Our Pain

Fingers brush,

A smile...a kiss,

Lips, soft as snow,

Just a movement, a wish


Touch your cheek to mine

Our hair – our tears – blend

Our minds – our hearts – combine

As they try to mend

Our pain.


A day...

The day,

Forever ago and more...

I tried to forget it,

I tried to ignore

Our pain

But forgetting just brings more

Of it


A memory, a day...

That kiss, that touch...

Our tears, our hearts...

Our pain.

Our luck.


And now you've gone

Away, away...

I'll always miss the day

I fell in love...


Come home.

A/N: Basically, this just represents someone losing someone they love, whether the loved on died or moved away or went off to war - whatever it is, this is about that effect and how you always remember them, no matter how hard you try to forget.

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