Nice guy at 30




About a man at the age of 30 who has had a lot of heartache and relationship troubles . His dream girl

from high school dated him briefly then dumped him saying he was a sweet nice guy but boring. He's gone almost dateless from high school till now at 30 ,she accidentally runs across him and wants to go out with him. This story may have alternate endings depending on what choices he makes about her.




Let me tell you a little story about myself , "Hi, my name is Phil Titus ,age 30 , successful in business

I own my own little computer shop here in Melbourne, Ohio which grosses me annually over $100,000

per/yr. Single since high school (not by my choice though) , you see I was what many call the proverbial shy nice guy who was raised to respect girls/women at an early age by my parents but mostly by my mom. She always told me that girls always wants a good nice man that is respectful and treats them well. To be honest ,(this is something I wouldn't tell her though) I really don't think she knew whats she was talking about because up to the present time it hasn't been proven to be true in my case . I'm 5'11" tall ,195 lbs. , sandy brown with blond hi-lites , not fat but not skinny either. I have a college degree in electronics and took a lot of other varying course also which I'm certified in. I'm not a genius but neither am I dumb either. Except were women are concerned that is.

It was mid spring in Ohio in the month of April , it had been a very busy morning in the computer shop

and I had told my assistant manager that I was going out for a bite to eat and that he could go when I got back. There was an open air restaurant that I like to eat at just one block from the shop so that's were I headed , a place called, 'That Little Restaurant'. It was just starting to get busy there but my favorite table was already occupied by several nice looking women . The Owner , Mr. Lee Banter , saw me walk up , "Ah... , Mr. Titus , I'm so sorry that your regular table is already been taken , they arrived only 10 minutes before you , but I have a nice table for you never the less ."

"That's quite alright Lee it's the food that counts anyway not were I sit", I chuckled as I spoke. The table were Lee gave, me was very near the table that I regularly sat. The table were the women were sitting. They had pulled another table together so all told there were 6 of them around it. As usual I took note of them being there but wasn't paying much attention to them otherwise. So I didn't see one of them call Lee over to the table and ask him a question.

Suddenly , "Your name wouldn't happen to be Phil Titus would it?" coming from behind me.

I jumped a little at the suddenness of the question , but turned around to face a very attractive blond headed women about my age looking at me quizzically. I started to blush because it wasn't everyday that someone as attractive as her spoke to me outside of my business at the shop. So I hesitantly answered , "Errr.. uhmmm.. Yes it is...".

"You don't recognize me do you Phil?" she ask.

By looking at her I was mentally scratching my head trying to see if I knew her or not but was drawing a blank. So my answer was really one of confusion than anything else. "To be honest I can't say that I do ,but I am curious as to how you know my name? Are you some kind of sales rep. That knows of my computer shop and heard my name?" I ask. I wasn't thinking of this woman as being someone that I personally knew but that maybe she had heard Lee call me by my last name and associated it with my business, ' Titus Computers'.

She continued speaking while I was thinking all this , "You are Phil Titus that went to high school at

Garfield High in Akron,Ohio aren't you?" Again I must have had a look of confusion on my face again because she was smiling broadly at me.

"Yes , I went to Garfield High and graduated in 1988 , ummm.. I'm supposing you went there also seeing as you know of the school." I stated, Still embarrassed because now I sort of guessed that she knew of me from school somehow but still not recognizing who she was.

"You still don't know who I am do you ? Well let me help you out a little we dated for about 6 months in high school." laughing some as she said this.

My jaw must have hit the sidewalk , there was only one girl that I've ever dated my entire life and that was Suzanne Poppa . " You... Yo..Your Suzy?" (Suzy was my pet name for her in high school) I ask incredulously. Again a very broad smile and a nod yes to my question.

Flash back to 1986:: my Sophomore year in school, It was the 1st day of the school year and I was excited about it and also dreading it at the same time. I wasn't all that popular and a lot of my classmates teased me a lot. Ya, I was that proverbial nice guy. I'd bend over backwards to help someone out even if I didn't get anything out of it. Ya, part of that nice guy charm of mine(or not). I was shy and because of it I was especially awkward around girls it seemed. I had no social skills so to speak and just didn't know how to read girls at all.

Many of us were already in our home room waiting for the final bell to ring when our home room teacher, Mr. Fargo, came walking in with a very attractive girl following him. "Okay, class please take your seats . As usual a lot of subdued talking and milling about with sounds of chairs being pulled around as we students got ourselves settled in our seats.

"Class we have a new transfer student this year her name is Suzanne Poppa she's from Arizona please make her welcome." Mr. Fargo turned to Suzanne and said , " Please tell us a little about yourself ?"

Suzanne turned from the teacher and faced the class , " Well as he, (referring to Mr. Fargo), told you I'm from Flagstaff,Arizona , a former Jr. Varsity cheerleader at my school there , and hoping that I can try out for a cheer leading position here . Other than that that's about it."

Mr. Fargo , "If you'll take the seat next to Phil Titus please ,also Mr. Titus if you will please show Ms.

Poppa around today as her guide for today." Some of the other guys in the class looked as though they were starring holes into me so it seemed Evident my nice guy persona proceeded me this year

but yet at the expense of turning three shades of red in embarrassment. It didn't help much with the

coy smile she was giving me as she sat down next to me.

Just before class ended Mr. Fargo looked at the class and said , "Okay we have 5 minutes before home room is over so you can have some free time just keep the noise down to a low roar please." Suzanne turned to me , "So ,your supposed to be my guide for today huh ?" again with that coy looking smile.

"Ya, it appears that way but I'm not quite sure why he chose me though . I had him last year for American History so he knows of me , I guess he figured I would be more responsible than some of the others I suppose." again blushing as I said this.

"Your blushing again you know that?" smiling more as she said it. I started blushing even more as I stammered out , "This seems to be my natural color when I'm around extremely good looking girls

and it's aggravating as hell when your shy."

She laughed out loud and said , "I think it makes you look cute and you make me laugh ." as she was spinning a lock of hair around her finger.