Chuck's Temporary Job


Story Synopsis: Chuck Spry needs a temporary job to make some money just before his sophomore year begins so he can get the laptop computer he's always wanted . He's applied everywhere even on

line and when he gets a temp to perm position at a camp he accepts . It's really close to his house and his school runs it . He just doesn't realize what kind of camp it is. Until he finds himself waste deep in

cheerleader flesh. Whats a poor, shy, nerd to do in this kind of situation.


Chuck Spry has been wanting a top of the line laptop computer to do his homework on since his freshman year. He's soon to be a sophomore this year and his father told him if he wants that laptop he has to find a job and earn the money. So since the end of his freshman year he's gone to the public library and posted a resume on almost 6 weeks latter he gets an email from no less than the school that he attends offering him a temp to perm position working at a camp that the school runs .

The job didn't sound all that hard just grounds work and general handyman stuff which he could do easily enough. The pay wasn't bad either $10. and hour for 8 hrs work a day 3 days a week Fri. thru Sunday. He sent his acceptance letter and was informed he could start that coming Friay because they had a major event coming up and they needed to get the camp looking good for it.

Friday morning...

beep ,beep,beep,beep Chuck groaned and hit the button to turn the alarm off . He sat up stretched , and yawned loudly as he normally did. Slinging his legs over the side of his over stuffed mattress he headed for his morning shower. In the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror and took note of his appearance. Messy sandy brown hair with streaks of blonde,blue eyes, a squared dimpled chin, clear completion, medium tanned, 6 ft. and lanky and not much to look at he thought to himself.

{an: you might ask why Chuck thinks this ? Well lets just say that Chuck is extremely shy around girls and has never ever had a girlfriend so he thinks because girls do not pay any attention to him that there must be something physically ugly about him . Because of his acute shyness he has very little confidence around girls not to say he doesn't have confidence at all . He has plenty of that in other areas of his life just not with and around girls.}

After his shower he got dressed in some worn work clothes ,he was told by his employer that he would be doing grounds work such as mowing , mulching and so forth for the weekend at the camp. Chuck's immediate supervisor would be a Mrs. Anderson. {Unbeknownst to Chuck , Mrs Anderson was his schools cheerleader coach and head of the cheer camp that he was going to be working at.} He was to meet her there at 9 am this morning so she could go over some details as to what she wanted accomplished that day and for the weekend itself.

As Chuck pulled his car up into the parking lot of the 30 acre camp he saw Mrs. Anderson waiting

for him with a girl his age standing beside her. Chuck immediately got nervous not because of Mrs. Anderson but because of the girl standing beside her. He recognized her as one of the cheerleaders in his school , Cynthia something or other . Mrs Anderson was blonde ,blue eyed and for her age still very much of an attractive women a former cheerleader herself. Chuck had no problems relating to adult women just to girls his own age . Chuck slowly walked up to Mrs. Anderson while at the same time getting more agitated by the presence of Cynthia so he tried to keep his eyes and attention on Mrs. Anderson as much as he could.

Mrs. Anderson spoke, "Ah, you must be Chuck Spry ?" as she stuck out her hand for a polite handshake which Chuck shook gingerly. "Ummm err... I ...I'm Chuck" he responded.

"I understand you attend my daughter school and are in some of her classes?" Mrs. Anderson

inquired .

Chuck , " Um... I …. I might be , but I'm not sure who your daughter is ?"

Mrs. Anderson , "Oh,I'm sorry , I assumed everyone knew who my daughter was," she then turned and indicated the girl on her right of her saying, "this is my daughter Cynthia Anderson. I'm rather pushed for time and since my daughter knows what I need to has to be done here I'll leave it in her capable hands to make sure your squared away with what your supposed to do today. I'll catch you latter Cynthia," as she turned and began walking away.

Chuck stood there for several seconds starring after Mrs. Anderson while thinking , Oh my God , she's leaving me with one of the hottest girls in school and a cheerleader no less. Chuck immediately began to blush as he turned to Cynthia , "Uh... what am I supposed to do first?"

Cynthia pulled out a piece of paper and gave it to Chuck then said ,"follow me." After a 10 minute walk to a rather large storage building Cynthia handed Chuck a Key "everything you need to do your Job here is in this building" , she then turned and as she walked away she said, "Do as much as you can on that list , I've got to go also."

Chuck slowly opened the paper with the list, Chucks eyes at first bugged out . There had to be at least 20 items on that list. However after looking more closely Chuck saw that some were easier than others .

Chuck thought to himself that if he could multitask things on a computer surely he could multitask things on this list to be able to get things done by the end of the day. Chuck sorted the items to do in a coordinated way as make things easier on the list of things to do . After working almost 8 hrs. that day Chuck was satisfied with all that he had accomplished. All he had left to do was set the sprinkler system to water the grounds which the automatic timer on the sprinkler system would do on its own accord. As he stood up he pulled out the list and scratched off number 20 with a smile of satisfaction

on his face. He was essentially done technically because the sprinkler system didn't need him to accomplish what it could only do so he sat down and rested.

About that time Cynthia decided she was going to show up and she saw him sitting down and assumed he was slacking off. "My mother doesn't pay people for not working," she angrily stated as she was walking up to him.

"I uh ummm ….. actually done with everything on the list," chuck stuttered out .

"Oh really!" Cynthia exclaimed. "let me see that list?" She demanded

Hesitantly Chuck handed her the paper with the list of items. "Well lets just go and see shall we ." saying it as though she didn't believe anyone could have done that much in one day and have it done before it was through no less. She walked through the complex rechecking everything and the more

she checked off the list the more impressed she was getting . Finally after checking off the entire list she handed it back to Chuck and said "That's amazing, we've had a lot of others here doing this and no one has ever done this well before."

Cynthia , well Chuck had taken note of her but was just to shy to take any long lasting looks. What times he had taken the time to look at a girls he was always accosted with the comment , "take a picture next time it last longer." Being shy and not socially adept in such area's he never knew how to respond, so he tried to keeps his looking to a minimum as possible or from afar so as not to be accused in front of others. She like her mother was a strawberry blonde , blue eyes , lightly tanned skin , long legs which were toned as though sculptured to precision , and as with most cheerleaders nice breasts and tight behinds as some guys would say.

Just being near Cynthia put Chuck in near hyper ventilation as well as being extremely nervous. Chuck was thinking to himself when he handed and took back the paper with the list of work items . "I hope she doesn't notice how nervous and how shaky I am."

Cynthia's POV: