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Recap from chappy 3:

I couldn't help but notice that she kept glancing over at me with a slight smile on her face and occasionally one or more of the other 5 ladies would glance over at me as well as it seemed they would start whispering among themselves. Something that also bugged me when I was younger to see girls whispering and gesturing and looking at me from time to time made me extremely nervous and

I'd draw into my shy shell. Well this wasn't any different so I finished my food ,(well what I could that didn't get put in a doggy bag ) and left the cafe' . But not before giving a slight wave towards Suzy as I left which she returned.

End recap:

I walked the 3 blocks back to my shop sort of in a daze thinking how strange it was to run into Suzy...

it had diffently been a long time since high school. As I stepped into the shop I emmediately told my assistant manager that he could take an extra 30 minutes to his lunch hour and appologized for the him having to wait. Being there were some customers already in the shop the rest of my day was busy as usual attending to the complaints of what was wrong with their computers and making recommendations of what I could do to solve their problems.

6 pm seemed to jump at me because I was so busy being I norally closed at 5 pm, last minute walk ins

who just wouldn't take "no" for an answer. (part of being a nice guy I suppose) I finally left at 6:15

and decided to go back to "That Little Restraunt" and eat , thinking to myself just feel like fixing anything at the house and I was a little tired as well. I had just sat down at my favorite table and was pondering what I was going to order , when Terry , one of the waitresses at the restraunt walked up to me and said , "Hi , may I take your order Mr. Titus?"

Hey, yah you can I think i'll take the number 5 ( A lobster ,shrimp,scallops combo dish with brocolli and baked potato with drink of choice) after writing down my order she left . Suddenly hands covered my eyes, and a voice said , "Quess who ," with a low giggle. Even though it was just earlier that day I heard her voice I knew who it was.

"Suzy, what are you doing here?" thinking almost emeidiately that was a dumb question and blushing lightly at the same time.

"Well my associates and I liked the food and atmosphere this afternoon that I thought i'd come back and eat dinner as well" …... she paused for a few seconds before continuing, " and to be honest I was hoping to run into you again." With that a slight blush crossed her face as well as mine after she said it. "Its just been a long time and I was thinking we could catch up and talk about old times."

I laughed and said , "In that case have a seat ."

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