The Beginning of the End that never came

This is the beginning

Of the end that never came,

The starting afresh

Of a path in my name.

I glance back at the road

That I knew so well,

It's there; it's waiting

For the starting bell.

The wind whispers

Its' secrets to me,

It pushes me back

So persuasively.

The road behind me,

Is safe and inviting,

It promises comfort,

No fear nor lightning.

And the path ahead

Is a broken road,

There are thorns and potholes,

And riddles in code.

And at times, the fog

Descends before me,

And I am blinded

By its' ancient trickery.

But when it lifts,

For a moment in time,

I glimpse a light,

As it flickers and shines.

Just for a second,

The brilliance is there,

Like a lone star at night,

So beautiful; so rare.

And I make up my mind

And stride ahead,

I remember the past

And the life that I led.

The mistakes that I made

And the harm that I caused,

Makes me shiver with regret,

And gives me pause.

I will forge ahead,

To my ultimate goal,

To the flickering light

That tugs on my soul.

I will change; I will smile,

I will not be the same,

This is the beginning

Of the end that never came.