I'm not perfect

I don't run, I push people away

I am afraid of what hides in my closet

I have green eyes, but I don't want them

I am not stupid, I just don't care

I live for music, friends, and love

I fell in love…

I miss being in love..

I ran away once; it ruined me

I pretend to be happy when around someone

I am not a "ball of sunshine" like you think

I am complicated

I forget who I am

I hide in the dark…even right now…

I can't remember when I last tried

I make excuses to deny myself

I look in the mirror and can't recognize myself anymore

I said a lie

I lock my feelings away

I am a rainbow on a cloudy day

I am black & white on a sunny day

I won't tell you who I am now

I stopped being nice

I say lies to push people away

I can't remember the last time I truly smiled

I lied…I do remember the last time I smiled…

I wish I knew how to change myself

I am not beautiful

I find joy in loneliness

I find being alone hurts the most

I miss being able to say "I love you"

I smile and give you advice

I laugh because people need to hear it

I stay quiet so I can't make new friends

I want to have my old friends again

I don't believe in happy endings

I believe in fairytales

I think people should get married in the rain

I like shiny objects

I am heading to a new future

I can't be me

I let go of the past

I cry through the present

I cloud the future

I find happiness when my friends are happy

I survived through breakups

I am NOT a whore…I just don't know…who truly loves me…

I have scars: physical and emotional ones

I stopped hurting myself because it doesn't solve anything

I gave up on pitying myself

I ate some peeps last night

I make jokes to make life bearable

I believe blue eyes are beautiful

I think brown eyes are lovely

I think green eyes are for jealous people

I have sloppy handwriting, but people love it

I am an honor student

I have a mushroom necklace

I love Tiffany, she is my best friend 9.12.09

I scream at nothing but myself

I lost my best friend

I am a French and Italian student

I am terrible with grammar and math

I am a chem2 AP student

I throw shoes just for the hell of it

I love the 80s

I don't really watch TV, but when I do, I watch Rizzoli & Isles

I hate school, but its better than home

I will not drop out so I can prove I am not a failure

I have goals

I don't like being stressed

I hope someone never asks me to marry them

I mistake my feelings a lot

I do love ALL my friends

I once worried

I once cared

I once found people important

I have a messy room

I still wear her clothes

I still wear her ring

I still have her pictures

I have a nickname

I wrote on my wall

I took a picture of my foot once

I hate taking pictures of myself now

I dislike the dentist

I will dominate the universe one day

I am an Aquarius

I was born on Monday, February 14th 1994, 2:14pm

I dance in the shower

I want to be Drill Team Commander at Mary G. Montgomery High school my senior year

I jump to a beat

I dance when I want to

I hate phones

I wish I shot the sheriff

I am in ROTC

I fly in my dreams

I drink green monster

I love the cookie monster

I eat waffles

I adore cuddle buddies

I live on a street, in a house, in a room

I am weird

I sing in the shower

I like when I can be funny

I am random

I don't eat sushi

I love my Pixie 3 9.12.09

I love my Ninja3 6.8.10

I want a kitten

I HEART Jena, Makayla, tori, Cheyenne, Scarlet, Des, Aj, Bailie…

I drew a munchkin man once

I am Britney Michelle Welsh