'm pretty sure I could beat you in anything, I may as well let you pick your poison."

"Um...maybe later." His fast talking was giving me a headache. Not in a bad way, though. I was just exhausted.

"We have to go and see the Director anyway," Kayleigh told him. "She needs to organise her classes and all that."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. I should probably head off, then. I'll see you guys around," he said as he headed out the doors. "And I will definitely be back," he added to me. "I have a date with your Xbox."'

I laughed. "Alright. I look forward to it."

I could still hear his laughter as he left.

"Do I really have to go and see the Director now?" I asked Kayleigh. "I really just want to get some sleep."

She looked at me sympathetically. "Sorry. It's just easier to get it all out of the way now. Trust me. It won't take that long anyway, and then you can just come back and relax in your amazing room."

I smiled. "Alright, let's go then."

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